Life has started to really catch me off guard in the last couple of years. I think perhaps I’ve been living in my own bubble. All the bad stuff happened to other people, it would feel like I watching the world ‘flow’ from inside my bubble. It protected me and the people around me.

But my bubble popped. And the bad stuff infiltrated. Life and shit really happens.

Sunday morning was the most recent bubble pop.

I woke from the first uninterrupted sleep in over three weeks. I even said that to Aidan before he got up. I began to drift back off to sleep as he went to wake the baby up (she’s a morning sleeper, and I’m damn proud of it). Then came the pop. Shock coating his voice, Aidan announces our car has been stolen. From our driveway.

I don’t even remember how I got to the door, I just know my heart was in my throat. The back sliding door was wide open. They had been in the house. THEY HAD BEEN IN MY HOUSE. Shit, the baby, THE BABY. She hadn’t made a sound all night, SHIT. I burst in to her room. Poor Indi was not impressed. She momentarily turned into a thirteen year old. She glared at me, grizzled and then rolled her head into the mattress to avoid the light getting into her eyes. Phewwwww. Thank goodness she was ok.

But my car. The car we’d only had for 3 and a half months. With the car seat and the pram in it. The car that we searched for months to find. It was gone. And they had been inside. Every time I thought about it I felt sick. Sick to my stomach. I wanted to run away from the house. Either run or clean. But I couldn’t, no car meant no way of leaving and the police had to go through the house before I could clean. I just felt sick.

For one whole day I kept watch at the window hoping my car would miraculously drive itself back home. I would scan car parks and I even did a drive by around my neighborhood. My heart did not slow down at all. I wore a layer of dread for 12 long hours (I also wore my pj’s for that length of time too, hey! don’t judge me, my car was stolen).

The police didn’t come. We waited all day, with the back door open, with that constant sick feeling. Until we got a call saying our car had been found. No notable damage and all the baby stuff was still there. We started breathing again.

There’s still stuff that needs to be sorted and we wont get the car back for a day or so. I will not drive that car until its been detailed and checked over. It needs to be shiny and new, then I might consider taking Indi out in it. We are still slightly bitter, but the anger has subsided and for now the relief is enough.

Biggest lesson from this? Be prepared for your bubble to pop. Life has an ace card and it gets played when you least expect it. Oh, and make sure you always have hard liquor in the house. When some dickhead steals your car for a joy ride, you will need it.

Lock up and stay safe. Much love peeps xxx