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Not having your husband at home comes with its advantages, but it also comes with its challenges…

Pro: the washing pile is smaller

Con: it won’t move from the lounge room unless you physically fold it and put it away

Pro: when you finally put away the washing, you’ve ‘technically’ cleaned the lounge room

Con: you can now see all the biscuit crumbs

Pro: there are actually left overs for once

Con: they last for dayyyyyysss and you just want to eat something different, but you know then there will be more leftovers

Pro: you get the whole bed to yourself

Con: getting to sleep isn’t as easy with no one to snuggle

Pro: you can be lazy with meal ideas

Con: you still have to go grocery shopping, with two girls, when you’ve got nothing left in the cupboard

Pro: you can take spur of the moment trips down south

Con: your kids will make you wish you hadn’t

Pro: you now have time to focus on study or work in the evenings

Con: this doesn’t stop you from trolling FB and Instagram. Its nearly midnight already…GO TO SLEEP

Pro: you can make your bedroom as girly as you like

Con: your kids will destroy that fantasy as soon as you start tidying

Pro: to maintain sanity you can send your kids out the back with a cracker while you quickly begin to clean

Con: your smallest is terrified to the point of hysteria of the chook (that is almost as tall as her) bee lining for that cracker

Pro: you find that hilarious

Con: the chook got in while you were distracted and laughing, there is now poop to clean up too

Pro: you are the most popular with your kids you have ever been

Con: you just wish they would stop talking to you and find some other sucker to lavish their attention on

Pro: you can finally put that slight OCD into good use

Con: if you could find the time or energy to clean at all

Pro: the weather is amazing, you can get all the washing done fast, including sheets

Con: but you realise after you wash and hang it out, that you will have to bring it in, fold it and put it all away

Pro: you weren’t in a rush to do the laundry anyway

You just have to laugh…

Much love peeps xxx

Its been over a week since Papa Hoot (PH) started working away. For over a week now, it’s just been me and the crazies in the house. It’s an adjustment, it’s hard at times, and change is a bit uncomfortable, but we’re getting there. 
The first night was hard. It kicked me in the guts. Emotionally more than anything. Let’s be honest, in terms of house work- I know my shit. And in terms of child taming, sorry I mean rearing- I’ve got my ‘working with dangerous animals ‘ licence so it’s all good. 

But I’m not use to being all by myself. I’m a talker. A story teller. A shit dribbler. A self proclaimed comedian. An entertainer. I’m a performer, and as much as I love my girls, they don’t really get my sarcasm, or credit me for being hilarious often enough. So when my audience has flown away, it’s no surprise I’m a bit lost.

On a serious note, PH and I have been together for nearly 16 years. The longest we’ve been apart is two weeks. And that was before we had Tornado. So right now it feels like there is a giant bungy rope constantly tugging at my heart, reminding me that something is missing. Telling me that this feels weird, and it kickstarts my eyes into raining fairly regularly. 

But we will not wallow. We will find tiny achievements each day, and always look for the cup half full. 

Filling my cup this week:

The girls love Skype. The computer is next to a window, so after Lottmonster has waved and said ‘Hi’ to PH, she then looks in the window reflection and says ‘Hi’ to other Daddy too. 

Tornado’s patience and manners. Well known for her busyness, Tornado has slowed down a fair bit since PH left. She regular tells me ‘I look affta you mummy’. I’m constant asked ‘do you need a cuggle?’. And she’s very concerned if I get upset. Please and thank you have come out from retirement, as well as a new found tolerance of eating the dinner that’s put in front of her (thank you spaghetti lords!). This is the counteracted by Lottmonster who had just learnt to tip her whole plate of food into the floor. But we won’t go there…

On day four, I unplugged the toilet all by myself. Tiny humans LOVE toilet paper. And a whole roll of unwrapped toilet paper doesn’t flush too well. But I fixed it! In your face super full loo! 

Also on day four I had a shower. It’s a pretty big achievement. On the days my kids leave me alone for five mins to shower ALONE, you know there’s magic in the air. 

On day six I realised PH’s trackies were still here! WINNING! Followed closely by the realisation that I still have to buy groceries, dammit.

On day seven I realise that I didn’t have to fold and put away all the washing which was dumped on the bed, in order to go to sleep. Shove it on to PH’s side and BOOM, problem solved. 

Day ten was our first real lazy day at home. I decide a low mess activity of chalk drawing on the driveway would be fun. Lottie eats pretty much all of the red chalk. Kids end up having a bath and both sleep solidly for two hours! Tea was consumed, book was read. 

Day eleven gave me a small heart attack. Because when your child eats a quarter of a cup of red chalk it has to come out the other end. Jayyy-zuss! 

Yesterday, after both the girls were awake, I found them having a cuddle in Tornados bed. Snuggled up, Lottmonster in Tornados arms. Sharing giggles and a kiss. Those little moments are getting me through the harder parts. When my girls show a smidge of love towards each other, I feel like weight of it all starts to disappear. Because funnily enough, screaming, fighting, crying, and irritating each other just doesn’t make my heart melt as much. 

Much love peeps xxx


  • Deafening silence after bedtime
  • lots of videos and photos sent to daddy
  • stickers on a calendar counting down the days
  • a cat that has taken over an empty side of the bed
  • schedules filling
  • pink toys spread out in every room 
  • chalk drawings on the driveway
  • lots of outside time, while the sun peaks it’s head out to say hello
  • skype time after dinner, where two little crazies bounce around in front of the computer
  • discussions about big girl schools and dry night time nappies
  • packing bags for Melbourne
  • a new found love for friends who visit with wine
  • listening to Powder finger and Bob Marley 
  • planning kitchen renovations 
  • looking forward to a 3 hr airport date with PH when he flies in, and before I fly out
  • dreaming of summer 
  • learning to love taking life slowly 
  • eating fresh passion fruit from our vine
  • drinking ALL the kombucha
  • testing my overlocker
  • making tomato chutney with our home grown tomatoes 
  • cold beach trips to wear out the dog (and hopefully the girls too)
  • getting use to the empty bedside table

Much love peeps xxx

Dear Mr Vance Joy,

Thank you for writing the words I can not get out of my head. Thank you for writing what my heart wants to say. These words would be my first dance if I could get married all over again.

If you haven’t heard ‘Fire and the Flood’ by Vance Joy… do it now.

Here are some lyrics…

You’re the fire and the flood
And I’ll always feel you in my blood
Everything is fine
When your hand is resting next to mine
Next to mine You’re the fire and the flood

Since we met I feel a lightness in my step
You’re miles away but I still feel you
Anywhere I go there you are
Anywhere I go there you are
Late at night when you can’t fall asleep
I’ll be lying right beside you counting sheep
Anywhere I go there you are
Anywhere I go there you are


From me to you babe

Much love peeps xxx

So its been some time since I last blogged (over two years—yikes).

Not intentionally though. Life sort of grew wings and flew off with me I’m afraid.

A few things have changed since the last time we met. So I’ll give you a run down of what life is like over here:

Tornado babe grew up. She’s now three and a half. LOVES fairies, HATES dinner time, and lives for the beach/ocean.


We moved. We now live further away from the city, in a house that we can call home. We are in the midst of little changes with in the house, with big plans for an epic reno in the near future.

Lott-monster was born. Baby girl number two has been a part of our lives for nearly 18 months. She’s an evil genius, loves to irritate her sister and has an appetite for mostly meat and carbs.


We got ourselves a dog. Daisy is the best dog ever, when she’s not digging up the garden, destroying toys, chewing up rugs and leaving a trail of destruction all over the back yard.

Me? I’m mostly a SAHM at the moment. I do relief teaching when I can, but I’m about to become a FIFO wifey, so relief will be few and far between. I’m also on the road to becoming a Celebrant, which I’m really excited about.

Life in my house is CRAZY, the girls are hilariously loopy, there is a constant stream of toys under my feet and the demands for food are never ending. It might not be every bodies cup of tea, but I love it.

I’m going to start posting a bit more frequently (fingers crossed) so stay tuned. I’m also writing over at just for something different.

Thanks for following along for this ride

Much love peeps xx

Little babes wardrobe is vast. She is loved by many, and many spoil her. Yes I do like to buy an outfit here and there, but it’s getting less and less often. The amount of clothes she has grown out of that are in perfect, near new condition would make you gasp.

My little fashionista. The poor little thing doesn’t stand a chance with me around. Dressing her is one of my favourite parts of the day.

















She is a doll. I love her to bits.
Much love peeps xxx

Take a minute and look at your child. Notice the small curls at the bottom of the hair line, and how they bob up and down when the wind catches them. Look at the small creases on their elbows, and how they allow play and growth. Watch how their eyes crinkle when they smile too hard, as they extend their neck that little bit further to see your face. Feel how much warmth they give to you in a single hug, and how your body wants for that warmth as soon as they pull themselves away.

Look closely at little fingers that grab food, hold your hand, discover dirt and find noses. Look at the detail in those fingers, how ten little sausages are shaped and move. Watch as they sit still, if only for a moment. A little chest rises and falls, and air escapes perfectly formed lips.

So many small intricate pieces of perfection. All unique, all growing and changing, all just a tiny piece of what makes them whole. But yet we soak it in. Bit by bit, as not to miss any thing.

We all see beauty in our children. Not just the physical beauty, but beauty in growth, in that which makes our children unique. The way they fall asleep, the way they share their food, the way they wave at the people that pass by.

We can get so caught up in day to day life, that some times we forget one very important thing. The beauty and perfection we see in our children came from us. Not just by the physical act of being pregnant, but our interactions, our modelling and the time we spend with our children. Our children are a product of what we choose to show them, how we live our lives and how we make our decisions. We are constantly leaving a trail of bread crumbs for our children to follow. They are little shadows, thriving from being stimulated each day.

I look at my little person, my tiny human and I am lost in awe. If she is a reflection of me, if she is truly made from the choices that aidan and I make, then we too must have that beauty. So in making these creatures we see our own grace. If only it was that easy…

Much love peeps xxx

I recently sent a ‘birth’ day email to a friend, as her son was turning one. I have so much love for this lady, even though she lives so many many km away, in another state even. In expressing joy for her journey I found myself writing about how thankful I was to have her in my life. Thankful for emails, letters, phone calls and texts. In the past 12 months I have seen her for about two weeks total. But she has been my ‘mamma’ sounding board. No judgement, only acceptance.

The email got me thinking, about where my support has come from this year (well almost a year, in 2 weeks and 3 days). Yes its hard at times but we made it through. The reason why we did? Dr Google, other mums and my close friends.

Dr Google has allowed my extremely far fetched worries and concerns to be eased quickly, quietly and with no fuss or public concern. First time mums are notoriously known for over reacting (check the hand book, its like rule 4 or something), and although some people see the ability to check medical concerns on the internet as ‘feeding the concern’ for me it did the opposite. I haven’t yet taken tiny human to the doctors for anything besides her shots, thanks to Dr Google talking me down.

Mothers. If you are one you, then you have an untapped source of information for a freshly titled mamma. I am lost for words when I think about the fabulous women I have gained tips, knowledge and confidence from over the past 12 months. Both grandmas’ are 450kms away. They support and do everything that they can, I am so grateful to have them our lives. My mothers group has been a god send. People in the same boat as me, learning with me, making mistakes and fixing them with me. But the best source of information has come from social media. Communities of mothers all around the world on instagram sharing their stories has made me more settled in my role as a mother. Friends (as well as out of touch friends) on facebook have instilled their wisdom and helped build my mamma confidence as well. So many times I have wanted to reach through the screen and hug the people I come across.

My friends. Patient, caring, empathetic and loving. Mwah I love you.

To the people who have helped/paston tips/listen to me vent/given the information/recommended products/set up play dates/or read my blog over the past year, you are what I am most thankful for (besides tornado babe of course).

Much love peeps xxx

This is by far the easiest Christmas treat ever (second to buying them pre made if course).

I pinned this ‘recipe’ a few months back, thinking that it would be a good one to make for friends and neighbours. You know, the kind of gifts for people who don’t expect anything from you. A little homemade treat to say that your thinking of them.

Problem was I couldn’t find any Hershey’s kisses (American chocolates), or when I did they cost a fortune. So the challenge was set, I needed as Aussie alternative. Aidan was more than happy to be my test pilot while I perfected my technique.

This is the result. And they are soooooo yum. Lazy baking at its best.

What you see there is pretzels, with Cadbury melts (the fancy ones) melted in the oven at 200 degrees for about 5 mins. Then as soon as they come out of the oven pop some m&ms on top.
The dark chocolate melts are my favourite. We also tried this with freckles and they were pretty yum too.

Eating them while they are still warm is devilishly naughty, but what the scales can’t see is totally worth it.

This is an easy and super cheap treat to share with friends and family. If I don’t eat them all I’m definitely adding these to my chrissy gifts.

Much love peeps xxx

Its no secret, me and pinterest are in pretty heavy. We spend way too much time together and I’m starting to think that perhaps pinterest is a bad influence on me. It keeps making me do all sorts of things I would never have thought of doing.

Exhibit A: Salt Dough Ornaments.

A few of the sweet pieces we made at home

Original recipe source here

I pinned this a while back, but saw some awesome people attempting them via instagram. Peer pressure, yeah probably. Determined, I set out to crack another pinterest craft project.

As you can see they look gorgeous. I still want to paint them and add ribbon but even as they are they are super gorgeous.


  • 1 cup plain flour
  • 1/2 cup salt
  • 1/2 cup warm water

Mix ingredients together (fine glitter added looks pretty too). Dust work space with a small amount of flour. Roll out to desired thickness (too thin may cause bubbling-too thick may require longer to cook). Cut/decorate your shapes. We used thyme sprigs, random leaves found in the garden, some lace and fridge magnet letters. Stamps work really well too if you can find some sweet ones. Don’t forget to make a hole for adding ribbon when the piece is finished (rub lightly with flour before baking for a more distinct white color). Place on a tray and place in preheated oven at 120 degrees for 2 hours. I found that if you turn the ornaments over 2o mins before they are done then the underside goes the same color.

Once they have finished baking let them cool, then if desired -decorate. A fabulous home made touch to your christmas tree. (Side note, I’m banned from putting up trees or decorating until December first, my poor little baked pretties are going to be so sad until then).

This was so much fun, even Aidan joined in. Going to add this to my ever growing list of Christmas traditions.

Much love peeps xxx

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