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I’ve never liked change. I was always the one who had to map out every option like a bloody choose your own adventure book (only knowing all your endings).

Now, I’m ready for change. Desperate to pack a bag on short notice and run away for a week. Willing to gut the whole house and start collecting furniture again. Ready to find a job in a new state. Change to me sounds delicious. Like the very last easter egg hiding on the top shelf. You know your just hanging out to scoff it.

So instead, I change my mindset. Focus on the head and the heart. Reinvent my approach to life in preparation for the eventual change.

So, cosmic powers that be, when your ready hit me up. I’ll be the one pretending she knows whats going on 😉

Much love peeps xxx

What type of present does Santa bring indi? Do I really want to be in competition with that dude for years to come? Pfffft, I could take him any time. Hang on, I shake like a bowl full of jelly now with my baby pooch. Note to self get fit before taking on Santa.

I really shouldn’t use the tv as a baby sitter. But if I don’t I won’t get anything ready for Christmas. Five more minutes, oh yay I haven’t seen this episode of Angelina ballerina.

Could I make it to Albany with only a nappy bag for indi? I’m sure she will end up getting enough presents to cover clothes and toys and stuff? Ok maybe I’ll just pack light. *1hour passes* a suitcase full of crap for a baby of 10 months for just five days. I don’t think ‘pack light’ is in my vocabulary.

7pm: I’m totally going to get up at give and go for a run tomorrow morning.
2.30am: indi wakes and grizzles for 5 mins then goes back to sleep.
5am: I am soooooo tired, the baby woke me up last night. I couldn’t possibly get up now.

6.30am: I’m up before the baby, better stay in bed and check Facebook before she wakes, that way I don’t have to during the day.
7.30am: Indi stop grizzling, I’m trying to check my Facebook.

At 28 I still get pretty excited when the letter if the day on Sesame Street is C.

Testing new recipes justifies eating nothing but chocolate all day, right?

Why can’t the baby nap on time? Doesn’t she know I need to space out on the couch, not achieve anything and in the last five minutes rush around cursing that I don’t have enough time to do everything.

Crap, she’s pooped on the bricks in the courtyard. Oh well at least she won’t poop in the bath tonight. Should probably clean it up. Crap she’s stepped in it. Yeah, should probably clean that up now.

I promise these biscuits are for friends gifts.
I promise I will only eat one.
I promise I will only eat a few.
I promise I will make some more biscuits and not eat them.

Why do they make Christmas m&ms? As if I’m going to give them to anyone besides myself. Merry Christmas Cass *eats handful* and a happy new year *eats another handful*

What am I going to make for dinner? Not much in the fridge. Probably should have brought vegetables instead of chocolate.

Why do babies get all the cool presents?

Is today really worth putting a bra and pants on? Nup, didn’t think so.

Is 28 too old to sleep under the christmas tree?

They should warn you that certain ‘noisy’ toys may cause parents to have momentary lapse of sanity resulting in said toys being thrown out of windows.

I’m trying to be super healthy and fit for 2013. Why didn’t anybody give me chocolates for christmas? How rude!

Seriously, why do they even make kids clothes in white? May as well sell them with a bottle of tomato sauce, a pack of napisan and a note that says ‘hahahahah, good luck sucker’.

I wish I had enough money after christmas to do the post christmas sales. Unfortunately I spent all my money on buy the people I care about chrsitmas presents. Note to self, screw everyone else, I want new shoes.

Much love peeps xxx

My brain is super busy these days. I must admit it works a whole lot harder than the rest of my body combined, I’m lazy. It’s full of ideas, and memories, lists of things to do and things that should already be done. It’s like a traffic jam up there, so much happening nothing really making any moves.

My to do lists are crazy long. It’s this time of year, I just keep adding to my lists rather than crossing anything off. I’m trying to multi task to achieve things, but it’s no use I am constantly behind.

It’s horrible feeling like you need to catch up. Reminds me of being extremely slow at cross country during high school. Knowing everyone else had pretty much finished, and there I was plodding along. It felt like I was never going to finish. But I eventually did, and thankfully cross country was only once a year.

Catching up is a priority, I know that. But my ability to procrastinate is kicking in big time. I blame tv programmers. They keep putting Disney shows/movies on, everyone knows I’m a sucker for that crap. Then there’s tiny human, who is growing up so crazy fast in front of me. I feel like if I don’t stop and steal a moment with her, ill turn around and she will be 13, telling me she hates me and threatening to run away. On top of that, the inner Christmas elf in me is pinging out on dreams of tinsel and decorating, cookies and parties. But none of these things even closely relate to grocery shopping, merging super or cleaning the bathroom.

So how do I gets self sorted? Who knows?! Probably not by hanging out with my gorgeous friends and watching movies or checking Facebook a million times or even by deciding to have a nap when the baby sleeps (she sleeps all the way through, compared to ‘real’ mums I’m practically off my face on sleep most nights).

So my plan is to make a plan (also known as more procrastination). I’m going to plan out when I want to get all my ‘to do’ list done. As well as that I’m going to make a chore schedule (OCD much crazy lady?). I’d clean everything everyday given half a chance. And lately I am telepathically kicking my own arse for not getting even the simplest things done. At least if there is a schedule I can be realistic.

The biggest problem with all this is that I’m in part a perfectionist. Well sort of anyway. It’s more that I must think that I’m the only one who will do it the right way or do it properly so I put pressure on myself to get it done and done right. I hate asking for help, and have real issues when people offer help (nope, don’t do it, do not offer me help. I need to try to figure it out myself, go through all the motions. Then when I need help I will ask for it, but only then can you give it. Yep I know, utter loon over here).

So you can see I am my own rock and hard place. Whole lot of crazies in this bag. I aim to sort through all my crazies one day. But I can’t keep procrastinating right now, I’ve got a ‘to do’ list to conquer. Why are you distracting me?

Much love peeps xxx

When tiny human hurts herself she gets more upset that she has to stop what she was doing than for fact that she is in pain.

Nappy change time is now known as ‘rollover and run away butt naked, make mum chase me around with a nappy, stand up on something dangerous to give mum a chance to put nappy on, drop to the ground to show her that I’m in charge, crawl over to something else, stand again, let mum do up one side of the nappy, attempt to get away, do a double pike with a twist landing in a arabesque position, allow mum to finish putting the nappy on’ time.

The mail man, the garbage man, the delivery man – pretty much anyone who comes to visit that we don’t know ALWAYS comes when the baby is asleep and ALWAYS makes a racket. Despite the fact that I know nothing could wake Indi up if she’s already asleep, I find myself getting super pissed and threatening to beat the crap out of the the noisey bastards.

I want chocolate cake, for breakfast, everyday.

I think there is a ghost in our house. Indi always seems to be distracted by something that isn’t actually there. But this ghost must be hilarious, because she looses it giggling (which actually sounds more life a snuffly puppy at times). I think it might be my dad. I’d like that.

I hate curbside pick up. I’m pretty sure its the reason some butt hole broke into my house and stole my car. Curbside pick up gives a bunch of people from god knows where a reason to hang out in your neighborhood after dark. Now I’m not judging those who ‘vintage shop’ from the curbside. I think up-cycling somebodies pre loved goods is the best form of recycling. I have scored some sweet pieces from the verge boutique. I am just unlucky enough to be living close to a few wanky areas in Perth. Fancy area means fancy goods, fancy goods means more traffic, more traffic means increased chance of not so fabulous people hanging outside my house. Thankfully it will be gone soon. And then, I can sleep soundly.

White is officially not in season for 8 1/2 month olds. Watermelon, strawberry, spaghetti bog, casserole, sweet potato, stewed apples, blueberries, pumpkin – pretty much all foods have the ability to tie dye the shit out of a perfectly clean white onesie. Napisan is a house essential on a meal to meal basis.

I am ocd when it comes to toys. They need to be in a particular area in the lounge room. If indi pulls her books down, I’m more than happy to put the books back on the shelf. If she rips a magazine into pieces, I’ll put those pieces in the bin straight away. I like all the baby stuff in the car to be in its place. Its this staying at home business it makes me crazy neat freak.

Having not worked in a year, I’m shitting myself about going back to work. Shitting myself about making a call about going back to work. Terrified of being shit at what I considered myself to be bloody good at. Finding child care, organizing times, finding a balance, missing out on milestones, allowing someone else to get to know my baby, being behind on curriculum advances, new routines, making the sacrifices – its all freaking me out. How do mums do this? I need a pep talk people.

Is there anything more fabulous than fresh sheets?

It has been 11 months with out my Dad. My chest hurts just typing that.

Aidan is currently completing his final electrical exam. He started his apprenticeship when I completed my degree. Pretty dang proud of the boy. Only one more day.

Thats my brain. Sorry its boring as hell.

Much love peeps xxx

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