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Cancelled flight airport selfie 😦

Papa hoot (PH) can home last tuesday after two weeks away. Excitement was an understatement.

Tornado had been really looking forward to ‘daddy wake me up!’. She had been counting down the days on a little calendar I made that both her and PH had. In the morning she would put a star on her calendar with me, and in the evenings PH would ask her what colour to put on his.

Tornado somewhat understands what’s going on. We’ve had a melt down or two, but it’s mostly because she’s tired, or we haven’t explained it clearly to her. She’s excited about talking to daddy on the ‘pewter’ and she loves to send him videos during the day. I’m not expecting this to be the case for the next swing, but I’m grateful for the gorgeous girl she has been these last two weeks.

The thing is, PH came home early (two week swing, not the usual four week swing) because I had to fly out to Melbourne. So as luck had it, he flew in at 8.20pm and I had to fly out the following morning at 1.45am. Unlike ships passing inter night, we got to spend a romantic two and a half hours together (allowing for him to get home, thank the babysitter and finally get some sleep after a 4.00am start to his day).

Honestly, it felt like five minutes. When the person you are most desperate to see is only around for a small window you never feel like you said the important things, or made the most of your time. Similar to any two mums with small children catching up. Except instead of being distracted by tiny humans and half finishing conversations, you discuss the important stuff, the child care hand over and argue about who’s turn it is to make a decision.

The hardest part was saying goodbye after such a short amount of time. But I was crazy excited about my little adventure (I had never been to Melbourne, never met the person I was going to stay with and I was taking a massive leap of faith for a new business opportunity. But more about that some other time).

So at 11.30 I was at the Airport eagerly awaiting my red eye flight to Melbourne. I checked in, trotted up stairs and ordered myself a big girl drink to celebrate my independence. After my drink I sat down to read my book before boarding. Just as I got comfortable, 45 mins before my flight was due to leave – it was cancelled.

My house is 1 hour and 20 mins from the Airport. This was not ideal. I was however, fairly grateful for my big girl drink which kept me buzzing while I waited to find out the fate of my Melbourne trip. I’m forever a ‘if its meant to be…’ kind of girl, but Airports and flights are not something that instils patience in people.

Turns out they could put me on another flight (YAY) at 6.10am (oh wait-what?). PH had just got home and there was no point getting a million dollar taxi ride home to get an hours sleep. So super comfy airport tiles it was. And not even the departure lounge, check in tiles! Because the Airport is basically shut from 2am – 4am.

What does a SAHM do with all this spare time, hanging out at an airport? She downloads some One direction, Demi Lovato and Macklemore and practices her dance moves. Kid you not, I lugged my carry on luggage back and forth as I shimmied and two stepped to the toilet. I also cranked out a fair bit of dubsmash videos and I read every blog I could possibly find. I am eternally thankful for smart phones? What did people do in Airports before there were smart phones? I shudder to think!

I finally get some shut eye at about 3 am. I snuggled up to the ATM (We’re going steady now). When I woke up BOOM! People everywhere. Dear airport people, I apologise for the drool, snoring and most probably farting while I was past out and I hope no one needed that ATM. When get up to the departure lounge and its like a freaking party! Where the hell did everyone come from? I’m still wiping crusty drool from my mouth and there are women all glammed up for their early morning flight!

I finally get on the plane (thank you spaghetti gods). The man next to me is reading a newspaper! A GIANT FREAKING NEWSPAPER. He is 100% over estimating his available space in this situation. Not matter how much I sign and eye roll he does not get the point. He has also laid claim to the arm rest (I’m in the aisle seat). And should I get anywhere near it, his position strengthens (Dude, come on. Its not freaking game of thrones. And if it was, you should be worried about me, I’m a new effing character!). I finally get comfortable and plan to get as much sleep as I can. 20 mins of blissful sleep and I get rudely woken up. The man next to me hits my knee! HE HIT MY KNEE! He’s shoved it away from HIS side! Are you for reals old man? Don’t judge a book by its cover, because if you open up this can of worms you are SCREWED!

But it was time for breakfast, so I settled my anger and calmed myself down. I attempt to eat my breakfast with my left hand, because space invader man had his wings out again. His elbow was nearly in my food (*chants ‘in with gratitude, out with love, in with love, out with gratitude*). My patience was clearly at its peak by this stage.

Finally the man with the eagle wings fell asleep. Once again I tried to get comfortable, but that’s a little difficult when your only allowed two thirds of your allocated sleep and you are hunched up next to the aisle. Just as I would get comfortable, someone would bump my head or shoulder. Relaxation to the MAX. And Mr arm rest then started SNORING! Thankfully I’m well trained in coping with snoring thanks to PH.

Suffice to say I was fairly excited to get off the plane. This was just the start of what turned out to be the best four day adventure I had ever been on. I’ll tell you more about that next time.

Much love peeps xx

The long weekend has come and gone. Too quickly if you ask me. Just as I started to enjoy it, it came to an abrupt end.

All of our weekends are full to the brim this year. Filled with family and friends, celebrating and love. We have weddings and engagements, birthdays and baby showers, visitors and trips away. 2013 is the year to celebrate. And boy, have we been celebrating.

The long weekend marked another wedding and a trip back to our home town of Albany. A mini break away to rest the soul and toast two people who mean the world to us.

Here are a few pics, they tell a much better story than I.





















I’ve never really been any good at keeping resolutions. For as long as I can remember ‘lose weight’ has always been my go to. And for as long as I can remember I have never really kept myself focused enough to follow through with that one. All my resolutions fall by the wayside.

But this year I feel different, different in a ‘I created and gave birth to a real little person! I invincible! 2013 come at me bro, I’m ready for you’. Realistically I’m not invincible, and have a low tolerance to anything that takes time, but hey, it’s a new year anything is possible.

So I’ve titled 2013 – the year of making it stick (if you have not seen the movie ‘Stick It’, making it stick refers to when a gymnast attempts a move/routine and gets it right, she makes it stick).

This year I will make it stick. Aim and achieve. Say it and make it happen. Less talking about doing it, more doing it. Talk big, only to win big. Set goals, touch goals.

This year procrastination will be starved. Projects will be finished, challenges will be set. It’s game on in our house.

With in the theme of making it stick, these are my ‘realistic’ resolutions for 2013.
– one random act of kindness per month. Pay for someone’s coffee, baked goods for a neighbour I don’t know, send baby clothes to new parents, volunteer or fundraise for charity. This one is for my heart.
– lose a minimum of 7kgs. The number is out there now. Aidan’s desperate for more babies, but I’m refusing till I shed the weight. I have already started on this one. New years morning i got up for a 6 am run. Hopefully I can keep this up. This ones for my body.
– photography course. I’ve been talking big on this one for three years. I love taking photos for fun. I just want to know all the things my camera does. It’s about time to use it properly. This ones for my mind.
– a new adventure each month. Family travel in our own back yard. It will disgust you to know that I have not seen any other state in Australia besides WA, but have been to Bali 5 times. I am a revolting statistic, I have to change. So we are aiming to visit some favourites spread across our great country this year. Broome, Adelaide, Cairns and Sydney we are coming for you (should our bank account allow us). This ones for my soul.
– finally, we will buy a house. If Aidan wants me to get all walrus again I need some where that I can nest up and make pretty. It’s the deal maker. This one is for my family.

*side note: I’m not even a quarter as eager for more babes at the moment due to a fairly active tornado that I spend a fair chunk of time with day to day. Should that tornado turn into a sea breeze, perhaps I might be more inclined. Yes to more babies, no to more tornados.

So that’s it. That’s my year. I’m ready, lets do this. What’s your resolutions? Do they make mine look like a walk in the park? Or do you have any suggestions on how I can achieve mine? Help is always appreciated.

Much love peeps xxx

All my crafting is finished. All the presents are ready to be wrapped. All the things on my Christmas project list have been completed. We are in our little holiday home in Denmark, and there is a gorgeous real life Christmas tree that smells crazy awesome. There are lights spread around and decorations galore. With the small exception of making a salad or two we are ready. Little indi bums first Christmas. Although she won’t remember a thing, it will be special. Filled with lots of family, good food and laughs.

May peace be your gift at Christmas but be your blessing all year long.
Much love peeps xxx






















Our trip away was super fun. We hung out with the most lovely little family ever. A beautiful couple and there little rock star son Edison, who is just a month older than Indi. They very graciously allowed us to piggyback on their holiday/honeymoon. Yeah, pretty bloody fabulous people huh? They took the grandparents too, so we took my mum also. Holiday, with mates, plus baby sitters…. booyah!

It was gorgeous to see Indi play with little Ed each day. She learnt way too much from hanging with that little dude. After a week with him she has come home crawling, climbing and eating SOOOOOOOO much. All great milestones yes, but its blowing my mind how much they learn from each other. Personally I learnt a lot too, holidaying with Super mum (yeah I know a whole lot of super mums, may end up getting an inferiority complex one day). Super mum came on holiday with a nasty bout of mastitis (ouch you say). From her I found confidence in my “mumming”, learnt handy tricks about feeding tiny humans, and found myself in awe of her devoted parenting skills. She shared her swim teaching tricks for Indi in the pool, she walked (trekked) Ed every morning before breakfast, basically she put everything else before herself on her own honeymoon. Selfless? Amazing. I felt very lucky to be on holiday with her (and her gorgeous family).

I’m now going to hit you with more gorgeous photos of our time away. Take note at how adorable Indi and Ed look together.

As you can see the week was lovely. Babies and sun and the pool and the view. Could not ask for more.

Much love peeps xxx

Don’t you just love holidays?  You only know its lunch time because your belly is telling you your hungry and to leave the pool. Pointless crap becomes desirable, even though at home you would have never even considered purchasing a giant rainbow colored pirate ship kite (hindsight is kicking my ass, of course I need one, put that in the ‘reasons to go back to Bali’ list). You begin with dreams of soaking up culture, but in the end turn into the ultimate tourist and chose burgers and pizzas, because you ‘hardly ever’ have them back home (who the hell are you kidding fatty?). You have no idea what the date is, you refer your time on holiday as “x amount of time till you we go home’. And when you get home you pretty much start every sentence with ‘In {insert destination here} they/we/she/he/…’ and to top it off the days smoosh together when you try to recount various holiday stories. Man I love holidays.

But, alas, we are home again. Tiny human is super tired and no doubt missing her pool. There are suitcase exposions all over the house and the washing pile is ginormous. Back to reality.

I have about a million fabulous things to blog (brag) about, but I’m just gonna hit you all with a few pictures, to make you start considering/dreaming/planning/get excited for your own trip to Bali.




















































Of course I’ll post more later this week. However there are much more pressing things on the agenda, getting some food for the house, catching up on the laundry and having a cuppa.

Much love peeps xxx

So this is only about 2 months late. My bad.

Prelude: Holiday was booked roughly 5 months before travel. What ensued was 5 months of freaking out, a whole lot of research, a million questions and over preparing.

So how did I pull it off? I have no idea. But here’s some of the things I put in place to make my holiday easier.

On the plane:

  • I booked travel times that linked up to nap times. Making sure we got a little break from crazy plane buzzing baby.
  • I brought a few new toys hoping they would be interesting enough to distract tiny human for a portion of time. Crazy babe found more fun in the emergency instructions and the people sitting behind us.
  • We used a dummy to help with the cabin pressure on her ears (sucking helps stop the blocked ear feeling). We were also prepared with her sippy cup and her bottle if the dummy didn’t work. The dummy was pretty awesome. She managed to sleep through take off on the first trip and stayed calm through landings (Side note: Indi was officially weaned as soon as she got home, we are dummy FREE since October, Whoo hoo).

Food and Sterilization:

Just before we went to bali, we finished up with breast feeding. The choice was not made for the holiday, it just happen to be that our holiday was the week before a 4 day stay in hospital. Unfortunately it meant that bottles were required for every feed. On top of that, Indi had gotten to the age where she has 3 meals a day, plus a few snacks. Needless to say I turned into a crazy lady, freaking out about my poor child starving or getting sick. I used:

  • Sterilization bags: pop your plastic wear, bottles and utensils in the reusable bags, chuck the bag in the microwave and presto – clean stuff (we didn’t have a microwave to use, but what ev’s). Take a cheap bottle brush with you: at least you know your doing it properly.
  • Water purification tablets: Worried about water quality for baths? Or cleaning? Problem solved.
  • For food I made sure I had enough baby sachets and jars for 2 days longer than we were staying. In case her appetite changed or increased (I also made sure it was stuff I knew she would eat, no point trying new food when your not sure if you can find a replacement).
  • I also introduced Indi to watermelon rockmelon, paw paw and strawberries before we left. All fruits readily available at most continental breakfasts over in Bali. Sneaky mum made sure she grabbed a little extra fruit in the morning to help cool off crazy babe when she got warm later in the day.

Travel and Transport:

We booked our transfers through Bali Baby Hire. So easy. Waiting for us when we got there. Air con, car seat and cold water. It made for one very very happy baby. The little van was nice and high up and Indi was in a later model car seat, so she could see everything. She was giggling and talking the whole way to the hotel. We hired a pram from the same company. I can’t say that I used it enough really. Indi prefered to be carried (she hated missing out on anything) and many of the sidewalks weren’t really pram friendly. That said, I didn’t venture too far from the pool or the cocktails so my opinion isn’t one of too much worth on that subject.

The rest:

Purchasing a bucket is never a bad thing. For $2, my bali bucket has saw a whole lot of action in five short days. Washing clothes, grotty bibs, bottles, carried shopping and entertained two littles. On top of that it can be given to somebody in need when we leave. Thank you blue bucket, you have served us well.

Bali has WAY TOO MANY baby stores/places to buy baby clothes. If your thinking about coming to Bali, bring two outfits for your tiny human, then spend an hour or two shopping. By the end of those two hours you should have enough for the entire summer season. All fabulous light cotton pretties. And super affordable. Just be sure there is plenty of room in the suitcase for purchases (or find someone else to bring your gigantic pile of baby stuff home. Like I did. Thanks Mum.).

We were lucky enough to share our holiday with like minded people, who made the trip so much easier. More than one baby was entertainment in itself, for us, the babes, the other guests and the hotel staff.

Balinese are gorgeous and just adore babies. They were super gentle and always so helpful. We stayed in a small hotel in Legian. Our room was baby monitor distance from the restaurant (score). The monitor was handy for day time naps, we got one with the longest range. It gave us that little bit more freedom while knowing that Indi bum was ok. We were able to have lunch, or laze by the pool (I was NOT ok doing anything more than that, and did regular check ins. Regardless of the freedom I was still a mum).

If your thinking about taking your babe to Bali but are freaking out, just do it. I doubt you will freak out as much as me, I doubt you will pack, and re-pack, and over pack and re-pack as much as me. I did it, and managed to have fun. You will too.

I’m so ready to do it all over again.

Much love peeps xxx

We’re here. After months of stress, we actually made it. And it couldn’t be more fabulous.






Shit just got real over here.



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