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Let me just start this post with a disclaimer:

I hold fly in fly out (FIFO) workers and partners in high regard. I know many incredibly beautiful families that make it work, and work to make it work, and have worked through the hard slog to make it work. They are the strongest, most resilient men and women I have come across. No, its not all rainbows and lollipops. But its a way of life chosen to build a future.

Its a way of life that hurts due to the distance, but strengthens due to the connection. I am in awe of those left at home, single parenting in their partners absence. I am in awe of those who leave their families in order to build a better future. I am in awe of anyone who steps up and does what needs to be done to create a future that benefits those who they love.


This is our story. It wont be sugar coated, it wont be romanticised, it wont be over exaggerated, it will be what it is.

Papa Hoot (PA) left yesterday. We spent over three weeks waiting for the finalising of flight details. It was hell. A head games/limbo kind of feeling. We didn’t make plans because we were afraid of getting our hopes up. We didn’t see many people because we were soaking up family time. It was lovely, but felt a little tainted.

PA would get incredibly frustrated. He would accept that we was going, say goodbye to the girls and then shut himself off. It was obvious that leaving them was going to break his heart. He went through this cycle about three times before he actually left. I was pushing any emotion that might pop up, right to the very back of my mind. This wasn’t about me.

If it would break his heart, why did he want to go? Because of the type of work he wanted to do. It was an opportunity to use all the extra courses he had done, work in an environment he was trained for and because he wants to give the girls everything. Because he’s bloody amazing.

Back to yesterday.

When the last three weeks had dragged, it was a shock that yesterday flew by. When we got to the airport PA got a bit shaky as he was tagging his bags. I could hear it in his voice, I could see it in his eyes, and his body language was shouting ‘this is hard’. So I took a deep breath, smiled, and put the tags on for him.

When it was time for him to get on the plane, I had to hold back my tears and breathe a little deeper. PA had glassy eyes before he had even said a word. As he said goodbye to Tornado she lost it. Known for being a ‘mummies girl’ she said to him ‘I no want you to go, I just want you daddy’ and burst into tears as she tried to throw herself at him.

Yeah it sucked. But deep down, he needed to know that she would miss him, and that him leaving was a big deal to her. He choked back tears, said goodbye to Lott-monster and I and then lined up for his flight.

Tornado calmed down shortly after and was fine, mostly because she could see the plane take off. Lott-monster was oblivious to everything and just keep eating. Kids are fickle. I’m never really prepared for their reactions.

We went to a friends house straight after for dinner and thankfully that kept us busy enough not to feel sorry for ourselves for too long. It was only after we were home and the girls were in bed that it really sunk in and I let myself sook.

I don’t want anyone’s pity or sympathy. This is a choice. Yes it will be hard, but most changes are. Yes there will be struggles, but who doesn’t have struggles? It’s going to be hard on PA who is the most loving, hands on dad you could ever imagine. And it’s going to be hard for me to do all the parenting while trying not lose my mind. BUT, its only going to be hard if we let it be hard. I’m a glass half full kind of girl. You are only ever given what you can handle. So we got this!

To the FIFO families I know, and to those I do not know- you rock and I will follow your lead.

Much love peeps


  • biscuit crumbs on my bedroom floor from a tiny little crinkly nosed child
  • weeds growing wild,  filled with dandelions for little girls to make wishes with
  • endless cups of cold tea, in every room
  • soft wind blowing on the mulberry tree, threatening to loosen the fruit
  • bags packed with boots, for a when a daddy has to leave for work
  • too many dishes being avoided
  • a sooky dog wanting girls to come snuggle her
  • baby dolls galore spread through out the house
  • half naked kidlets running amok in the warm winter sunshine
  • piles of clothes, thanks to an indecisive three year old that requires a minimum of five costume changes a day
  • notes, paper work, calendars and to-do lists littering my desk
  • a content fat cat,  with a belly aimed towards the sun

Much love peeps xx

The weather is pretty miserable round here. Its grey and cold. The wind is starting to hit me on that little bit of skin that should have been covered up and my whole being feels the chill. Regardless, I really do love this weather, I’m pulling out scarves and bed socks. The heater is looking like more of a comfort than a black whole of debt. And when it rains, man do I love when it rains. I park up in front of the window, snuggled in a rug with a cup of tea and just watch as the sky cries.

But when it rains at night, it gets me. I wake to hear the rain on the roof. Some how the rain hits the hardest when you wake to hear it. I feel the grey and the cold and the chill hit me. But its in those moments when the rain hits the hardest, I am swamped with guilt. Always when the alarm clock says ‘are you effing kidding me o’clock’ I wake with a lump in my throat, moments from tears, stiffling sobs so not to wake the house. When the rain hits the hardest, I miss my dad. The guilt hits me like a bullet. Guilt because there has been too long between tears, too long between grieving, too long between the sadness. I know thats not true. Everyday I feel a part of me missing, everyday I feel like there is something he’s missing. But the guilt, it hits you like a wave. Never prepared, it sits on you chest and slowly absorbs into the whole body. There is hot lava burning through my veins, it hurts, the guilt hurts hard. I cry harder when the guilt hits, 2.36 am I curl, face into the pillow and force the howling into the foam. Rushing through the tears, pushing through the the pain, forcing myself to breathe again. And then, thankfully the rain begins to soften. The tears dry, the room gets quieter, and the guilt floats back into the shadows to wait for anothter day. I look at the clock and see 2.39 am. Drive by guilts in the middle of the night, painful and consuming, only when the rain hits the hardest.

Much love peeps xxx

I’ve never liked change. I was always the one who had to map out every option like a bloody choose your own adventure book (only knowing all your endings).

Now, I’m ready for change. Desperate to pack a bag on short notice and run away for a week. Willing to gut the whole house and start collecting furniture again. Ready to find a job in a new state. Change to me sounds delicious. Like the very last easter egg hiding on the top shelf. You know your just hanging out to scoff it.

So instead, I change my mindset. Focus on the head and the heart. Reinvent my approach to life in preparation for the eventual change.

So, cosmic powers that be, when your ready hit me up. I’ll be the one pretending she knows whats going on 😉

Much love peeps xxx

I think I may have cashed in all my future mothers day karma. Because my mothers day was good, really good.

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Sunday was lovely. I slept in, got some fancy bling, breakfast in bed, finished multiple cups on tea, showered alone, went to the loo alone, put make up on, tornado napped for 3 hours, went to the park and had chicken burgers for tea. The activities were the same day to day stuff, but the little things, that was the special bit. Family time with my two loves and some at home chilling was all I needed. It was fabulous.

I hope your mothers day was fabulous too, sending you the mamma day love

Much love peeps xxx

We have been super busy over here lately. This crazy mamma has been working her butt off relief teaching, crafting, preping for a hens night and trying to entertain a busy little tornado.

Working has been a fabulous breath of fresh air. A complete change of pace. Although some days high school kids dont apprieciate their relief teacher, I still appreiciate having a child in my presence who understands what I say, can hear what I’m saying (or choose to ignore me) and gives you the chance to reason/explain. All things tornado is still working towards achieveing. I love the age that the tornado is. She is fun, engaging, busy, learning and happy. But I’m a talker, and having someone who ‘has’ to listen to me (teaching, forcing children to listen to adults since the early ages) is pretty bloody fabulous.

On top of that, I have been co planning a hens do. I swear I was made to throw parties for the people I love. I get all worked up about making things perfect that what essentially wasn’t going to be ‘over the top’, ends up a little bigger than first assumed.

I must say we threw a fab shin dig. It was an absolute blast, the whole day. I’m hoping the bride to be (only 6 sleeps…) liked it, and that it was somewhere in the realm of what she wanted. We love ya guts Holden xxx

Our theme “Cheers Bitches”

Here is some pics of the ‘creation’ of this hens.


Indi helping Daddy build the bar.


The almost completed pallet bar


Man craft champ


Built this little bar seat with a hammer and nails all by myself (going for the ‘rustic’ look)


Painting bar stools and bench seats on date night


Up do for an old outdoor setting


Fab signs for the event


Formula tin hanging planters


Pallet hanging planter box


Man I love this sign


Heart sticks for the garden and lanyards for the guests


In loo of cupcakes- we made a donut tower




The hen being allowed to see the set up


Sign in table


Collecting her lanyard


And it begins..

We had a whole day dedicated to our bff. Pick up at 7. Pole dancing class at 8, breakfast at 9, Spa by 10.15, Lunch at 2 then back to ours by three. The ‘shower’ was a tameish event. A small step up from a bridal shower. As you entered the party you had to use the computer to find your ‘porn star name’, which you then wrote on your lanyard for all to see. You collected your favour. A party cup with a ‘tea bag’ (condom attached to a play ring). We had cranberry and vodka in the drinks jugs along with champas and wine also. Donuts and lollies, sausage rolls, spinach and ricotta puffs, biscuits, wraps, fruit and much much more for filling bellies.

We only played a few games. There were drinking rules on the lanyard, a rude word guess and some questions we got the groom to answer. But we did hand out dare cards to everyone. 24 dares and the hen only had three no’s to use through out the night. Highly recommend that one.

After a couple of hours the party hit R rating time. We piled on a bus and hit up a club full of ‘himbos’ (half naked men). Eyes popped and drinks were drunk…. lets just leave it at that.

We had a fabulous time. We had lots of laughs and made the most of spoiling our bride to be. Heres hoping that it was the ‘second best day of her life’ (only leaving room for next friday).

Much love peeps xxx

Its been awfully quiet around this blog lately.

Life has been FLAT OUT. Life with tornado babe is always flat out, but everything recently seems to zooming past. A constant state of doing, seeing, being, moving.

But this weekend it stopped. It stopped dead still, for the first time in what feels like forever. I’m all in love with easter, because of the slow, lazy, perfect time we have spent as a family.



Scuse me, I have a question


Little girl acting all big


Back to looking little again, pheww


Family xx





Best. Giggle. Ever.




Hose phone


Stupid craft fairy




Man crafting with daddy


Daddy craft


What happens when you water the plants in this house


Egg hunting



Big kitties


Sweet ride

Easter long weekend was the first weekend since the beginning of the year that we didn’t have any plans. NOT A SINGLE ONE. No weddings or parties or trips or appointments. We were selfish and for the first time in nearly ten years we didn’t go to our home town of Albany (and in classic Albany tradition, it seems we missed the most perfect weather). We stayed home. Five whole days of just our little family of three. It was like breathing the freshest air, it was heaven.

We made sure all the chores were done before the weekend hit so that we could make the most of our time together, and we did just that. We went to the park and read the paper, we built an outdoor bar and made pizza dough, we started easter traditions and watched a little girl screw her nose up at chocolate, we lazed around and watched movie after movie, we chased a tornado around the zoo and held hands. Slow, refreshing and perfect. Best.Weekend. Ever.

The craft fairy also visited. Damn craft fairy, she needs to leave me alone. I get all distracted and start dreaming in craftvision, then bam – spare room looks like a couple of nana’s have battled it out for the good knitting needles, taking out everything in their path. This weekend I got all inspired to craft for a new babe who is just freshly born. The aim was just to make little P a gorgeous mobile. Then the stupid craft fairy got all up in my business. Needless to say, I’m avoiding my spare room right now.

Treating yourself to a weekend that gives you time to sit, drink a cup of tea, read something (reading is fabulous medicine for the soul) and allow creativity is possibly the best thing you could ever do. I highly reccomend it.

Here’s wishing you the chance to put your feet up and take in the moment.

Much love peeps xxx


Little babes wardrobe is vast. She is loved by many, and many spoil her. Yes I do like to buy an outfit here and there, but it’s getting less and less often. The amount of clothes she has grown out of that are in perfect, near new condition would make you gasp.

My little fashionista. The poor little thing doesn’t stand a chance with me around. Dressing her is one of my favourite parts of the day.

















She is a doll. I love her to bits.
Much love peeps xxx

Teeth. Again. I can’t say it’s much fun. Being that little bit older, teething is turning out to be more than just a pain in the bum. It’s a deal breaker.

When she was little, tiny babe had simple, easy to spot symptoms. Now, teething symptoms affect me as much as they do her. Oh, and it’s not called teething any more, it’s called turding. Because teething is really giving me the sh*ts.

This is Indi’s guide to teething (turding)
– on mummy’s lap, off mummy’s lap then repeat at least five times. While doing so grizzle and arch back so no one can help you.
– slap away any form of pain relief. Rusks, teething toys, bonjela, nureofen, spoons and frozen flannels are clearly the devil.
– flat out refusal of sleep with our a dummy. Even when u have slept through the night with out one since three months.
– in order to feel better, ensure that every single room in the house looks like a bomb has gone off. Should mummy clean anything up while your watching, scream bloody murder.
– extreme frustration when things don’t go your way. Can’t get the toy out if your toy bucket? Scream, grizzle and cry while stomping your feet.
– only get a mild fever so that mummy has to question wether you need pain relief or not. Then after being asleep for six hours, let the pain kick in, wake up and stay awake for at least 3 hours.
– snuggle mummy so she thinks you are asleep and she admires how cute you are, only to crack it as soon as your head touches the mattress.
– sleep fabulously during the day to lull mummy and daddy in to a false sense that tonight might just be better than last night. Hehehe that’s what they think.
– if anyone leaves the room run after them while flailing your arms and crying. When you just about get to the person, stop short maybe a metre, squat to the ground and intensify the cry.
– look incredibly adorable, smile, batter your eyelids and act super sweet the majority of the time. So when teething does kick in everyone takes notice.

Despite all of the above, there are little moments I wish I could bottle up, or put in a snow globe. When Indi squeezes my neck so tight because she doesn’t want me to let her go. She holds on, with all if her might with her little arms and legs. My heart explodes. How could anyone want to miss out on that. Those are the moments I want to bottle, so when she’s fifteen yelling ‘Go away, I hate you, you have ruined my life’ I can go back to that happy place where she didn’t want to let me go.

Poor little babe

Wishing you all a fabulous nights sleep. Much love peeps xxx

So its done. Little bum has turned one. It was crazy, fun, exhausting, busy, sad and fabulous. We shared the day with some fabulous people and my little tornado wore herself out. All in all, best first birthday party we’ve ever thrown 🙂

When we were planning her party we originally decided to go with an easy, chilled out party. Not too much drama, just some food and friends and family.

That wasn’t quite what happened. But in my defense there were a few outside factor to consider:

  • family coming from Albany
  • making the party ‘baby friendly’
  • Perth’s stupid hot hot hot feburary’s
  • my house will not cater for more than ten people
  • my house will not cool more than ten people
  • Her birthday fell on a sunday, what a great day for a party? (note to first time mums planning party, dont do it on the actual day, talk about strung out sooky mamma).

Anyhoo, it happened. On her actual birthday, in the middle of a heat wave (melt your baby parties are all the rage), with as much crazy as you could poke a stick at (the crazy is me, please dont poke me anymore).

We had the party at Point Walter, along by the river. This was by far the best and worst idea we had. Best because the breeze coming off the river kept everyone cool on the 39 degree day. Worst, because all my fabulous decorations had not been wind proofed. Once everything was set up it looked great (even if I didn’t allow time for ALL the set up). As per tradition we didn’t really get to stop and talk to anyone for very long, we just made sure everyone ate and drunk and was happy. This also included taking miss tornado for a swim twice.

I apologise for the flood of photos… nope, no I don’t. You know that’s what your really here to see. Just a quick heads up, our ‘theme’ was more like a styling tool. We didn’t follow it to the tee, but it helped us choose colours and foods and decorations.

Here is the picture evidence of my crafting crusade over the last few months. Enjoy

Indi Bum’s ‘Strawberries and Cream’ First Birthday



Decisions, decisions. IMG_4555

Choosing crafting fabric. Super sweet.


Crafting. Lucky she hasn’t got a long term memory yet, otherwise it would ruin the surprise.IMG_5126

Our Printstagrams. Prints from instagram of tornado for each month.IMG_5160 IMG_5178

Crafting a little felt crown was a teary project. IMG_5221 2

These babies are just spray painted formula tins with cute strawberry fabric glued on.IMG_5256

Pinwheels were a little time consuming (thanks aunty jade and aunty mel) but so worth it. The design was from here.IMG_5263

Aidan helped me craft this cute piece. Our simple knot rag garland.IMG_5265

Paper pom poms. What a task. Got the how to from here.IMG_5271

We attempted and learnt how to make macarons. If you haven’t tried Zumbo’s go out and try now.IMG_5278


The finished birthday present. Made by mamma and daddy. We got the pattern from here.

The party:


Our little set up.DSC_0007

Perfect working pinwheels spinning in the windDSC_0009

Pom poms and garland.DSC_0010

The chalk board and photo board (poster by printstagram)DSC_0012

The thank you’s. Bubbles and strawberries and creams.DSC_0014

Baby friendly area. Pillows, tunnel, toys and tent. Also the decorated mosquito net Aidan’s mum did. If only the wind was kinder, we could have seen it in all its glory.DSC_0019

Pom poms and Bunting (By Aidan’s mum also).DSC_0024 DSC_0041

Birthday girl. Little Miss could not get enough ice. Sat there for ages just chewing on it. Like I said it was a 39 degree day.DSC_0046

Party people.DSC_0051 DSC_0056 DSC_0057 DSC_0059

Tornado loved the pinwheels, they taste so good with ice apparently. My mum made her outfit. Hat and all.DSC_0097 DSC_0099

Costume change. I was all set to do a smash cake, I had even allowed myself to ease off the ‘no sugar’ rule and made a sponge. But this kid said no. She said, eewwwwwwww yuk. I’m not touching that. The outfit made up for the lack of smash tho.DSC_0102 DSC_0108

Family photos.DSC_0136

Costume change again. Due to crazy heat, this one ended up in the river. Twice. My water babe was in heaven.IMG_5318

The sweets table. I may have gone a little over board. Cup cakes, smash cake, strawberries stuffed with cheesecake, scones with jam and cream, passionfruit macarons, strawberries and chocolate dip, crown and I shaped cookies, fairy bread, plus lots more on the other table that you cant see. IMG_5321

Pink lemonade. Lemonade, Craberry juice and LOTS of ice. Cools you down on a hot day. Also here, people could write a letter for Indi to read on her 18th birthday.IMG_5323

Party in swing.IMG_5330

Swim time. Up close and personal with a couple of black swans.

After the party we all crawled into the air con and had a rest/nap. It was pure bliss. Tornado wore herself out. She went out like a log. Passed out in her bed, ruffle butt to the sky.


  So maybe I went overboard. But I’d do it all over again. This was as much a party for us as it was for her. And we certainly had fun making it come to life. Next year poor babe has to share her 2nd birthday with the two of us. We plan on having a joint 30th around her birthday (Aidan is jan 10th, Indi is feb 10 and I am march 10). We are thinking of making it a 62nd Birthday party what do you think? Watch out though, my party planning can only get bigger and better…

Much love peeps xxx

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