• biscuit crumbs on my bedroom floor from a tiny little crinkly nosed child
  • weeds growing wild,  filled with dandelions for little girls to make wishes with
  • endless cups of cold tea, in every room
  • soft wind blowing on the mulberry tree, threatening to loosen the fruit
  • bags packed with boots, for a when a daddy has to leave for work
  • too many dishes being avoided
  • a sooky dog wanting girls to come snuggle her
  • baby dolls galore spread through out the house
  • half naked kidlets running amok in the warm winter sunshine
  • piles of clothes, thanks to an indecisive three year old that requires a minimum of five costume changes a day
  • notes, paper work, calendars and to-do lists littering my desk
  • a content fat cat,  with a belly aimed towards the sun

Much love peeps xx