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Cancelled flight airport selfie 😦

Papa hoot (PH) can home last tuesday after two weeks away. Excitement was an understatement.

Tornado had been really looking forward to ‘daddy wake me up!’. She had been counting down the days on a little calendar I made that both her and PH had. In the morning she would put a star on her calendar with me, and in the evenings PH would ask her what colour to put on his.

Tornado somewhat understands what’s going on. We’ve had a melt down or two, but it’s mostly because she’s tired, or we haven’t explained it clearly to her. She’s excited about talking to daddy on the ‘pewter’ and she loves to send him videos during the day. I’m not expecting this to be the case for the next swing, but I’m grateful for the gorgeous girl she has been these last two weeks.

The thing is, PH came home early (two week swing, not the usual four week swing) because I had to fly out to Melbourne. So as luck had it, he flew in at 8.20pm and I had to fly out the following morning at 1.45am. Unlike ships passing inter night, we got to spend a romantic two and a half hours together (allowing for him to get home, thank the babysitter and finally get some sleep after a 4.00am start to his day).

Honestly, it felt like five minutes. When the person you are most desperate to see is only around for a small window you never feel like you said the important things, or made the most of your time. Similar to any two mums with small children catching up. Except instead of being distracted by tiny humans and half finishing conversations, you discuss the important stuff, the child care hand over and argue about who’s turn it is to make a decision.

The hardest part was saying goodbye after such a short amount of time. But I was crazy excited about my little adventure (I had never been to Melbourne, never met the person I was going to stay with and I was taking a massive leap of faith for a new business opportunity. But more about that some other time).

So at 11.30 I was at the Airport eagerly awaiting my red eye flight to Melbourne. I checked in, trotted up stairs and ordered myself a big girl drink to celebrate my independence. After my drink I sat down to read my book before boarding. Just as I got comfortable, 45 mins before my flight was due to leave – it was cancelled.

My house is 1 hour and 20 mins from the Airport. This was not ideal. I was however, fairly grateful for my big girl drink which kept me buzzing while I waited to find out the fate of my Melbourne trip. I’m forever a ‘if its meant to be…’ kind of girl, but Airports and flights are not something that instils patience in people.

Turns out they could put me on another flight (YAY) at 6.10am (oh wait-what?). PH had just got home and there was no point getting a million dollar taxi ride home to get an hours sleep. So super comfy airport tiles it was. And not even the departure lounge, check in tiles! Because the Airport is basically shut from 2am – 4am.

What does a SAHM do with all this spare time, hanging out at an airport? She downloads some One direction, Demi Lovato and Macklemore and practices her dance moves. Kid you not, I lugged my carry on luggage back and forth as I shimmied and two stepped to the toilet. I also cranked out a fair bit of dubsmash videos and I read every blog I could possibly find. I am eternally thankful for smart phones? What did people do in Airports before there were smart phones? I shudder to think!

I finally get some shut eye at about 3 am. I snuggled up to the ATM (We’re going steady now). When I woke up BOOM! People everywhere. Dear airport people, I apologise for the drool, snoring and most probably farting while I was past out and I hope no one needed that ATM. When get up to the departure lounge and its like a freaking party! Where the hell did everyone come from? I’m still wiping crusty drool from my mouth and there are women all glammed up for their early morning flight!

I finally get on the plane (thank you spaghetti gods). The man next to me is reading a newspaper! A GIANT FREAKING NEWSPAPER. He is 100% over estimating his available space in this situation. Not matter how much I sign and eye roll he does not get the point. He has also laid claim to the arm rest (I’m in the aisle seat). And should I get anywhere near it, his position strengthens (Dude, come on. Its not freaking game of thrones. And if it was, you should be worried about me, I’m a new effing character!). I finally get comfortable and plan to get as much sleep as I can. 20 mins of blissful sleep and I get rudely woken up. The man next to me hits my knee! HE HIT MY KNEE! He’s shoved it away from HIS side! Are you for reals old man? Don’t judge a book by its cover, because if you open up this can of worms you are SCREWED!

But it was time for breakfast, so I settled my anger and calmed myself down. I attempt to eat my breakfast with my left hand, because space invader man had his wings out again. His elbow was nearly in my food (*chants ‘in with gratitude, out with love, in with love, out with gratitude*). My patience was clearly at its peak by this stage.

Finally the man with the eagle wings fell asleep. Once again I tried to get comfortable, but that’s a little difficult when your only allowed two thirds of your allocated sleep and you are hunched up next to the aisle. Just as I would get comfortable, someone would bump my head or shoulder. Relaxation to the MAX. And Mr arm rest then started SNORING! Thankfully I’m well trained in coping with snoring thanks to PH.

Suffice to say I was fairly excited to get off the plane. This was just the start of what turned out to be the best four day adventure I had ever been on. I’ll tell you more about that next time.

Much love peeps xx

I think I may have cashed in all my future mothers day karma. Because my mothers day was good, really good.

May 2013 035 May 2013 040 May 2013 049 May 2013 071 May 2013 073 May 2013 085 May 2013 100 May 2013 115 May 2013 133 May 2013 135 May 2013 137 May 2013 162 May 2013 184 May 2013 192 May 2013 193

Sunday was lovely. I slept in, got some fancy bling, breakfast in bed, finished multiple cups on tea, showered alone, went to the loo alone, put make up on, tornado napped for 3 hours, went to the park and had chicken burgers for tea. The activities were the same day to day stuff, but the little things, that was the special bit. Family time with my two loves and some at home chilling was all I needed. It was fabulous.

I hope your mothers day was fabulous too, sending you the mamma day love

Much love peeps xxx

Little people party’s are an absolute blast. Tornado’s social calender this year is full to the brim with party after party.

A couple of weeks ago we hit up another fabulous party. I was so blown away by the decorations, I didnt even get a photo of the birthday girl (not because I was chasing the tornado at all). The birthday girls mum is beyond fabulous when it comes to party planning (its her job… literally). The party was a farm theme. It was hard not to smile when you got the party, the decorations were perfect. I’m not going to keep rattling on, just check out the pics…

Poppie turns one 004DSC_8035Poppie turns one 001 DSC_8060DSC_8020Poppie turns one 006Poppie turns one 009 Poppie turns one 010 Poppie turns one 013Poppie turns one 002

As you can see it was such a sweet party. Hay bales and ‘cow hide’ rugs (fake of course), a barn for the food, fences to help contain little people and some extra little details here and there to top it off.

The food matched the theme, there were super sweet berry milkshakes, piglet biscuits, snags on the bbq, baby friendly food everywhere and the most amazing little pies that I had to stop my husband from running off with. The whole party was simply brillant.

Bewteen the fabulous food, stopping crazy babe from running amok, chatting to people and the checking out the decoration I barely took enough photos. But of those that I did, tiny human photo bombed the majority. The ones above are the ones with the least amount of tornado in them.

If you are throwing a shing dig and require some additional help in making your event perfect then please look up Ashleigh Jane Celebration Designers. Whatever the event, AJCD can find a package to suit your needs. If you want that extra pop, hands on approach or attention to detail, Ashleigh can help you. She has a real passion for what she does, I think these pictures speak for them selves. So do yourself a favor and pop over to her website and have a look.

All in all we had a great time, perfect event for our quiet little weekend at home. Thanks for the invite poppie 🙂

Much love peeps xxx




One of my all time favorite little people turned three a few weeks ago. As per the rules of turning three this little miss was instrumental in the decision making process for her third birthday party. After many weeks of her mum pinning and prepping for a ‘rainbow’ party. Miss almost three proclaimed that she wanted a Bumble bee party. As so she would have one.

We took the tornado along to the party. Following strict intructions from the birthday girl we dressed the tornado as a bumble bee. Cute as anything, fast as lightening. She enjoyed herself alright. Here are a few pics. Please note the amazing effort put in by super mum.

DSC_0742 DSC_0745 DSC_0761 DSC_0766 DSC_0779


DSC_0790 DSC_0791



DSC_0813 DSC_0828 DSC_0890 DSC_0900


These kids parties are starting to be my new favorite thing (going to them, not throwing them that is). A perfect way to wear the tornado out and eat some yum food. Not to mention seeing little people in their element. Miss three sure did have a blast.

Much love peeps xxx

Welcome to the world miss poppy.

DSC_0523 DSC_0540 DSC_0555 DSC_0598 DSC_0636 DSC_0640 DSC_0648Look after your daddy, you own his heart now. It is filled to the brim with you. From the moment you were born you had him wrapped around your little finger – that will come in handy later on little miss.

Be good to your mamma little madam. She can and will scream louder and longer than you. She has a bigger heart than anyone one else I know, and will go to the ends of the universe for the people she loves. You and she are blessed to have each other.

There is love unyeilding in your life. It is all around you poppy.

Much love peeps xxx


Its been awfully quiet around this blog lately.

Life has been FLAT OUT. Life with tornado babe is always flat out, but everything recently seems to zooming past. A constant state of doing, seeing, being, moving.

But this weekend it stopped. It stopped dead still, for the first time in what feels like forever. I’m all in love with easter, because of the slow, lazy, perfect time we have spent as a family.



Scuse me, I have a question


Little girl acting all big


Back to looking little again, pheww


Family xx





Best. Giggle. Ever.




Hose phone


Stupid craft fairy




Man crafting with daddy


Daddy craft


What happens when you water the plants in this house


Egg hunting



Big kitties


Sweet ride

Easter long weekend was the first weekend since the beginning of the year that we didn’t have any plans. NOT A SINGLE ONE. No weddings or parties or trips or appointments. We were selfish and for the first time in nearly ten years we didn’t go to our home town of Albany (and in classic Albany tradition, it seems we missed the most perfect weather). We stayed home. Five whole days of just our little family of three. It was like breathing the freshest air, it was heaven.

We made sure all the chores were done before the weekend hit so that we could make the most of our time together, and we did just that. We went to the park and read the paper, we built an outdoor bar and made pizza dough, we started easter traditions and watched a little girl screw her nose up at chocolate, we lazed around and watched movie after movie, we chased a tornado around the zoo and held hands. Slow, refreshing and perfect. Best.Weekend. Ever.

The craft fairy also visited. Damn craft fairy, she needs to leave me alone. I get all distracted and start dreaming in craftvision, then bam – spare room looks like a couple of nana’s have battled it out for the good knitting needles, taking out everything in their path. This weekend I got all inspired to craft for a new babe who is just freshly born. The aim was just to make little P a gorgeous mobile. Then the stupid craft fairy got all up in my business. Needless to say, I’m avoiding my spare room right now.

Treating yourself to a weekend that gives you time to sit, drink a cup of tea, read something (reading is fabulous medicine for the soul) and allow creativity is possibly the best thing you could ever do. I highly reccomend it.

Here’s wishing you the chance to put your feet up and take in the moment.

Much love peeps xxx


The long weekend has come and gone. Too quickly if you ask me. Just as I started to enjoy it, it came to an abrupt end.

All of our weekends are full to the brim this year. Filled with family and friends, celebrating and love. We have weddings and engagements, birthdays and baby showers, visitors and trips away. 2013 is the year to celebrate. And boy, have we been celebrating.

The long weekend marked another wedding and a trip back to our home town of Albany. A mini break away to rest the soul and toast two people who mean the world to us.

Here are a few pics, they tell a much better story than I.





















Christmas was a whirlwind. It was busy, and lovely, rushed, exhausting, pretty and hard. But it was Christmas, and Indi’s first one at that.

Road trip sing along

Road trip sing along

Our little slice of heaven. A cottage by the river in denmark. Yes thats a wisteria as you enter the house.

Our little slice of heaven. A cottage by the river in denmark. Yes thats a wisteria as you enter the house.


Side view of the entrance


Yes that is the river (jealous now?). There is a little path that goes right down to it. Would be perfect except for the sludge.


The deck runs down the side and around the river side of the house. Perfect for wine in the afternoon.


A giant island bench that runs from the kitchen to the dining (yes that is a fire place at the end). Was great for all the food christmas day.

The property has all sorts of fruit trees, apples oranges, mulberries, lemons, olives, and apricots. There were strawberries and rhubarb, and herbs everywhere. And to top it off it had its very own holly bush. So glorious.

The property has all sorts of fruit trees, apples oranges, mulberries, lemons, olives, and apricots. There were strawberries and rhubarb, and herbs everywhere. And to top it off it had its very own holly bush. So glorious.

So that is where we stayed for 5 lovely nights over Christmas. We were only half an hour away from our families (4 and a half normally) and somewhere that we could relax.

On top of the perfect house. Aidan surprised me with a REAL CHRISTMAS TREE! The smell alone was to die for. Aidans parents brought it out to us, I am eternally grateful. We had brought our home made decorations with us (I was going to use as name tags on presents), so we dressed it up all perfect. With the additional help from a loud m&m eating preggo friend (xxx).

The house had a little alcove just as you entered. Perfect for surprise chirstmas trees that make you want to curl up and sleep underneath it.

The house had a little alcove just as you entered. Perfect for surprise chirstmas trees that make you want to curl up and sleep underneath it.

Christmas day was interesting. I didn’t know what to expect. Indi is into everything these day and running about like a mad woman, so expected she would be fairly happy come present opening. Pfffftttttt whatever. She would much prefer to play with the dust brush and pan.

First impressions. Ooooooooh I could rip stuff off that big green thing.

First impressions. Ooooooooh I could rip stuff off that big green thing.

Our only family photo from christmas. That is indi cranking up because we wanted her to open her presents. Nope, did not care for it.

Our only family photo from christmas. That is indi cranking up because we wanted her to open her presents. Nope, did not care for it.

The calm down after present opening. Santa brough her some bubbles, add them to being allowed to run around outside - boom happy baby.

The calm down after present opening. Santa brought her some bubbles, add them to being allowed to run around outside – boom happy baby.

Indi got spoilt (didn’t see that coming did you). But more importantly she got to spend time with family and close friends, the people that love her. Our aim for the little trip was to have as many people around to celebrate this little ones first festive season. To see the love, share laughs and of course eat too much.

Other parts of our little break look like this:

Early morning view from our deck

Early morning view from our deck

Indi stealing water, trying to look like a big girl for Cade.

Indi stealing water, trying to look like a big girl for Cade.

All christmas'ed up and grandma and grandpa's.

All christmas’ed up and grandma and grandpa’s.

Uncle zac brought tornado babe her first car. I cant imagine how much the insurance will cost on that thing.

Uncle zac brought tornado babe her first car. I cant imagine how much the insurance will cost on that thing.

Have you got my good side ma?

Have you got my good side ma?



Greens poo;

Greens pool

Classic albany, emu point.

Classic albany, emu point.

I got this.

I got this.

Decorations, catering, organizing, crafting, planning, keeping routines and road trips. Christmas was an event. I loved it, but I’m glad its over. Next year we are going low key. Staying home (minus road trip) or going to someone elses house (minus organisation). Its my promise to aidan (I did not promise that I wont go overboard with all the before christmas stuff tho hehehehe).

So christmas is done. Tick that box, whats next….. somebodies first birthday (please someone stop me from buying all the pink tissue paper in perth…).

Much love peeps xxx

All my crafting is finished. All the presents are ready to be wrapped. All the things on my Christmas project list have been completed. We are in our little holiday home in Denmark, and there is a gorgeous real life Christmas tree that smells crazy awesome. There are lights spread around and decorations galore. With the small exception of making a salad or two we are ready. Little indi bums first Christmas. Although she won’t remember a thing, it will be special. Filled with lots of family, good food and laughs.

May peace be your gift at Christmas but be your blessing all year long.
Much love peeps xxx





When I wrote the christmas project, I thought I was being hopeful. I had culled my list to ensure that time would be on my side. I was really worried that with the all the commitments we already have along with all the social commitments coming up that we wouldn’t have time to get through them all. Or even worse. That we wouldn’t be able to do them together.

Well pfffffffffttttttt to that. I’m owning that list. And along with all the other stuff like crazy crafting, baking, christmas catch ups, preparing for indi’s first chirstmas and mentally preparing for somebodies first birthday, its fair to say that I am due a break down any minute now.

Any way, back to the list.

  1. See the christmas lights in the city: done Little Bum barely noticed the lights due to the fact that the city is way popular for a whole lot of people she’s never seen before. Feeding her with all the busy happening around her was interesting to say the least.
  2. Indi to have her photo with santa: done Best. Photo. Ever. There was always two types of photos that could happen. The ‘not so phased’ photo where the child sits quite content. Or the ‘what the frick is going on’ photo, where the child freaks out. I wanted indi to do one extreme or the other. And boy, she did not disappoint. I love this photo beyond compare. Poor little thing, that photo is going to come out at every chance I get.
  3. Christmas carols with friends: done One of my favorite traditions ever. However, I must note that tornado child can now walk, and like to help herself to food, and will put anything in her mouth. Carols is a picnic style event, with candles and drinks and cheeses and lots of people. It was fun, and I’m pretty sure I heard a christmas carol or two, but lets just say we were kept busy and leave it at that.IMG_3886
  4. Make sugar and spice cookies: done Maybe making them last longer than a day can be our next goal?
  5. Do a family christmas photo: Not yet, hoping to get a couple come christmas day. Tornado child is the one small issue. Maybe if I feed her enough food, she will be slightly bloated and sit still for about ten minutes? Or maybe I’ll just put yo gabba gabba on, that normally turns her in to a zombie.
  6. Visit the christmas section in myer (and try not to buy everything): done Incredibly overwhelming and dangerous to a 9 and a half month old that just wanted to be let loose. Ain’t never gonna happen kiddo, you are a destructo-baby.
  7. Put up the christmas tree (and try to save it from the crazy cat and baby): done It took tiny human 20 seconds to smash a glass ornament (considering we have never brought glass ones on account of a kitty with a dangle fetish, it was quite remarkable). Our tree is a pot plant (her name is Natasha, don’t ask, it just is ok) a heavy, less chance of tipping over pot plant, with a few sentimental ornaments on it. It also comes with an added feature – a protective play pen exterior. Indi hated the play pen after about a month, so the fact that I can use it for anything makes me fairly happy.
  8. Watch ‘Love Actually’ (Aidan’s tradition, special): done It was on tv the other night. We will still watch it together christmas eve,while wrapping presents. Well I will wrap and Aidan will snore. You know your jealous.
  9. Make baby painted wrapping paper (goobed with love): done (sort of) Pinterest failed me on this one. The recipe for ‘edible’ paint didn’t turn out very well, and that combined with an over eager daddy and a cranky baby resulted in lots of cleaning and some creative art works. IMG_4064
  10. Read christmas books (bit of a change from pooh, hairy mclary and ten little finger and ten little toes): done I even brought new ones to build this tradition, classic golden books. The books are a bit too long and Indi prefers to goob all over them, but atleast we are trying.IMG_3927IMG_3744
  11. Make Indi’s christmas stocking (key word there- make): In the process of this one. Unfortunately my imagination has got away from me, and what could be a relatively easy project has become crazy huge. Finding time to sew with the busy little tornado is not as easy to find now that she moves. I am determined. I will finish it. And when I do, I’ll gladly show off all my (stupid) hard work.
  12. Baby’s first christmas ornament (dreaming of this moment for the past 3 years): done This one was hard. Aidan and I didn’t like any thing. We even went to the chirstmas store (its on the road behind bunnings on leach Hwy, talk about too much christmas. I’m pretty sure christmas just threw up in that store and no body bothered to clean it up). So we brought a sweet little pink deer. I love it so much. Its just perfect. Thank you david jones for having sweet dainty little decorations for my baby girl.

So that is where we are at. One and a half things left to do on my list and still 9 days left. Christmas- come at me! I am soooooo ready for all your quirks and crazies.

Much love peeps xxx

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