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Its time. Its been coming, and now there is no avoiding it. We just have to suck it up and step forward. We can’t sit in denial any longer. And if we don’t do something about it, who knows how far it will go?

We must end the crafting. I am bat shit crazy over crafting. I look for projects so that I can keep my hands busy almost hourly. I have organized, baked, mancrafted, potato stamped, bleach printed, made jam, created art (well in my house it counts as art), upstyled, sewed and painted. Knitting and crocheting are just around the corner. And while I have nothing against those skills, I have never has success with them. Aggression based on lack off success with dangerous objects in my hands is probably not healthy.

The problem is that its my brain that needs a kick start, not my hands. So its back to work. But how do you do that when you have a tornado and no family in Perth to tornado sit? Get a sitter/nanny/awesome person to look after her. Indi has hung out with her sitter a few times now and they get along great guns. Completely forgets about me, probably because she has a new audience, no freaking idea where she gets that from?! So there’s that bit sorted.

But. Yeah there’s a but (insert inappropriate jokes about butts-then quote finding nemo-then giggle-then return to story), she needs to socialize. She needs to spend time with other little’s so she learns manners and how to share, develop new skills and get all sorts of yukky sicknesses which will hopefully build her immune system. So we cross the day care dilemma. Finding a day care that you like is one thing, getting your kid in is another. Indi is on a waiting list, for just one day, with an estimated starting date around the end of February. I’m actually relieved there is no rush. Because its all happening a bit too fast for me.

Combine the sitter and the eventual child care and that means I will have time. Real life, fill with what you wish, free time. And you know what that means? Work. Brain stimulating, challenge yourself, make you think, hopefully not involving crafting work. I feel like I’ve lost confidence in my ability to teach after a year off. So we will see how this working thing plays out for me. Any tips mammas? Besides remember to breathe?

Much love peeps xxx


I am currently on hold with centrelink with an estimated wait time more than 30 mins according to the robot lady that runs the place. So I think to myself what can I get done in that time?

I have already watched an episode of franklin (yes the baby is napping, so I forgot to change the channels, there is nothing wrong with kids shows, yeah ok maybe you have a point). Now I’m going to attempt to do something productive. Well sort of, blogging isn’t really classified as something productive in this house.

Speaking of unproductive, I was thinking (on the loo, as you do) about all the excuses people use to get out of things. I even tried to use an excuse for not actually making the call to centrelink (ps. I love me some Mozart as I blog. Could they not link to a radio station?), my excuse was I was napping. Except then I realized that 10.30 am is a bit early to nap, so I got up off my butt and made the call.

Back to the excuses. Day off work? Get out of meeting someone? Avoid time with parents? Reasons to say no to the ugly guy? Ways to sound less lame if the thing your trying to get out of is way cool, like sky diving or holidaying in thailand or eating donuts. We’ve all used them, no one can say they haven’t made up a white lie at lease once in their life. (Hold music is still playing on my phone through the speaker).

Get out of work with out question excuses:

  • gastro – classic, spewing or pooing no one wants to know
  • migraine – everyone knows they screw up your whole body and the day before line of ‘oh I think I feel a migraine coming on- boom, day off.
  • hurt my foot, ankle, leg, arm whilst playing (insert sport here) – bit harder depending on where you work, but throw in a ‘I’ve got an appointment with the physio today because last time I hurt it I was off work for weeks’ and your boss will be so grateful that it wasn’t serious he will forget that you had to take a day off.

More ways to get out of things instead of saying ‘I don’t want to’ or ‘I can’t afford it’ or other less cool things:

  • sorry (hang on I think the baby just woke up…      … false alarm) I have a rent inspection that day
  • the car is getting serviced, I’ve got no transport
  • the plane has been delayed
  • the baby is sick
  • I’m waiting on a (insert tradesman here) to come but you know what they are like, always running late.

Reasons for running late:

  • traffic was attrocious
  • its the babies fault
  • its aidans fault (not my excuse clearly)
  • had to get fuel (not watch the last 10 mins of days of our lives- DONT JUDGE)
  • we stopped to help someone that had broken down
  • I was on hold to freaking centrelink for a gazillion hours (31.49 mins now….)
  • didn’t get much sleep last night because the baby is teething
  • I forgot (insert something vital to running of your day)
  • I got the call up for big brother, but I had to turn it down because the last season was sooooooooo crap
  • my good friend Oprah called with an emergency, I couldn’t let her choose her favorite things in that state
  • I was grooming my pet poodle for the dog show tomorrow night. hes in the running for first place you know
  • I had to watch the extremely long bat man movie, just so I could find out how long I can hold off going to the loo for
  • I got stuck singing ‘the song that never ends’ to the baby
  • I had to tweet Kim Kardashian about the fact that she got pregnant before Klhoe. I mean, HOW RUDE!
  • I was instagramming the 17 meals I made with Jamie Oliver and just lost track of time

So we are at 38 mins now…… The baby is due to wake up any minute, and of course I have tried to get this done while she was asleep so she doesn’t get all cranky because I’m on the phone and she’s not allowed to touch it. She has just reached the age of ‘I’m not eating that, I want what you have in your hand, dont even try and make me eat it, I’ll scream the house down, no the water wont distract me….’.

Crap she just woke up


After 39.48 mins. It took me precisely 2.24 mins to ask my question and then I was done.

Crap, better get the baby.

Much love peeps xxx

DSC_0114 I must have blinked this month away, it has been busy and full and consuming. I nearly forgot to write this post. Mind you I forget all sorts of things lately. It seems a phone, two calendars and a diary just don’t cut it these days.

Ten months? I have no idea how to comprehend how it has been ten months. Or from another perspective, there is only two months until we celebrate tiny humans FIRST birthday. Technically that means I need to start party planning. I have waited with baited breath for this opportunity and already I am second guessing all my mental plans. Perhaps the hype in my head about this small milestone is a bit melodramatic? Time will only tell.

DSC_0180 DSC_0181

In the last month I have watched tiny human step on the accelerator. Literally days after I wrote tiny human at 9 months, she started to make moves towards walking. She now does laps. She walks more than she crawls. She ‘runs’ to get away, she chases the cat. She is busy. Not much of the time spent walking is slow either, babe has a need for speed. Unfortunately her body cant keep up with her and the stats for face plants have been rising.

DSC_0420 DSC_0244 DSC_0217

Along with the increase in injury has come the increase of grizzles, sooks, tanties, sads and tears. This month we have seen our first ‘real’ tear. I had been a bit worried that she didn’t cry right from the beginning. We were told not to worry until she turned 6 months. Since then I have been on constant watch for any sign of a tear. When most families would rush to a crying babe, I would be the crazy mum tilting my baby over to look really closely into her eye. Just in case there was a little tear I might have missed. This month has brought us precisely 4 whole tears (four different occasions also). Yes I am proud. Damn proud actually.

DSC_0282 DSC_0283

One reason for tears was the first official melt down (why dont they have a space for that in the baby book, along with first poo in a bath, first time screaming in a restaurant, first time eating cat food and first time throwing up out in public). The meltdown near broke my heart. I was caught off guard and really didn’t know how to react. I had taken her to the creche at the gym for the first time that morning. Expecting the worst I was pleasantly surprised when little bum barely even noticed I had left her. She continued to be a chirpy little thing all day, even when she skipped her afternoon nap. Come dinner time, she was being fed by Aidan (and fairly content to note). I was off to watch a movie with some friends, so like I do every time I go out, I gave her a kiss and told her that I loved her. I only reached the back door, then shit got real. I kid you not I thought she’d fallen out of the high chair she was howling so much. Nope just loosing her crap because mamma left. I tried to help Aidan calm her (note to the mammas out there – this was the dumbest thing to do in this situation, it makes everything so much worse for everyone involved. Will not make that mistake again). In the end Aidan told me to go, that he had it sorted. I got a text later saying that Indi refused to eat any more, the only way to calm her was to give her a bottle, she fell asleep during her bottle and was put to bed early. Poor little babe. But, as everyone keeps telling me, she’s going to have to get use to me leaving, otherwise there will be melt downs left right and centre.

Now the big one. TEETH. Its no secret that me and the teething devil are not friends. I have made many a promise, just for Indi to not have teething pain, and for our house to be sleep friendly again. Last month there was not a tooth peg in sight. I had secretly wished that if it was going to be like this they had better all come at the same time. Moral of this story? Be careful what you wish for. Looking at her gums yesterday she had three teeth, looking at them again today she has five. Yep, blink and you’ll miss it.


Between the learning to walk, the tears, the injuries and the teeth, I am in constant state of awe. This child never ceases to amaze me. And that’s just the stuff I have time to notice. This coming month Indi will start to spend less time with me and begin to spend time with a nanny/sitter. Yes its time for this mamma and her babe to start working on their attachment issues. Stay tuned for updates (also known as ‘mamma cries in the car, parked around the corner’).

I want to say slow down, but my busy babe would not take any notice of me. I’m just making the most of being in these moments. Grow strong my little bum

Much love peeps xxx

We are in full christmas mode over here. In this house that means baking till we cant stand to be in the kitchen.

Sugar and Spice biscuits are my go to for sweetness over the holidays because I’m not a huge fan of ginger bread. Here’s my recipe. I’m pretty sure its from better homes and gardens a few years back.

Sugar and Spice Biscuits:

  • 125 grams butter
  • 3/4 cup of brown sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 2 cups plain flour
  • 1 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 1 1/2 tsp mixed spice
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1 tbsp milk

Preheat 180 degrees, line trays with baking paper. Mix butter and sugar, add egg. Sift in dry ingredients. Add milk. Make dough. Wrap in gladwrap and refrigerate until firm (1 hr-Over night). Flour surface, roll out dough thin. Cut desired shapes. Bake for 15 mins. Sprinkle with icing sugar and serve.

This year I have also made american style sugar cookies (a thin almost short bread style biccie). Original recipe here.

Sugar Cookies:

  • 250grams Butter
  • 1 cup caster sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 2 1/2 cups flour
  • 1 tsp salt

Method: Cream butter and sugar, mix in egg and vanilla. Stir in flour and salt. Wrap dough and refrigerate till firm (1 hr – over night). Flour surface, roll thin and cut desired shape. Place in tray lined with baking paper. Bake at 190 degrees for 8-10 mins. They will be soft, but will get harder as they cool down. Sprinkle with icing sugar and serve (or drizzle will thin icing and scoff your face, like we did).


I must add, that neither of these are healthy. They are not helpful for hips, thighs and saddle bags.

Much love peeps xxx


bargain hunting

tomato eyebrows and a pumpkin mustache

First swimming lesson



Oh is that a camera?


on the move

We crawl so that mamma has to run, we destroy everything, we shake our head and say no, we can say mamma and bubba, we eat everything and we have to pull up on everything. We are danger in a really cute outfit!

Much love peeps xxx




I am sometimes shocked by how incredibly selfish and unaware people are of their surroundings. Caught up in their own world and their own selfish wants, putting themselves first in every situation.

Going to the shopping center is beginning to make me anxious. I’m worried that I’m going to run into these horrible people. I’m not worried that they will be selfish and obnoxious, gosh no, I’m aware that that will happen regardless. I’m worried I’m going to shoot my mouth off, using expletives and end up getting more worked up than really required.

Everyone has had the moment where you realize someone is coming straight towards you, in your direct line of travel. You might chose to swing right to give them some space, they swing left to give you space. You both awkward smile, say ‘sorry’ do the ‘which way to I go’ shuffle and then carry on with your shopping. Happens to the best of us. Its a shoppers right of passage.

Its the arrogant ones that make my skin crawl. The ones that take up the whole walking space, see you directly coming towards them. You do the swing to the right to allow them some room (knowing too well that even with the swing, they will have to move too otherwise no one gets through), they don’t make any allowances, so when they go past they bump in to your shoulder, give you an evil look and grumble under their breath. YOU DO NOT OWN THIS FREAKING SPACE YOU POOS!

I understand its school holidays and the natural order of shopping centers, parks, beaches etc are completely thrown in to chaos. But its not the parents or the kids at fault. Its the regulars.

– Nanna ‘these children are so rude’ and Grandad ‘I hate shopping’

– Shirt and tie guy ‘get outta my way, I want my effing subway and you are wasting valuable smoking time’

– Pencil skirt lady ‘if you touch my country road skirt, I will turn you to stone’

– Obligatory 20 something preggo ‘CLEARLY I NEED TO PEE, GET THE FRICK OUT OF MY WAY’

– Obligatory lady with a pram ‘I have a pram, YOU will move for ME’

– Sullen 20 something geek ‘no one notices me, so if you need me I’ll be looking at the ground’

– 30 something tradie ‘effing hell, I need a pie, a coke, some chips and a coffee and I don’t have time for this shit’

Normally I can handle all of these people. But coming up to holiday time I’m becoming increasingly aware that we are living in a world where lack of manners is the norm. For example, Today I was in Woolworths. I was at the check out, Indi in my arms (she has a new trick now, if you dont strap her in she will twist herself around and climb up the pram. Oh yes so. much. fun. Therefore the hip seat becomes the chosen method of travel), all my groceries where on the conveyor belt and the pram was in front of me (I’m always conscious not to take up too much space with the pram, I dont want to be the obligatory lady with a pram). Any way, my left side of my body was leaning against the check out and I had Indi on my right hip. I couldn’t be taking up any less space, when a little old lady, smaller than me with white hair barged past. She bumped me on my right shoulder and nearly pushed Indi out of my hold. The white haired witch (yes I would prefer to call her more inappropriate names) didn’t turn to say sorry, just continued on her way.

Does this not piss you off. If I wasn’t checking to see if Indi was ok, I know that little old lady would have copped a serve of parental venom (on a side note I have seen Aidan tell someone off for bumping the pram before, hell hath no fury like Indi’s daddy hehe hehe). The thing is, had she turned and apologized I would have thought nothing of it. But because she didn’t, I’m pissed as hell.

Manners mean the world to me. They were a given in my class room. I even tell Aidan off when he doesn’t say please. But to see all this arrogance really gets to me. Being rude and obnoxious is contagious. If it gets the desired result, others begin to copy and I do not want my kids growing up that way.

We decided, well before we were even planning to have children, that our kids would have manners. Yes we have been to little kids parties and have seen the select few rude children that decide that although it was not their birthday, they still deserved to open and play with the presents. And we had put our noses in the air at the parents that allowed this to happen. We have also seen little kids push other kids off play equipment in order to have their go sooner. Once again throwing judgement at the parents, watching as this took place. Not only would our future kids not be seen as rude or selfish, we would not be judged by our children’s lack of manners.

Why does it get to me? How does this downward spiral of society get under my skin and itch so bad? I know that if I get worked up in the moments that I see it take place, that I will snap. But that makes me just as bad. How can you tell a grown adult off for their lack of manners? And how do you make them realize their behavior is inappropriate? I know I will end up angry and snarly, rude and obnoxious. Becoming what I really hate. How do I stand up for something that I believe in with out becoming a hypocrite. ‘Do on to others, as you would have them do to you’ doesn’t seem to apply here, as I’m pretty sure that’s what I’m already doing, and whats already being ignored.

As I prepare for my first holiday shopping season as a mother I can see 3 options . A) choose all my gifts in advance and design a route through out the shopping centers with the least amount of travel between destinations, allowing myself only to shop when someone is babysitting the tiny human. B) do all my gift shopping online, leading to an increased percentage of personal gifts for myself and an increased credit card bill. Or C) suck it up and deal with it, people are all poos at Christmas anyway.

Anyway here’s wishing you much less over dramatized future shopping adventures.

Much love peeps xxx

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