I’ve been AWOL for a while, for that I’m sorry. Time is not my friend at the moment. Why is it that when your a stay at home mum you find your self more busy than when you worked? I sometimes feel like my ‘to do’ list has things on it that I’ve been procrastinating about for years. Now that I have ‘time’ that list needs to be attacked, items crossed off and the list thrown into the fires of Mordor. But in order to do that, things actually need to be done (Who knew updating your Super Annuation would be boring and mundane?). Most days feel rushed and full, with not a whole lot to show for them. Somehow the house still runs, and the baby is happy and we get time to relax and take a break.

Enter ‘the fever’…

Last Thursday afternoon we took little bum to swimming lessons. She was super excited as soon as we got there, itching to get in the water. I left her with Aidan and jumped in the big kids pool (slow lane of course) and busted out 600m in 20 mins – ps that’s good for someone who hasn’t ‘swam’ in a couple of months. I came back to the little pool and started to do some cool down walking laps in time to see Aidan take little bum out of the water before the lesson had finished.

Indi was blue, and freezing (very unlike my normal tornado, who burns hotter than lava on a freezing winter day, whats up with that?). We rushed her into the shower to warm her up and took her home. When we got home she had a crazy fever (first ever), poor babe hardly ate dinner, took some nurofen and went to bed early. I was a bit worried, understandable, but willing to see how the night progressed.

She woke a few times that night (not unusual) we went in and gave her the dummy (I tried, I really did, but in times of desperation you need to have a go to) and she quickly went back to sleep. On Friday morning she woke at 4.30 am, screaming. My girl normally gets woken up at 7.00 am with out fail. So we knew something was wrong. She was on fire again, I was seconds away from rushing her to the doctors (first time mums are allowed to have major freak outs over the little things, its in the hand book). We gave she some more pain relief and then she fell asleep on me. Which never happens any more.


Friday and Saturday were a blur of tears, grizzles, pain relief, food refusal, sleeping on mamma, sooking and cuddles. Take away the sick bit and I would have loved it. Indi never cuddles, she has never slept on anyone for more than 40mins since the day she was born, Saturday she slept on me for three hours (20 mins in I was coated in sweat and regretting my decision, but I pushed through it). It was heartbreaking knowing there really isn’t anything I could do to help, and that she isn’t yet able t0 communicate what she needs.


To start with I wasn’t sure what it was that stuck her down, tho by Saturday afternoon I had a culprit. Its those effing teeth (scuse my profanities). Were thinking it was the molars making waves, if that is so I know for a fact we haven’t see the last of the evil teething pains. Snotty nose, sore gums, runny poop, dribbling like a running tap… just when I thought I’d seen the worst, those rotten things played their ace card. But I’m prepared for next time – I’m stocked up on nurofen and panadol, I have frozen face washers in the freezer, I have restocked the freezer with lazy pre-mushed foods, I have found the best place to get comfy on the couch for cuddles and I’ve become tolerant of pretty much all the shows on ABC2 (I also know a bucket load of the songs, not really a bragging point but I’m claiming it).


She’s better now, back to her tornado self (and refusing to nap – probably because she’s already topped up on them from the weekend) and I couldn’t be happier. My house is a bomb site, there is food on the kitchen floor and I’m ready for a nap. Normality has been restored.

Much love peeps xxx