I wish I had a bath. We’ve been in the same rental for 3 years now, with no bath. 3 long, long years with out the satisfaction of a long hot soak in a tub full of bubbles. Its rather depressing.

It wasn’t an issue when we moved in. The house was big enough, lots of parking, extra room, second toilet and air con, why would you complain? And I didn’t. Until I became pregnant, more specifically until I became walrus pregnant. What I would have given to rest in a gravity defining bath tub during that time. Instead I spent my time at the pool, which is only a 5 min walk away. If it had been any further I would have set up a blow up pool in my kitchen.

I miss having baths that much, that before we go away (to stay anywhere else) we will check if they have a tub. If the answer is yes, then we go spurge on luxurious bath paraphernalia. I will go to lush and spend up to $20 on a singular bath bomb that promises I will float away to the tropical island ‘utter relaxation’ and partake in the activity of ‘chilled the eff out’. Yes it would be true to say that a long hot bath is my vice. Add a glass of wine, a decent book and a block of chocolate and I will have your babies!

There are a few things we’ve had to adapt in order to have a makeshift bath in recent times. Bathing the baby for example. Aidan taught her how to push off the bottom of the baby bath when she was about 2 months old, so the ‘baby’ bath became redundant. Showering was good for a while. But this baby has been a wriggler from the get go, and the bigger she gets makes showers so awkward now. Instead we have the bucket bath.

This big pink bucket is a life saver. It is just big enough so that little bum keeps warm but can also play. She can just see over the top of the bucket, which means she can interact with us at the same time. It gets plonked in the lounge room so daddy doesn’t miss any important telly and it’s nice and soft when wriggle monster decides its time to get up and investigate. I’m so glad she doesn’t miss out on her baths.

Me, I miss out. And recently I’ve required a bath for more than just luxury. After my op the only instructions the doc gave me was to have regular ‘sitz’ baths (that’s salt baths). With no bath, yeah sure mate. So I’ve had to improvise. I have a 10 lt bath basin bucket (double the size of a normal bucket then cut it in half). Lucky me gets to sit in that at the bottom of my shower. All squished up, with my butt in a bucket all in the name of my health. Your jealous, I can tell.

With my utter desire for a bath (along with a bathroom, attached to a new house would be awesome) I have been drawn back to pinterest. Man there is some damn good bath-porn on there. Old school tubs, dream bathrooms and giant soak wells. If I had my way I’d probably have 3 bathrooms- all family sized, just to keep it interesting. Check out some of the drool worthy ones I’ve found so far.

I shall have a claw foot bathtub in my future home.

Warm bathroom | Bathroom idea | Chair | Image | Housetohome.co.uk

Baño con bañera y pared de piedra detrás

Ugggggghhhhhhh all this dreaming about bath tubs is making me super eager to buy a house. Buy a house in the sense of making it pretty and fancy and comfy. Not in the sense of a massive scary debt. That bit freaks me out. Hopefully one day, sooner rather than later I can legitimately go bath shopping. Mind you when I do end up with a bath I doubt I’ll ever get out of it. If you see a crazy lady living in her bath tub on the news. It would be fair to say that would be me.
Much love peeps xxx