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I am currently on hold with centrelink with an estimated wait time more than 30 mins according to the robot lady that runs the place. So I think to myself what can I get done in that time?

I have already watched an episode of franklin (yes the baby is napping, so I forgot to change the channels, there is nothing wrong with kids shows, yeah ok maybe you have a point). Now I’m going to attempt to do something productive. Well sort of, blogging isn’t really classified as something productive in this house.

Speaking of unproductive, I was thinking (on the loo, as you do) about all the excuses people use to get out of things. I even tried to use an excuse for not actually making the call to centrelink (ps. I love me some Mozart as I blog. Could they not link to a radio station?), my excuse was I was napping. Except then I realized that 10.30 am is a bit early to nap, so I got up off my butt and made the call.

Back to the excuses. Day off work? Get out of meeting someone? Avoid time with parents? Reasons to say no to the ugly guy? Ways to sound less lame if the thing your trying to get out of is way cool, like sky diving or holidaying in thailand or eating donuts. We’ve all used them, no one can say they haven’t made up a white lie at lease once in their life. (Hold music is still playing on my phone through the speaker).

Get out of work with out question excuses:

  • gastro – classic, spewing or pooing no one wants to know
  • migraine – everyone knows they screw up your whole body and the day before line of ‘oh I think I feel a migraine coming on- boom, day off.
  • hurt my foot, ankle, leg, arm whilst playing (insert sport here) – bit harder depending on where you work, but throw in a ‘I’ve got an appointment with the physio today because last time I hurt it I was off work for weeks’ and your boss will be so grateful that it wasn’t serious he will forget that you had to take a day off.

More ways to get out of things instead of saying ‘I don’t want to’ or ‘I can’t afford it’ or other less cool things:

  • sorry (hang on I think the baby just woke up…      … false alarm) I have a rent inspection that day
  • the car is getting serviced, I’ve got no transport
  • the plane has been delayed
  • the baby is sick
  • I’m waiting on a (insert tradesman here) to come but you know what they are like, always running late.

Reasons for running late:

  • traffic was attrocious
  • its the babies fault
  • its aidans fault (not my excuse clearly)
  • had to get fuel (not watch the last 10 mins of days of our lives- DONT JUDGE)
  • we stopped to help someone that had broken down
  • I was on hold to freaking centrelink for a gazillion hours (31.49 mins now….)
  • didn’t get much sleep last night because the baby is teething
  • I forgot (insert something vital to running of your day)
  • I got the call up for big brother, but I had to turn it down because the last season was sooooooooo crap
  • my good friend Oprah called with an emergency, I couldn’t let her choose her favorite things in that state
  • I was grooming my pet poodle for the dog show tomorrow night. hes in the running for first place you know
  • I had to watch the extremely long bat man movie, just so I could find out how long I can hold off going to the loo for
  • I got stuck singing ‘the song that never ends’ to the baby
  • I had to tweet Kim Kardashian about the fact that she got pregnant before Klhoe. I mean, HOW RUDE!
  • I was instagramming the 17 meals I made with Jamie Oliver and just lost track of time

So we are at 38 mins now…… The baby is due to wake up any minute, and of course I have tried to get this done while she was asleep so she doesn’t get all cranky because I’m on the phone and she’s not allowed to touch it. She has just reached the age of ‘I’m not eating that, I want what you have in your hand, dont even try and make me eat it, I’ll scream the house down, no the water wont distract me….’.

Crap she just woke up


After 39.48 mins. It took me precisely 2.24 mins to ask my question and then I was done.

Crap, better get the baby.

Much love peeps xxx


It seems that I have a small patch if black. What I mean is that there is a small amount if time I can not actually remember much about. Before you freak out and tell me to go to the hospital, let me explain.

When dad passed away, I switched off. Things were happening, people were moving, on the outside I was moving too, but in reality I was just getting washed along with the crowd. I did what was expected, I acted the way your supposed to, but really I just kept floating.

I was going through the motions. It was a survival method. I needed to ‘be’ normal to ‘feel’ normal. I was just trying to survive grief.

Being pregnant was possibly the best thing for me. I shudder to think how I would have coped otherwise. Knowing I had a sweet little button growing inside me kept me afloat. So inside my survival shell, I focused on her.

Between ‘attempting’ normal and growing Indi, I must have turned my attention switch to off. I can not tell you what happened in the news, what songs were playing on the radio or what was happening on home and away. All I can tell you is, I went back to school for two weeks, people were overly gentle with me, Christmas sucked and I felt like a walrus. That there is the entirety of what happened between November 20th – February 10th.

Then came life with the tiny human. May as well wipe the next two months out too. Routine and learning, and trying to sleep was all that happened in those months. Needless to say, I had some catching up to do.

I really only figured out I was out of the loop because I started listening to the radio again. The only superpower I have (besides crazy mamma hormones) is music, being a dance teacher I had to be up to date on as much music as possible. To my absolute disgust, Aidan knew more about the songs (who sung them and what the words were) than I did. Then and there I knew I had to pick up my game.

About mid August I figured out who 1 direction were (yes, I’m pretty grateful to be behind the times on that one). Thanks to bad tv promos and constant advertising I think I’m as up to date as I want to be on this boy band hysteria (I was a backstreet girl myself, bouncing around with a hair brush singing at the top of my lungs. Fee I know you remember :p).

The enormity of my black out period really only hit me about a week ago, as Aidan and I sat down ready to watch the new season of Sons if Anarchy. Pretty excited, we put the baby to bed and broke out the chocolate. The ‘previously on sons’ began to roll through and both Aidan and I sat up straight. ‘What the frick was going on?’.

Being in a cocoon means you miss out on everything, bad and good. In this case I missed the whole of series 4 of Sons. To be honest I was super pissed. Everyone was raving about how full on this season was and how good the story line was. Luckily I don’t mind couch time watching telly, so I pushed through. We have spent the best part of the last week trying to catch up. Between a teething, Olympic crawling, sooky mammals girl, a husband on night shift and lack of sleep we have finally caught up with everybody else. I. Am. Drained. Who said watching tv wasn’t hard?

You know that feeling when you go back to work after a nice relaxing holiday? You took the holiday because you were stress and needed to unwind, only to find that you have twice the amount of work to catch up on. That’s how I feel at times. I have a box of presents that need to be posted – past birthdays, engagements, housewarming gifts. I have a list of things to do that date back to when I was pregnant. I have to google things I read in the newspaper just to know what they are talking about. Sometimes I feel like I was in a coma and only just woke up!

I’m slowly catching up. I doubt I’m going to get there anytime soon, but I’m getting there. Knowing my luck, I will be just about caught up then decide to pump out another tiny human, screwing up all that hard work. Can I play the exhausted mamma card permanently?

Much love peeps xxx

My phone is cemented to my hand in case of emergency, to record special moments that Aidan might miss, to send tiny human updates to family, and of course to troll the internet via addictive apps. My reliance on my phone and its apps its atrocious, facebooking on the way to a picnic? Dude, come on now. Not cool. And what’s worse is that I get angry with other people for doing the same thing. Double standards much? I don’t want to miss out on the real world, because I’m trying to keep up with whats happening on the world wide web. That’s just stupid.

My aim on friday to only use my phone to make or receive calls.

How was it you ask?


Idol hands were problematic. The whole day I felt like there was something I had forgotten to do, or something that needed to be done. But I pushed through.

I made one smart move from the get go, I charged my phone in my room at the beginning of the day. Out of sight, out of mind? More like out of sight, and fingers crossed that lazy mamma (my super power) + phone only friday = find something else to do. Totally worked.

I managed to accomplish heaps on friday. I’m not sure if its because I am secretly really really lazy or that I was trying to keep myself preoccupied, either way it felt good to tick a few things off my to do list. I cut out a pattern, finished a craft project, brainstormed a room transformation and prepared dinner waaaaaaaaaaaaaay before I had to. I also managed to fit in a gossip with a BFF to top it off. It was a really great day.

My conclusion? Phones, the freedom we feel in the palm of our hands, the apps that ‘save us time’, the constant contact with people, it all makes us believe we’re doing more than we actually are.

Me? I’m lazy, and that has to change. Phone only friday is now officially part of my week.

Much love peeps xxx


WARNING: This is a ‘how to’ by someone who is super slack.

I’ve been following the 12wbt food plan over the past 10/11 weeks as close as I can. Its hard to follow it to the tee because our routine in the kitchen revolves around the tiny human. You see the sink is about 3/4 meters from her bedroom door. If only one of us is home, food needs to be easy or prepared early, it makes the dinner/bath/bed routine so much easier, and avoids noise making after she goes down.

I’m going to share one of my new favorite lazy (but healthy) meals. Its super tasty and good for anyone who hates measuring and weighing, not to mention the clean up afterwards.

Chilli Thai Chicken Nuggets/Patties

You will need:

400-500 grams Chicken Mince (I say 400-500 because Coles and Woolworths always have roughly in between those sizes, and I’m too lazy to go to a butchers and ask for a specific amount)

Chilli Chutney (Home made is the best, Aidans mum made ours, its blinking strong but works so well in this recipe)

Garlic, Ginger, Basil, Corriander (Get the squeezy tubes, you avoid dead herbs in your crisper)

Quinoa Flakes

Salt and Pepper

Large Zip lock Bag


Bread crumbs (optional)



Open the zip lock bag and whack the chicken mince in. Add about a teaspoon and a half of the chilli chutney into the chicken. Squeeze a big blob of garlic and ginger into the bag, but only squeeze half that amount of corriander and basil. Add a heaped handful of Quinoa Flakes to the mix. The salt and pepper depends on how much you like of each, I always go fairly lightly on each, its really only a minor flavor.

Close the zip lock bag so there is only a small amount of air, mush all the ingredients together. The more you mush, the better it mixes. This mix feeds about 4 people. So if your making it for 2, use fresh mince, take out half then freeze the remainder, and whammo you’ve already got a meal ready for next week.

Said bag of mushed ingredients

Heat your pan so that its hot. Add oil. Take a teaspoon (for nugget size) or a dessert spoon (for pattie size) and scoop the mix into a ball. If you want to use the breadcrumbs this is where you would coat your chicken balls. Squish the balls flat either before or after you put it in the pan (the thinner the nugget, the quicker it cooks).

Boom, dinner’s ready!

Basically that’s it. After you’ve cooked it eat it. I mostly have these with salad, but they also make super yummo chicken burgers, and if you alternate the chilli chutney and corriander for grated carrot they would be good for kids too.

Go on try it, you know you want to.

Much love peeps xxx



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