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one step closer to a new me


Since the beginning of this year I’ve pushed myself to focus on a healthier me. A change in attitude being the most important factor. Back to planning for heathy, family friendly meals. Making time for me to exercise and paying attention to what my body is telling me.

Last year I did one round of Michelle Bridges 12wbt. Shortly after I completed that round I went into hospital. It completely threw all my hard work up in the air. I wasn’t able to exercise for more than 6 weeks and motivation for planning and cooking healthy meals fell by the way side.

This year its different. Junk food has not passed my lips, I even resisted the urge to binge on party food at indis first birthday party. Exercise is more of a priority, spending time outside as well. On the whole I am happier and healthier than I’ve been in a really long time.

However, I had felt like I’ve hit a personal/mental plateau. I had maintained my weightloss from last year (which is great) but I couldnt get myself  just that little bit further. My energy was low (assumed reason: tornado babe), and I was finding I needed a nap to get through the day.

So, I started herbalife – a weight management program.

Its now been two months. Two whole months on this new ‘me project’, so how am I feeling?

I am sleeping more deeply and feel more relaxed when I wake up. Not really a big thing you say? I beg to differ. As the mother of a one year old sleep is a privilage. I’m still catching up on sleep lost from when she was born. Normally if tornado babe wakes (waking me in the process)during the night, come morning wake up time I struggle to get up. I feel the effects of a disrupted sleep through out the day. Now? I sleep. I wake feeling much more refreshed with more energy to tackle the day (dont be fooled, I am not a morning person. Please dont come to my house expecting to be greated with bounce).

I’m listening to my body. I feel very ashamed that it has taken this long for me to be able to hear what my body has to say (some may say I didn’t hear it because I was too busy talking to notice). No more eating to cure boredom, I can comfortably eat just a few pieces of chocolate (if and when I feel like it, which surprisingly is hardly ever) and I know when I’ve eaten enough to sustain me.

I notice the podge slowly shrinking. Its an weird feeling. But the podgy bits seems to dissapearing. My waist seems to come back from its holiday turned working holiday, turned fixed address in europe (would have been nice if I was invited). My waist made a long term escape back when I was in Uni and ‘drinking’ events became a calendar filler. It’s made its way back for visits here and there (weddings, briget jones knicker events, food poisenings, gastro), but always made it clear that staying around wasn’t on the cards. This time I see it, and even better, my clothes have noticed it too.

My digestion is fab-u-lous. The first week feels like a cleanse. Inside feels like new again, and due to that its so much easier to focus on healthier options.

My results?

I’ve lost over 50 cms. According to the Herbalife 3 cms is equal to 1 kg of body fat. Taking that in to consideration Woah. Just woah. And in terms of weight loss, I am pretty bloody pleased. I can very proudly say that not only did I reach my goal weight, I am now more than 10kgs lighter than my pre baby weight (some of which I lost prior to HL). Let me just clarify… thats 10kgs lighter than I was BEFORE I got pregnant. I’ve even had to set a new goal weight, which is so close I can taste it. None of my clothes fit any more, I’ve had to get all sorts of new stuff. Including boots. I’ve always had giant dance induced calf muscles that would make a footballer jealous. Now, they are LEAN. I can actually buy normal boots for the first time ever. But the best bit (for me specifically) is that boobus ginormaus has deflated. The ladies have gotten smaller. Its. a. freaking. miracle.

I’m really glad that I started herbalife. It really is a chance to focus on me.  If you want more details on Herbalife I can hook you up with my HL coach, or alternatively checkout the Herbalife website.

Much love peeps xxx


Should you ever require a butt operation, I highly recommend my hospital. With the luxury of private health cover (due to the stupid taxation department and the insistence of parents), I have spent quite a bit of time here at St John of God Subi. I had Indi here almost 8 months ago, a five day stay post emergency c-section, with not an ounce of pain, gorgeous nurses, yummy food and a queen size, yes queen size bed. 7 weeks later I had an over night stay due to a breast abscess (my child was a messy eater from the get go), once again it was pretty dang comfy, they even brought in a cot for Indi, who stayed with me because I was still breast feeding*. This time its a three day stay, the loveliest nurses, DELICIOUS food and a room all my my lonesome. The place is pretty sweet.

I must admit that I have been slightly disappointed with the play by play of my latest stay. My expectations were a tad grand. In my head an operation on my cheeks (technically its just one) involved a bucket load of pain and me being limited in my range of movement due to my butt being in the air (think- scrubs style comedy sketch with patient in randomly placed casts, strung from a series of pully systems- my brain is a comedy show gold mind). It was all a bit lack luster in reality.

I woke from my drugged up nap, only to have a little spew (always classy) and discover that I was laying on my back. The only thing hooked up to me was an IV, which was removed after the first night. As a bonus, I had full range of movement and could do as I pleased with in the room **. They kept offering me pain relief, of which I found I didn’t need. Not really the horrible, painful, humiliating hospital stay I had planned.

Oh and I’ve learnt a few things being here too. They have a butt ward. Yes a butt ward. I’m on the butt ward. When I discovered this today I was pretty chuffed. I’m hanging with my homies over here. I didn’t have to stress that the nurses were all gossiping about me behind my back “no you go and change the dressing on the crazy ladies butt, I want to hold the newborn”. Yes, I worry about people trash talking my bottom. I’m only human. And to my great delight I am some what a novelty on my ward. By far the youngest, with a not so hard core bottom issue. One day I will get that put on a badge.

This evening I asked my lovely nurse ‘Kerri’ how it is one comes to be on a butt ward. I know if it was me I couldn’t imagine being in a room and jumping up and down saying ‘pick me, pick me’ when asked who wants to deal with the poo end of a human. Kerri explained that the nurses on the bottom and vagina ward (yeah I said it, I’m a health teacher, I can totally say vagina) –insert gasp VAGINA AS WELL– are some of the most skilled nurses due to the level of the complications, pain, specifics, delicateness and embarrassment of their clients. Translated, that means I have some of the best nurses tending to my hiney.

The stay isn’t horrible, most of the time I’m left to chill by myself because I am the least demanding patient. I like that. I actually napped today. I read a book today. I may have eaten a small block of chocolate today. If I could get a pedicure, it could almost be classified at a holiday.

So this is a shout out St John of God Subiaco. As much as I have ‘loved’ hanging out, it would be real nice if we didn’t see each other until I pump out some more tiny humans.

Much love peeps xxx

Side notes:* Yes I am a freaking mamma machine. Child first. My only motto. **Tempting as it is, I resisted the urge to do yoga with an open arse wound.
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