I call it mancrafting because I’m in the shed, working with tools, and paint, making noise and mess. Mancrafting seems appropriate.

My new projects are happening because I am desperate to buy fancy new stuff, but as we aim to buy a house in the next 6 months I am reluctant to make purchases based on the rental we are in at the moment. Also, I get really bored looking at the same stuff all the time, trying to rectify that with minimal cost.

Pinterest has made it all too easy, showing me examples, showing me how to do things, and over all making me feel (through looking at way too much crap) that I could totally pull it off with out me screwing it all up.

My first project is the dining room (also known as the tiniest little box of a room in the house). Its not the best space, and normally is used for storing things that we aren’t using. Our poor excuse of a dining table got exiled to the shed because it was just a magnet for collecting crap.

So I’ve attacked the dining table and chairs. It use to look like this.

JOKKMOKK Table and 4 chairs IKEA Solid pine; a natural material that ages beautifully.

Our tiny little ikea table was fabulous when it was just the two of us in our old little unit. Its been beat up a bit over the last few years, had some chunks and scratches out here and there, and because it was already in the shed it seemed like the perfect project (if I screwed it up it could stay in the shed).

I decided on a turquoise paint from Dulux for the chairs – magnetic magic. Totally out of my comfort zone, but worth a go. We chopped the backs off the chairs and gave them a basic sand down and undercoat. Then did two coats of the turquoise.

The table, it was sanded then undercoated, then we put a light coat of enamel white paint on top. I was going for the distressed look (but really the table was in distress before I even started). So once that coat was dry I attacked it with the power sander. I also did a light coat of gloss varnish on top just to protect it from grubby baby goobs.


This is the end result. Add a cool new metal bench, a couple of cheap pots and pot mits from Ikea and whammo, a fabulous new dining area for our little family if three.

I know it isn’t the most exciting dining set you’ve ever seen, but I’m proud of what I’ve done. My dining room is fun and light now, and we may actually sit down and eat dinner together now.

Next project: Lounge room re vamp… stay tuned.

Much love peeps