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So its done. Little bum has turned one. It was crazy, fun, exhausting, busy, sad and fabulous. We shared the day with some fabulous people and my little tornado wore herself out. All in all, best first birthday party we’ve ever thrown 🙂

When we were planning her party we originally decided to go with an easy, chilled out party. Not too much drama, just some food and friends and family.

That wasn’t quite what happened. But in my defense there were a few outside factor to consider:

  • family coming from Albany
  • making the party ‘baby friendly’
  • Perth’s stupid hot hot hot feburary’s
  • my house will not cater for more than ten people
  • my house will not cool more than ten people
  • Her birthday fell on a sunday, what a great day for a party? (note to first time mums planning party, dont do it on the actual day, talk about strung out sooky mamma).

Anyhoo, it happened. On her actual birthday, in the middle of a heat wave (melt your baby parties are all the rage), with as much crazy as you could poke a stick at (the crazy is me, please dont poke me anymore).

We had the party at Point Walter, along by the river. This was by far the best and worst idea we had. Best because the breeze coming off the river kept everyone cool on the 39 degree day. Worst, because all my fabulous decorations had not been wind proofed. Once everything was set up it looked great (even if I didn’t allow time for ALL the set up). As per tradition we didn’t really get to stop and talk to anyone for very long, we just made sure everyone ate and drunk and was happy. This also included taking miss tornado for a swim twice.

I apologise for the flood of photos… nope, no I don’t. You know that’s what your really here to see. Just a quick heads up, our ‘theme’ was more like a styling tool. We didn’t follow it to the tee, but it helped us choose colours and foods and decorations.

Here is the picture evidence of my crafting crusade over the last few months. Enjoy

Indi Bum’s ‘Strawberries and Cream’ First Birthday



Decisions, decisions. IMG_4555

Choosing crafting fabric. Super sweet.


Crafting. Lucky she hasn’t got a long term memory yet, otherwise it would ruin the surprise.IMG_5126

Our Printstagrams. Prints from instagram of tornado for each month.IMG_5160 IMG_5178

Crafting a little felt crown was a teary project. IMG_5221 2

These babies are just spray painted formula tins with cute strawberry fabric glued on.IMG_5256

Pinwheels were a little time consuming (thanks aunty jade and aunty mel) but so worth it. The design was from here.IMG_5263

Aidan helped me craft this cute piece. Our simple knot rag garland.IMG_5265

Paper pom poms. What a task. Got the how to from here.IMG_5271

We attempted and learnt how to make macarons. If you haven’t tried Zumbo’s go out and try now.IMG_5278


The finished birthday present. Made by mamma and daddy. We got the pattern from here.

The party:


Our little set up.DSC_0007

Perfect working pinwheels spinning in the windDSC_0009

Pom poms and garland.DSC_0010

The chalk board and photo board (poster by printstagram)DSC_0012

The thank you’s. Bubbles and strawberries and creams.DSC_0014

Baby friendly area. Pillows, tunnel, toys and tent. Also the decorated mosquito net Aidan’s mum did. If only the wind was kinder, we could have seen it in all its glory.DSC_0019

Pom poms and Bunting (By Aidan’s mum also).DSC_0024 DSC_0041

Birthday girl. Little Miss could not get enough ice. Sat there for ages just chewing on it. Like I said it was a 39 degree day.DSC_0046

Party people.DSC_0051 DSC_0056 DSC_0057 DSC_0059

Tornado loved the pinwheels, they taste so good with ice apparently. My mum made her outfit. Hat and all.DSC_0097 DSC_0099

Costume change. I was all set to do a smash cake, I had even allowed myself to ease off the ‘no sugar’ rule and made a sponge. But this kid said no. She said, eewwwwwwww yuk. I’m not touching that. The outfit made up for the lack of smash tho.DSC_0102 DSC_0108

Family photos.DSC_0136

Costume change again. Due to crazy heat, this one ended up in the river. Twice. My water babe was in heaven.IMG_5318

The sweets table. I may have gone a little over board. Cup cakes, smash cake, strawberries stuffed with cheesecake, scones with jam and cream, passionfruit macarons, strawberries and chocolate dip, crown and I shaped cookies, fairy bread, plus lots more on the other table that you cant see. IMG_5321

Pink lemonade. Lemonade, Craberry juice and LOTS of ice. Cools you down on a hot day. Also here, people could write a letter for Indi to read on her 18th birthday.IMG_5323

Party in swing.IMG_5330

Swim time. Up close and personal with a couple of black swans.

After the party we all crawled into the air con and had a rest/nap. It was pure bliss. Tornado wore herself out. She went out like a log. Passed out in her bed, ruffle butt to the sky.


  So maybe I went overboard. But I’d do it all over again. This was as much a party for us as it was for her. And we certainly had fun making it come to life. Next year poor babe has to share her 2nd birthday with the two of us. We plan on having a joint 30th around her birthday (Aidan is jan 10th, Indi is feb 10 and I am march 10). We are thinking of making it a 62nd Birthday party what do you think? Watch out though, my party planning can only get bigger and better…

Much love peeps xxx

We are officially under a month till tiny human turns one. All systems are go (by go, obviously I mean I have written a list and aim to tick things off before we reach her birthday). I am going to go overboard. Its nothing that can be changed or stopped, but I hope still to keep it fun (if I blog about how I didn’t get to sit still through out the whole party, please feel free to tell me to suck it up).


Here is a few little tid-bits of how this party will hopefully roll out.

Theme: I’m not really one for ‘themed’ party’s. Reason being that I never tend to go big or bold enough so that it works. I’ve seen some super mums pull off themed parties (Yes B, I am talking to you, waaaaayyyyy jealous of your hard core party skills), I just don’t think I’ve got it in me. Yet.

When tornado is three and demands to have a zombie/barbie/beach/toga party I may just jump at the challenge. I could have gone with a tornado themed party, but I doubt everyone would have enjoyed having fans blasting  everything in their faces. Instead we are just going with a ‘yeah that sounds girly enough’ planning idea. I’ll let you know if I pull if off. If so then I will gladly pretend she had a theme all along.

Things I need to get/sort out/make/order/make another list for:

  • birthday present – we are going to DIY her present, and have aimed to do this for any future children also, wish us luck
  • outfit – so far she will have two costume changes. Don’t judge me, I worked in performing arts.
  • decorations – how much is too much when decorating at the park. I might get in trouble for this one
  • food – really dont want to bake anymore after my crazy christmas baking. Its ok to order all the food for a first birthday right?
  • cake – really dont want tornado to have refined sugar. Am crazy horrible aggressive about it. Must test healthier recipes

I’m excited but scared about how everything is going to turn out, invites are out, there is no turning back now.


Here goes nothing. Much love peeps xxx

So we are here. One month away from tiny human turning the o – word. Shes been hanging around for almost a year?! When did I stop noticing how fast the days were passing. It’s a clichĂ© to say ‘I just want time to slow down’, but I think all mums feel like that in one way or another (on the days they are gorgeous, probably sleeping due to being sick as opposed to the days when they are little turds). My little girl has grown too fast for me, that is for sure.



Indi walks, all the time now. It’s very rare for her to bust out a crawl, unless shes chasing the cat under something. Walks with speed. Can run away from you, likes to play chasey, and throws her body into the run. Its crazy dangerous. We walk her most days, just to get rid of the ‘running’ energy, down at the park, with the dogs, she sleeps well those days.


outta my way…

She eats everything. She was a bit fussy earlier on. Now she’d much prefer your breakfast over her yoghurt and weetbix, regardless of if its bacon or crunchy nut flakes. A fruit salad is no longer safe. If the kids sees it, she will have it. And a new favorite is blueberries. Expensive yes, but a super food none the less. There isn’t much she wont eat (not allowed to eat is a different matter, come near my kid with chips, sugar, juice or cool drink and I’ll go mortal kombat on you).


laying on the charm

We have 6 teeth at the moment, four more on the way, one that will cut any day now. The toothy smile has taken some getting use to. Well not so much getting use to, getting use to not landing on. With a kid that has no fear and throws herself about like an olympic gymnast, there is no surprise that indi and the floor are old friends. We had our first real injury just days ago. Tornado babe had just started her boosters and was running from daddy, her brakes came on a little too soon, and she decided to land ‘kissing’ the carpet with just the left side of her lip. TEARS, yep I’m talking plural (first time we’ve seen more than one), a small graze, a bit of blood and a fat lip. She only cried for about 5 mins, but didn’t want to be put down. She fell asleep on me for the first time in a while. It was lovely for about 5 mins, then the sweat monster started and I was uncomfortable, hot and trapped. She’s all better now tho.


Oooh, the tornado stopped still for a few seconds, hoorah!

She gas bags so much. Not a big talker (compared to her mother) but when she’s playing independently, she narrates it all. I love listening. She sounds like and ewok combined with a team america character combined with a cat. Its awesome. She can say mamma, dadda, cat, no, ta, hello and hi. But in traditional female manner, will never say them on cue so you cant show her off. Maybe she will bust out ‘moustache’ or ‘banana hammock’ in the company of friends. “Damn straight she’s advanced- check out that vocab?”.

The ‘she can’ stock take:

  • clap
  • blow raspberries
  • grind her teeth
  • put the balls in her car and push the lever to make them pop out again
  • put her rusk, the maraca, hair brush, other toys in the car too, getting them out is a bit harder
  • pat the cat
  • go underwater
  • help herself to cat biscuits
  • destroy a room
  • climb on to the couch
  • find things that are not yet baby proof
  • shoplift (yeah thats not embarrasing at all?)
  • slob and goob on everything
  • pull out everything from the plastics cupboard
  • kill a perfectly innocent magazine
  • back wash into a water bottle leaving it undrinkable
  • snort
  • retrieve a stick
  • upend the cat food after I’ve cleaned up only minutes before
  • give kisses
  • wave
  • share rusk, sandwich, water and cat biscuits
  • create rusk art work on the couches and tv cabinet
  • stink out a room
  • make leaving the house take so long
  • make her mother need a nana nap most afernoons
  • latch on to her mothers arms if anyone she doesn’t trust gets too close
  • cuddle like the world is ending
  • put her rusk in your ear and while your cleaning it out she will poke you in the eye with it
  • drag all your shoes out into the lounge room
  • show the cat her toys (by beating her with them)
  • eat and drink by herself (just waiting on her to learn to do her own diaper)
  • create the most ginormous boogers you have ever seen, and act like they aren’t even there
  • still get all the grannies attention at the shopping centre
  • empty your bag in less than two seconds
  • eat sand
  • eat sticks
  • eat wipes
  • eat paper
  • eat shoes

I think you get the picture.



In exactly one month this little babe will be one. There will be fanfare and tears. We will gratefully celebrate her birthday while we hold back the tears that show just how much she has grown. The most bitter sweet feeling yet.

Much love peeps xxx

DSC_0114 I must have blinked this month away, it has been busy and full and consuming. I nearly forgot to write this post. Mind you I forget all sorts of things lately. It seems a phone, two calendars and a diary just don’t cut it these days.

Ten months? I have no idea how to comprehend how it has been ten months. Or from another perspective, there is only two months until we celebrate tiny humans FIRST birthday. Technically that means I need to start party planning. I have waited with baited breath for this opportunity and already I am second guessing all my mental plans. Perhaps the hype in my head about this small milestone is a bit melodramatic? Time will only tell.

DSC_0180 DSC_0181

In the last month I have watched tiny human step on the accelerator. Literally days after I wrote tiny human at 9 months, she started to make moves towards walking. She now does laps. She walks more than she crawls. She ‘runs’ to get away, she chases the cat. She is busy. Not much of the time spent walking is slow either, babe has a need for speed. Unfortunately her body cant keep up with her and the stats for face plants have been rising.

DSC_0420 DSC_0244 DSC_0217

Along with the increase in injury has come the increase of grizzles, sooks, tanties, sads and tears. This month we have seen our first ‘real’ tear. I had been a bit worried that she didn’t cry right from the beginning. We were told not to worry until she turned 6 months. Since then I have been on constant watch for any sign of a tear. When most families would rush to a crying babe, I would be the crazy mum tilting my baby over to look really closely into her eye. Just in case there was a little tear I might have missed. This month has brought us precisely 4 whole tears (four different occasions also). Yes I am proud. Damn proud actually.

DSC_0282 DSC_0283

One reason for tears was the first official melt down (why dont they have a space for that in the baby book, along with first poo in a bath, first time screaming in a restaurant, first time eating cat food and first time throwing up out in public). The meltdown near broke my heart. I was caught off guard and really didn’t know how to react. I had taken her to the creche at the gym for the first time that morning. Expecting the worst I was pleasantly surprised when little bum barely even noticed I had left her. She continued to be a chirpy little thing all day, even when she skipped her afternoon nap. Come dinner time, she was being fed by Aidan (and fairly content to note). I was off to watch a movie with some friends, so like I do every time I go out, I gave her a kiss and told her that I loved her. I only reached the back door, then shit got real. I kid you not I thought she’d fallen out of the high chair she was howling so much. Nope just loosing her crap because mamma left. I tried to help Aidan calm her (note to the mammas out there – this was the dumbest thing to do in this situation, it makes everything so much worse for everyone involved. Will not make that mistake again). In the end Aidan told me to go, that he had it sorted. I got a text later saying that Indi refused to eat any more, the only way to calm her was to give her a bottle, she fell asleep during her bottle and was put to bed early. Poor little babe. But, as everyone keeps telling me, she’s going to have to get use to me leaving, otherwise there will be melt downs left right and centre.

Now the big one. TEETH. Its no secret that me and the teething devil are not friends. I have made many a promise, just for Indi to not have teething pain, and for our house to be sleep friendly again. Last month there was not a tooth peg in sight. I had secretly wished that if it was going to be like this they had better all come at the same time. Moral of this story? Be careful what you wish for. Looking at her gums yesterday she had three teeth, looking at them again today she has five. Yep, blink and you’ll miss it.


Between the learning to walk, the tears, the injuries and the teeth, I am in constant state of awe. This child never ceases to amaze me. And that’s just the stuff I have time to notice. This coming month Indi will start to spend less time with me and begin to spend time with a nanny/sitter. Yes its time for this mamma and her babe to start working on their attachment issues. Stay tuned for updates (also known as ‘mamma cries in the car, parked around the corner’).

I want to say slow down, but my busy babe would not take any notice of me. I’m just making the most of being in these moments. Grow strong my little bum

Much love peeps xxx

So much has happened in the last month. So many firsts. So much change. My poor mamma heart is worn out.

Holiday. Indi’s first ever flight, and over sea’s trip. My girl was so fabulous I can not explain just how much. So good on the planes. Such a trooper in the humidity, and such a little socialite. I can not wait to take her away again.

Crawling. The kid got speed. After a week and a half with her betrothed Edison, Indi just HAD to crawl. In bali she was moving a bit, but it was more like an uncoordinated frog rather than a crawl. On the plane home, she decided to show us that she had learnt to climb, by pulling herself up the plane seats. Showing off when we got home, the little wriggler showed us that our house was clearly not baby proof, crawling anywhere she pleased. I spent forever dreaming of seeing this milestone, now I wish I could get her to sit still.

Standing. Little bum can pull herself up on just about anything to stand now. Its where she wants to be. But she wants to get there herself. Bless her little heart she can also lower herself to the ground. That’s a bit exciting.

Grizzles. We are perfecting these. Growing and teething and moving and developing makes a tiny human more grizzly than I have ever seen her. But I think that is just the opinion of a mother who is used to a baby that refuses to stop smiling. Big bed time grizzles before naps and sleeps. I keep thinking I’ve done something wrong, but then I remember its close to nap time and sigh.

Dummy-less (almost). As per our agreement, Aidan and I started weaning Indi off her dummy when we got back from bali (she only used it to assist her to sleep, may account for extra bedtime grizzles). Wasn’t as hard as we thought to begin with, but there have been a few nights where we’ve broken. I know, I know, I need to be strong. But its these damn teeth that continually threaten to show, with out actually revealing themselves. So now the motto’s are: NO GOING BACK, WE ARE STRONG (uggghhh surely just once cant hurt?), WE CAN DO IT.

Words. We are so close to hearing that coveted first word. Majority of the time she will talk to the cat rather than us, a whole lot of  ‘Uuuuhh. Uuh. Blllllllrrrrrrrrrr. Bah. Bah. Uh.’ Pretty sure thats cat for ‘stop sleeping over there and come let me slob on your tail’. Needless to say Bellacat doesn’t respond.

Fur-sister. Indi and BellaCat are starting to play nice, and it warms my heart so. With her new found crawling freedom, Indi will chase the cat all over the house. Bella has begun to realize that Indi is no longer a loud blobby human, rather a more interactive version of loud blobby human. Bella is surprisingly gentle with Indi (she has NEVER been nice, a diva cat with a ‘don’t even think about petting me, I will destroy you’ kind of attitude), happy to put up with a whole lot of pulling and poking and slobbing, before she shoots an evil look and buggers off.

Head shaking. We have mastered the art of shaking our head NO. Normally during feed time. Cute, but increasingly annoying.

Sleeping. Day naps have got to a lovely length of time. Oh so lovely. From when she was a freshly baked bub and sleeping for only 40 mins at a time, we are now at 2.5 hrs morning nap and 1.5 hrs afternoon nap. Its really nice, especially now that I spend a whole lot of time chasing a very active little bum all around the place. I look forward to my rest times.

Water dragon. My little aquarius, born in the year of the dragon. Its very clear that this one loves the water. LOVES the water, any form of it. Think she must have got that from my dad. We are very excited to start swimming lessons next monday. We would have started at 6 months but the aquatic centre (which is a 3 min walk from our house) doesn’t run lessons for wee babes during winter. None the less, we are all looking forward to monday.

Hair. There is a whole lot movement in the hair department this month. She has her dads hair, its dead straight and stick up on weird angles just like his. All be it a very unrealistic, I’m still holding on to my dream of that one elusive curl. Its not looking like happening.

Arrrrgghhhh my little Indi bum is just getting so big. She’s so heavy now that Aidan and I will look for anyone with unsuspecting arms. Not long ago we would fight to be the one holding her, now its a fight to see who gets a back rub first due to the strain of lifting and carrying her. She’s still a tiny human, but there is a little person there now. She has sass and style, speed and determination. She has the most adorable giggle and a smile for everyone she see’s. My wee babe is growing up.

Keep on growing sweet girl. Mamma loves you

Much love peeps xxx

What? Seven months? You lie?

At seven months tiny human is:

TEETHING… ugghhhhhhhh. I apologise for my constant whinging about these ruddy teeth. I just wish they would make an appearance already. I miss my sleep. Despite the grizzles. Indi is a trooper, smiles are still the most common thing on her face, but now its normally shared with snot. Teething, snotty, tired and grizzly. Who’d want kids anyway?

She was such a good sleeper. Out for the count from 7.30pm – 7.00 am. But these rotten teeth are making her less comfortable lately. She wakes up quite a bit through out the night, and wriggles herself all over the place. If the cot was a pinball game, she would have the highest score.

Having mastered sitting, we are working towards crawling. We’re pretty good at going back wards in a sliding kind of action, but its not crawling. The planking baby is newbie. Not sure if she’s trying to improve her core or build up her upper body strength, either way she’ll end up buff.

We’ve moved from soft toys to hard toys now. Musical ones are a favorite. They don’t hold her attention for awfully long, but as long as there is something near by to chew on, then its all ok.

On top of the noggin is a few more wisps of hair. Hopefully by the time she reaches 8 months I might be able to put a clip in it.

Massive mummies girl. Which is weird. I never ever expected to have even a moment where my kids would only want me. Dont ask me why, its never really occurred to me. I always assumed, because Aidan wanted a girl so badly, that he would be the one she always wanted. Man does my heart sore when she puts her arms out to me and grizzles till I pick her up or cuddle her. Its a new and comforting feeling. Its so true that children change you.

We’re not talking yet. We can say ‘ummmm’ and ‘ba’ but I’m hoping that mum isn’t too far around the corner. Still haven’t seen her shed a tear either. Not that we haven’t had opportunities. Sometimes if she’s cranked up, we will let her go just that little bit longer in hopes of seeing that illusive salt water drop roll down her face. But alas, no dice. She can, however, crank up and grizzle much more efficiently than ever before, giving the illusion of crying.

People person. Not afraid of people at all. Little miss seems to think that anyone near by is there for her. Shopping centre, birthday parties, petrol stations. She has no qualms getting cuddles from new faces. And with her getting bigger and heavier, I am always eager to pass her off to someone for a ‘cuddle’ just to rest my arms.

Pillows are a new favorite. Looney child goes crazy for pillows. Giggles and squeals and wriggles. Its hilarious, and thankfully distracting. It comes in handy when a certain little heff pot gets her grizzles on.

Seven months? Really. She’s so big now, over 8kgs and 70+ cm long. She’s gonna be a tall one (if she ends up with my boobs, shes gonna want long legs to pull them off). Its hard to believe she was ever that tiny little 3.25kg/ 50 cm bundle of love. But oh my do we love her. With those gorgeous long eye lashes, big blue eyes, and a giggle that could wake you from a coma, whats not to love?

Despite the lack of sleep and the increased grizzles, this house is such a happy place. Its full of fun and light and laughter.

Keep on growing sweet girl. Mamma loves you

Much love peeps xxx

Our little chick pea has officially been hanging around for 6 months! Can you believe it?

At six months tiny human is:

Sitting. Literally a week after I posted her 5 month update she was sitting. Girl knows how to act like a grown up. Hasn’t mastered the art of the graceful dismount though. Its either the crazy dolphin flick out to the front or the head smack backwards. Thankfully before she was born I invested in the best rug ever, nice and thick perfect for noggin smashing.

Eating. If its in a jar, we will eat it. If its yellow or orange we will eat it. It it feels good on the gums we will eat it. Having just started experimenting with fingerfoods/self feeding I’m sure things are going to get really interesting pretty fast.

Toy of the month? Not phased really as long as it can ease aching gums. Poor sophie the giraffe gets munged on quite a bit.

Still no movement in the hair front, possibly a bit more, but only in the places where there hasn’t really been any. Forever on the hunt for that first curl, just to prove that’s shes mine. But alas, none to be found.

Grizzles. She’s never really been one for grizzling, but lately she’s been a grizzle bum. Possibly teething, always seems better after she has something to gnaw on.

Sooky. Starting to be a big sook for mamma. Daddy tries to calm her, but only when I get there she will settle. A blessing and a curse.

Sleeping fabulously. Bless this child, I don’t work well with no sleep and have a severe dislike of early mornings. She is a zonker and its is pretty dang great.

Talking. Non stop. Best time is between dinner and her bath, the kid just wont shut up. Looks like shes taking after me, look out world.

Squealing. We thought it was cute when she started a couple of months back, but every couple of days she remembers she can do it and aims to reach new frequencies. After a good squeal, you can’t miss the delight shown in her face.

Bath time. The most gorgeous time of the day. Tiny human loves her some water. My little aquarius, goes off in the bath (by bath I mean massive bucket in the middle of the lounge room because our house doesn’t have a bath – I know how can anyone live with out a bath? its bloody hard!). Now that she can sit up by her self, she plays with the bath toys, splashes about and finds it hilarious when she slips under the water. I kid you not, while Aidan and I are dying from a heart attack because she wiggled herself down, she is in a giggle fit. May add floaties to bath time just in case.

Six months has gone too fast. Its hard to even remember those first few weeks with her, struggling because the new mum thing was so full on. I look at her and can even begin to imagine her as tiny as a new born, with a cry like a little lamb. Tiny human is a little rat bag, who giggles at the cat, who raises her left eyebrow at you when she tries new food and who doesn’t like to sit still when she is being changed.

Keep on growing sweet girl. Mamma loves you
Much love peeps xxx

Little girl has been around for five whole months! I swear I’m teaching myself not to blink because time is seriously whooshing past me like the road runner and I’m so afraid I’m going to miss something.

Indi is so much fun and cuteness is at an absolute peak. I’m finding myself swept up in her little world more often than not.

At five months:
Rolling like a boss (but only on to her belly). So super chuffed with herself she always looks around to make sure someone was watching (attention seeking, where ever did she learn that?). However, we haven’t quite learnt how to roll back and do like to crank up a bit to let everyone know that we need to be flipped over.

Little miss grabby! Handsy or what! Nothing is sacred! Hair, phones, drinks, if it’s in her radius then there’s a good chance it’s going to make it into her goobey mitts! And when you get it back there is always a loving coat of milky slobber for your enjoyment.

We have upgraded our favorite toy. No longer do the chain links hold the top spot. Possibly because you can’t shove then in the back of your mouth and get your mung on! But the butterfly and our little soph, do the job just right!

Still pretty hard on in the hair department! Not that she’s bothered at all. Her mother is the one with the hair issues, I’m so desperate to see just one tiny little curl. We have an increasingly large collection of headbands tho. If there is a cute headband out there, point us in the right direction and we will more than likely own it with in minutes!

We are maybe a few weeks away from being able to sit by ourselves! Yep little Indi bum is starting to ‘use what her mamma gave her, now flaunt it!’. And trust me, when that moment finally happen, this crazy mamma will let you know!

Getting our solids on. We’re still fairly new at this, but we are on our way. Banana however, is a no go. This face says it all!

Smiles and giggles and smiles and giggles. We are still met with a ginormous gummy grin every morning. By far the bestreason to get up ever!! What they say about baby giggles are true, I believe that that perfect little chuckle could save lives!! You well up, smile, sigh, love and relax all thanks to that special little sound!

People person. If there are peeps around, they are there for the chick pea. Well that’s what she thinks ( that’s what I think anyway). If they are in the shopping centre, at our house, at mothers group or even on the tv, she will try and get their attention. This does include squealing out to Tom Cruise in Rock of Ages (or was she warning him that Katie was gonna leave him hmmmm? Fortune telling baby, there’s a new market!).

Tiny human is growing like a champion! As sad as I am to see her pass so many milestones, I am so excited to share so many special moments. I’m trying to think of it as having the pleasure of seeing it happen, rather than holding on to it so hard it hurts.

Grow strong and grow healthy my beautiful ray of sunlight. Much love to you bubba xxx

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