There is this group of people of which I call the fabulous few. These are the friends that no matter how far, no matter how long its been, no matter what you’ve been through or how much to disagree with one another, nothing can break the friendship. I am blessed with many in my fabulous few.

We’re in the process of deciding what, when, where and how to buy our first house (random segue? no, it will make sense in a minute). Buying in Perth, in this market is a pain in the bum. But by far the hardest ‘outside’ factor to consider is the distance from our friends. Its hard to imagine living out of ‘dropping in’ range. In our many, many discussions we have come to realize something. Most of friends have already left the ‘dropping in’ boundaries. Our generation, our best mates have the travel bug, bad. So before they settle down, before they get comfortable, our friends are off having the time of their lives. And we are bloody well jealous.

We have friends all over the world at the moment, not to mention spread across Australia. A bridesmaid in Manchester, husbands boyfriend lost somewhere in Europe, Indi’s future In-Laws in Roxby Downs, Previous housemates living la vida loca up in Broome, a travel junkie held up in Cairns (for the time being), a brother in Brazil and family chilling in Albany (and that’s just to name a few). Social Media is a bitch when it comes to rubbing your travels in other peoples faces. All those glorious pictures of you on Contiki tour, next to the leaning tower of Pisa, on a boat in the Caribbean, in a Limo in Vegas, yes I am bloody well over the top, beyond explanation, with out hesitation, 100% jealous.

There is however, one thing I’m not, regretting that I haven’t done all those amazing things. I am blessed with my life, and I am blessed to have such brilliant and gutsy friends that have the opportunities of a life time. I know that when they eventually pause for a moment to tell me about their life altering journey, that I can listen, in awe of the stories, knowing fair well that my humble little world here at home is pretty darn fabulous as well.

Contiki tour? Pfffffffft try the sleep tour. If Indi falls asleep in the car, we do a few laps of different suburbs, helping us check out places to buy. Leaning tower of Pisa? What ev’s I got the Leaning tower of Indi. Having learnt to sit, she has not mastered the art of the graceful or soft drop to the ground. On a boat in the Caribbean? Try feeding an almost 6 month old carrot and beans? Yeah… A limo in Vegas? Watching elmo and baby gas!

I have a gorgeous man who loves me and my daughter beyond humanly possible, I go with out wanting, I have a family that dispite sometimes being a pain, will go above and beyond regardless. I have it all. I make memories that will stay with me for the rest of my life, not life altering experiences, but memories that fill me to the brim with happiness. Like watching my daughter learn a new smile, like watching my husband get a little too enthused watching the Olympics and by spending two minutes still and quite in the glorious winter sun. I am intrinsically and extrinsically happy, content and in the moment. I will not be wasting my time, trust me.

It might not sound like the world, but its mine and I wouldn’t trade it, not for anything. I’ll get to see the world eventually, bit by bit, and I’ll drag my little family along with me when it does happen. My friends make me see the best in the world, be it by traveling, and sharing their new world with me or by laughing with me at yet another inappropriate comment. My friends where ever they are, are the best and they bring out the best in me.
Much love peeps xxx