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one step closer to a new me


Since the beginning of this year I’ve pushed myself to focus on a healthier me. A change in attitude being the most important factor. Back to planning for heathy, family friendly meals. Making time for me to exercise and paying attention to what my body is telling me.

Last year I did one round of Michelle Bridges 12wbt. Shortly after I completed that round I went into hospital. It completely threw all my hard work up in the air. I wasn’t able to exercise for more than 6 weeks and motivation for planning and cooking healthy meals fell by the way side.

This year its different. Junk food has not passed my lips, I even resisted the urge to binge on party food at indis first birthday party. Exercise is more of a priority, spending time outside as well. On the whole I am happier and healthier than I’ve been in a really long time.

However, I had felt like I’ve hit a personal/mental plateau. I had maintained my weightloss from last year (which is great) but I couldnt get myself  just that little bit further. My energy was low (assumed reason: tornado babe), and I was finding I needed a nap to get through the day.

So, I started herbalife – a weight management program.

Its now been two months. Two whole months on this new ‘me project’, so how am I feeling?

I am sleeping more deeply and feel more relaxed when I wake up. Not really a big thing you say? I beg to differ. As the mother of a one year old sleep is a privilage. I’m still catching up on sleep lost from when she was born. Normally if tornado babe wakes (waking me in the process)during the night, come morning wake up time I struggle to get up. I feel the effects of a disrupted sleep through out the day. Now? I sleep. I wake feeling much more refreshed with more energy to tackle the day (dont be fooled, I am not a morning person. Please dont come to my house expecting to be greated with bounce).

I’m listening to my body. I feel very ashamed that it has taken this long for me to be able to hear what my body has to say (some may say I didn’t hear it because I was too busy talking to notice). No more eating to cure boredom, I can comfortably eat just a few pieces of chocolate (if and when I feel like it, which surprisingly is hardly ever) and I know when I’ve eaten enough to sustain me.

I notice the podge slowly shrinking. Its an weird feeling. But the podgy bits seems to dissapearing. My waist seems to come back from its holiday turned working holiday, turned fixed address in europe (would have been nice if I was invited). My waist made a long term escape back when I was in Uni and ‘drinking’ events became a calendar filler. It’s made its way back for visits here and there (weddings, briget jones knicker events, food poisenings, gastro), but always made it clear that staying around wasn’t on the cards. This time I see it, and even better, my clothes have noticed it too.

My digestion is fab-u-lous. The first week feels like a cleanse. Inside feels like new again, and due to that its so much easier to focus on healthier options.

My results?

I’ve lost over 50 cms. According to the Herbalife 3 cms is equal to 1 kg of body fat. Taking that in to consideration Woah. Just woah. And in terms of weight loss, I am pretty bloody pleased. I can very proudly say that not only did I reach my goal weight, I am now more than 10kgs lighter than my pre baby weight (some of which I lost prior to HL). Let me just clarify… thats 10kgs lighter than I was BEFORE I got pregnant. I’ve even had to set a new goal weight, which is so close I can taste it. None of my clothes fit any more, I’ve had to get all sorts of new stuff. Including boots. I’ve always had giant dance induced calf muscles that would make a footballer jealous. Now, they are LEAN. I can actually buy normal boots for the first time ever. But the best bit (for me specifically) is that boobus ginormaus has deflated. The ladies have gotten smaller. Its. a. freaking. miracle.

I’m really glad that I started herbalife. It really is a chance to focus on me.  If you want more details on Herbalife I can hook you up with my HL coach, or alternatively checkout the Herbalife website.

Much love peeps xxx


I’ve never really been any good at keeping resolutions. For as long as I can remember ‘lose weight’ has always been my go to. And for as long as I can remember I have never really kept myself focused enough to follow through with that one. All my resolutions fall by the wayside.

But this year I feel different, different in a ‘I created and gave birth to a real little person! I invincible! 2013 come at me bro, I’m ready for you’. Realistically I’m not invincible, and have a low tolerance to anything that takes time, but hey, it’s a new year anything is possible.

So I’ve titled 2013 – the year of making it stick (if you have not seen the movie ‘Stick It’, making it stick refers to when a gymnast attempts a move/routine and gets it right, she makes it stick).

This year I will make it stick. Aim and achieve. Say it and make it happen. Less talking about doing it, more doing it. Talk big, only to win big. Set goals, touch goals.

This year procrastination will be starved. Projects will be finished, challenges will be set. It’s game on in our house.

With in the theme of making it stick, these are my ‘realistic’ resolutions for 2013.
– one random act of kindness per month. Pay for someone’s coffee, baked goods for a neighbour I don’t know, send baby clothes to new parents, volunteer or fundraise for charity. This one is for my heart.
– lose a minimum of 7kgs. The number is out there now. Aidan’s desperate for more babies, but I’m refusing till I shed the weight. I have already started on this one. New years morning i got up for a 6 am run. Hopefully I can keep this up. This ones for my body.
– photography course. I’ve been talking big on this one for three years. I love taking photos for fun. I just want to know all the things my camera does. It’s about time to use it properly. This ones for my mind.
– a new adventure each month. Family travel in our own back yard. It will disgust you to know that I have not seen any other state in Australia besides WA, but have been to Bali 5 times. I am a revolting statistic, I have to change. So we are aiming to visit some favourites spread across our great country this year. Broome, Adelaide, Cairns and Sydney we are coming for you (should our bank account allow us). This ones for my soul.
– finally, we will buy a house. If Aidan wants me to get all walrus again I need some where that I can nest up and make pretty. It’s the deal maker. This one is for my family.

*side note: I’m not even a quarter as eager for more babes at the moment due to a fairly active tornado that I spend a fair chunk of time with day to day. Should that tornado turn into a sea breeze, perhaps I might be more inclined. Yes to more babies, no to more tornados.

So that’s it. That’s my year. I’m ready, lets do this. What’s your resolutions? Do they make mine look like a walk in the park? Or do you have any suggestions on how I can achieve mine? Help is always appreciated.

Much love peeps xxx

Fyi I’m a bit bored. Missing my little girl and wishing my tookus was a little less sore.

St John of God Subiaco Hospital is super lovely (its the only hospital I’ve ever been admitted to, and I’ve been here 3 times in the last 7 and 1/2 months). Movie channels and 3 course meals, lovely staff and private rooms. However, I’m not used to still, or quiet or slow. So I get bored. And I take photos. This is my stay so far.

Pretending I’m on holiday












waiting, waiting, waiting…












in the matrix
























I’d pack you if I could chick pea












After this point there was a whole lot of waiting (wearing some killer disposable undies big enough to fit a gorilla, and no I am not gorilla sized), about an hour in surgery and a fairly restless night.

Visits from a very wriggly (tiny) wonder woman












my loves












wonder woman got super duper excited












my current entertainment (yes I did steal somebunny for my own attachment issues)













Not exactly a party up in my room at the moment. But Aidan brought chocolate, I have books and magazines and the telly, so I’ll get by. Funny enough though, I’d much rather go for a walk?! Oh well. Best rest up while I can.

Much love peeps xxx











My 12 week body transformation is over.

Let me start by saying outright I didn’t love it. I struggled, got lazy, cheated once  or twice and wanted to give up. But the program was great because if you got thrown off the horse (so to say) it was easy to get back on again. And I am so glad I didn’t give up.



Total cm lost – 22cm

Total weight loss – 8 kgs


Total cm lost – 33cm

Total weight loss- 14 kgs

I’m a stones throw away from my goal weight. As easy as it is to get pissed that I didn’t reach it, I have to remember that so much else has happened. My sleep has improved, digestion has improved, sex drive has improved, making healthy decisions about food is easy now, I’ve gone down almost two dress sizes, I own jeans that don’t require a shoe horn to get into, smaller bra’s are required (can I get an AMEN), I pretty much need a new wardrobe and I am smaller than I have been in over 5/6 years. My fitness, flexibility, stamina and core strength are so much better, and it makes so much difference, I feel great. But the most important thing that has changed is how I see myself. I’m proud of what I have achieved and even more proud of what body has achieved.

And the man? Well the bastard looks fabulous. He needs a new wardrobe too, he had to make new holes on his belt every couple of weeks so his pants didn’t fall down. Hard not to be impressed by 14 kgs. Its so unfair that his weight just fell off, but I’m so super proud of him.

I’m going to keep up all the good habits, maintain the weight loss and attempt to lose a few more kgs. The program has most certainly been a change for the better. Emotionally refreshing, phsically challenging but so incredibly worth while. If you get the chance, sign up. Honestly if I can do it, anyone can. If you’ve signed up for round 3, goodluck, I can not wait to see your fabulous results at the end of your 12 weeks.

Much love peeps xxx

We all come with a set of body issues. The harsh reality is that we judge others so badly (either in our heads or out loud), that we turn out to be our own worst critic. As we build our opinions of others, we are creating a nearly impossible level of perfection to live up to, we bully ourselves so harshly that the result is a vicious cycle of dissapointment.

I’ve never really been super proud of my body. I’m a tad bit shorter than other people, with a bad case of boobus ginormous, hair that has its own idea of style and a weight that seemed to only know how to go up not down. I’d never really though of it as an issue, it was more ‘we don’t talk about that’ and change the subject. But once Indi was born, my body changed, and so did the way I saw myself. It was getting harder to sweep my opinion of myself under the rug, it was becoming more of a serious thought process, more of a internal worry.

With a smidgen more time on my hands, my focus on my health became one of my top priorities. When I imagine the things I want to do in the future, the things I want to do with my kids, I can not help but get excited. But the idea of giving up on those dreams, due to my health? Well it just makes me angry. I am in control of my future, I am the only one that can pave the path that I want follow, so therefor I am the only one that can kick my arse in to shape. So I signed up for the 12wbt.

The program makes you set your weight loss or toning goals and supports you with your journey with the following:

– A meal plan each week. The meals are designed for 2 people and are delicious.

– A shopping list to assist you with your meal plan.

– A exercise plan that caters to your choice of venue, including options for exercise at home.

– Support blogs and forums if you need more help.

– Motivational Advice from Michelle Bridges weekly.

– Fitness tests and re-measuring every 4 weeks to track improvements.

– Weekly weigh in’s to chart your success.

The first week we started was a bit of a shock to the system. Mostly because after having Indi our eating plan revolved around comfort food, re-heatables and take away. Eating nutritious, healthy and delicious food was like learning to ride a bike again. But straight away, even in that first week we couldn’t help but notice the difference. We had more energy, we slept better, digestions was smoother and of course the scales were showing smaller numbers. It was hard not to be excited.

It was hard staying focused though. The exercise started to dwindle and snacking got a bit out of hand. Our weight started to plateau, and with no real results visable we were definatily riding the lazy train. Luckily for me, I had made a deal with Aidan when we begun. If we don’t reach our goal weight by the end of the program, then we sign up for another 12 weeks. The idea of no cake for yet another 12 weeks was not one that appealed to me. So I gave both of us a kick up the bum.

Last week was week 8. We did our 3rd Fitness test and measurements. I can happily say that I have improved on pretty much everything. I can run for more than 1km with out stopping (or couching up internal organs like I did prior to the progrma), and managed to cut over a minute off my time. My flexibility is at an all time high, and my abs (they’re in there somewhere) are starting to improve. I’m actually starting to like my body (which would be the first time ever).

With less than 4 weeks left and a slightly ominous number still left to lose, I can see the advantages of having a personal trainer. The bonus of having someone with you, charging you on, pushing you further and harder, for that last burst to the finishing line, it would come in handy right about now. I’m sticking to my guns, staying as focused as I can (a new found love of champagne is not helping) and hopefully in 3 weeks and 3 days I will be at my goal weight. If not, be prepared to hear a whole lot of bitching and moaning about wholemeal pasta, tuna and tofu.

Much love peeps xxx

Post baby body. Oh yeah now that’s sexy. Not.

Almost as soon as the squid was born (when the glorious epidural had worn off) I was amazed at how much my body could endure. I had incredibly empowering thoughts about what I had been through and held a woman’s ability to carry a child to the highest degree. Walrussing for months, aching, sweating, growing and pushing all those annoying internal organs out of the way to create a special little. I may have been high on all those crazy hormones that had been going off like fire crackers all through my body, but the pride and admiration I had for my body was pretty dang big.

It stayed that way for about 24hrs, partly because one of my favorite parts of staying in hospital was learning that things were getting back to normal. By that I mean, I could do a real wee for the first time in months. Not a quick dash to the loo, only to re visit it half an hour later. But a real wee. Anyone who’s had a baby will be able to relate, its heaven. So the pride in my body grew.

That was until  I got to have a real shower. It must have been day 3 (I was hooked up to all sorts of things for the first couple of days so only got to hand wash). I hadn’t really prepared myself for what I saw. When the hell did I eat all that pudding? Nope sorry, must be a 4 day old half deflated balloon? Or is it a dead pig? A giant wrinkly mushroom? WHAT? Its my BELLY? Luckily there was a beautiful tiny human to distract me from the horror of my newly achieved body status. So the issue of jelleh belleh got put on the back burner.

I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight about 3 weeks after Indi was born. By pre-pregnancy I mean the weight that I wasn’t really happy with prior to getting pregnant. Proud that I had got there, still not super happy with what my stomach was doing or with the number in general. I also began to fall in love with cake, and boredom encouraged me to bake (read the story here). Its here where I added ‘cake weight’ to my already not so glamorous number.

I feel its my responsibility to warn all preggos around the world that post baby, everyone will want to ‘catch up’ with you. This will no doubt include a cuppa and cake. At about 2 people per week, times that by four months, it equals 34 pieces of cake (real number will be much bigger, trust me). If you end up having a c-section or a rough labor, exercise is at a minimal. Hence the term cake weight. So deliciously worth it, but so much harder to get rid of.

Lets just re cap.

A not so fabulous number to begin + post pregnancy body + cake weight = a hell of a challenge to a woman who is allergic to running and hasn’t stopped eating since she gave birth 5 months ago.

And so I begun my ‘body’ challenge.

I signed up for the 12wbt.


We threw out all the bad things in the fridge, freezer and cupboard. Brought exercise dvds, weights, mats and new runners. Looked up classes at the gym and planned what we could fit in with the tiny human. We were gonna do this HARD, not chicken out. It was game on in our house, and poor Aidan didn’t have a choice but to go along with yet another one of my crazy plans.

*Side note, he might have been dragged into to it, but the boy is doing better than me. Brought his first pair of skinny jeans this week. He is looking gooooooood!!
Pt 2 coming soon

Much love peeps xx


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