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I am currently on hold with centrelink with an estimated wait time more than 30 mins according to the robot lady that runs the place. So I think to myself what can I get done in that time?

I have already watched an episode of franklin (yes the baby is napping, so I forgot to change the channels, there is nothing wrong with kids shows, yeah ok maybe you have a point). Now I’m going to attempt to do something productive. Well sort of, blogging isn’t really classified as something productive in this house.

Speaking of unproductive, I was thinking (on the loo, as you do) about all the excuses people use to get out of things. I even tried to use an excuse for not actually making the call to centrelink (ps. I love me some Mozart as I blog. Could they not link to a radio station?), my excuse was I was napping. Except then I realized that 10.30 am is a bit early to nap, so I got up off my butt and made the call.

Back to the excuses. Day off work? Get out of meeting someone? Avoid time with parents? Reasons to say no to the ugly guy? Ways to sound less lame if the thing your trying to get out of is way cool, like sky diving or holidaying in thailand or eating donuts. We’ve all used them, no one can say they haven’t made up a white lie at lease once in their life. (Hold music is still playing on my phone through the speaker).

Get out of work with out question excuses:

  • gastro – classic, spewing or pooing no one wants to know
  • migraine – everyone knows they screw up your whole body and the day before line of ‘oh I think I feel a migraine coming on- boom, day off.
  • hurt my foot, ankle, leg, arm whilst playing (insert sport here) – bit harder depending on where you work, but throw in a ‘I’ve got an appointment with the physio today because last time I hurt it I was off work for weeks’ and your boss will be so grateful that it wasn’t serious he will forget that you had to take a day off.

More ways to get out of things instead of saying ‘I don’t want to’ or ‘I can’t afford it’ or other less cool things:

  • sorry (hang on I think the baby just woke up…      … false alarm) I have a rent inspection that day
  • the car is getting serviced, I’ve got no transport
  • the plane has been delayed
  • the baby is sick
  • I’m waiting on a (insert tradesman here) to come but you know what they are like, always running late.

Reasons for running late:

  • traffic was attrocious
  • its the babies fault
  • its aidans fault (not my excuse clearly)
  • had to get fuel (not watch the last 10 mins of days of our lives- DONT JUDGE)
  • we stopped to help someone that had broken down
  • I was on hold to freaking centrelink for a gazillion hours (31.49 mins now….)
  • didn’t get much sleep last night because the baby is teething
  • I forgot (insert something vital to running of your day)
  • I got the call up for big brother, but I had to turn it down because the last season was sooooooooo crap
  • my good friend Oprah called with an emergency, I couldn’t let her choose her favorite things in that state
  • I was grooming my pet poodle for the dog show tomorrow night. hes in the running for first place you know
  • I had to watch the extremely long bat man movie, just so I could find out how long I can hold off going to the loo for
  • I got stuck singing ‘the song that never ends’ to the baby
  • I had to tweet Kim Kardashian about the fact that she got pregnant before Klhoe. I mean, HOW RUDE!
  • I was instagramming the 17 meals I made with Jamie Oliver and just lost track of time

So we are at 38 mins now…… The baby is due to wake up any minute, and of course I have tried to get this done while she was asleep so she doesn’t get all cranky because I’m on the phone and she’s not allowed to touch it. She has just reached the age of ‘I’m not eating that, I want what you have in your hand, dont even try and make me eat it, I’ll scream the house down, no the water wont distract me….’.

Crap she just woke up


After 39.48 mins. It took me precisely 2.24 mins to ask my question and then I was done.

Crap, better get the baby.

Much love peeps xxx

Each month I’m going to post some of the things I’m doing, viewing, seeing, being etc. Let me know if your doing any of it too.


After reading the most beautiful book ever last month (Bloom by Kelle Hampton, she writes an amazing blog too check her out here), I needed something that wasn’t a thinking book. So yes, I’ve started 50 Shades of Grey. Mummy porn, well… its… yeah. Dont think I’m gonna comment on this one.


New (to me) MTV show Awkward. It has Teenagers, a love triangle and classic high school drama, I’m so addicted. I managed to watch the whole first season in record time, and  I am up to the current episodes airing in the US. I am so incredibly addicted to it,o the point where I was utterly depressed when I realized there was no more to watch (but new episodes are released weekly so I can live with that).

Suckered back into to watching Neighbors. The Jade-Kyle-Kate storyline has got me a little hooked, but only because Kyle is hot. Tragic -heeeelllllllll yes!


Still with the crazy felt craft. Possibly something to do with the 35 odd pieces of felt I brought. I’m pretty sure I black out when I go into spotlight, resulting in a larger than normal purchase of random pretty things.


Preparing myself for travel with a 7 month old. Only 2 months away and soooooooo freaking exciting/nerve racking/terrifying/boundary challenging. I’m making lists, checking weather, preparing wardrobes, reading up on airline guidelines and over thinking just about every aspect. But that’s just what I do, I would do the same thing if I was going away by myself too :).


Music and I have had a somewhat rocky relationship over the past few months. My dad was my link to music and when he past away I couldn’t listen to anything. Recently I have been able to listen to the radio again. Its still hard, mostly because when ever there was a new song or artist I liked I would tell dad straight away. Anyhoo… a few song on repeat in my head are:

Feel the Love – Rudimental (Ft John Newman)

Earthquake – Labrinth (Ft Tinie Tempah)

Primadonna – Marina and the Diamonds


Healthy. Well trying to anyway. We start week 7 of our 12 week body transformation challenge tomorrow. Officially half way. I am mentally planning what glorious foods I will crazy binge on at the end of these three months. They mostly consist of cake and chocolate (the exact reason I started the 12wbt in the first place). Here hoping it doesn’t get to that.

Happy. Being, feeling, acting, absorbing and oozing it. Its my mental head set this month. I sometimes feel like I’m getting sucked back into that black hole of ‘I miss my dad’. If I take a deep breath and a step back, I can see so much fabulous stuff around me. A beautiful friend of mine is getting married up in Broome tomorrow (sending so much love that way), one of my best friends and a role model for mums everywhere is up the spud with number 2 (my gosh I am so crazy excited about that) and my brother and his gorgeous fiance are coming to visit next weekend. All the more reason to smile.

I will be requiring ideas on all the above topics to keep me entertained. Please feel free to recommend.

Much love peeps xx

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