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We have been super busy over here lately. This crazy mamma has been working her butt off relief teaching, crafting, preping for a hens night and trying to entertain a busy little tornado.

Working has been a fabulous breath of fresh air. A complete change of pace. Although some days high school kids dont apprieciate their relief teacher, I still appreiciate having a child in my presence who understands what I say, can hear what I’m saying (or choose to ignore me) and gives you the chance to reason/explain. All things tornado is still working towards achieveing. I love the age that the tornado is. She is fun, engaging, busy, learning and happy. But I’m a talker, and having someone who ‘has’ to listen to me (teaching, forcing children to listen to adults since the early ages) is pretty bloody fabulous.

On top of that, I have been co planning a hens do. I swear I was made to throw parties for the people I love. I get all worked up about making things perfect that what essentially wasn’t going to be ‘over the top’, ends up a little bigger than first assumed.

I must say we threw a fab shin dig. It was an absolute blast, the whole day. I’m hoping the bride to be (only 6 sleeps…) liked it, and that it was somewhere in the realm of what she wanted. We love ya guts Holden xxx

Our theme “Cheers Bitches”

Here is some pics of the ‘creation’ of this hens.


Indi helping Daddy build the bar.


The almost completed pallet bar


Man craft champ


Built this little bar seat with a hammer and nails all by myself (going for the ‘rustic’ look)


Painting bar stools and bench seats on date night


Up do for an old outdoor setting


Fab signs for the event


Formula tin hanging planters


Pallet hanging planter box


Man I love this sign


Heart sticks for the garden and lanyards for the guests


In loo of cupcakes- we made a donut tower




The hen being allowed to see the set up


Sign in table


Collecting her lanyard


And it begins..

We had a whole day dedicated to our bff. Pick up at 7. Pole dancing class at 8, breakfast at 9, Spa by 10.15, Lunch at 2 then back to ours by three. The ‘shower’ was a tameish event. A small step up from a bridal shower. As you entered the party you had to use the computer to find your ‘porn star name’, which you then wrote on your lanyard for all to see. You collected your favour. A party cup with a ‘tea bag’ (condom attached to a play ring). We had cranberry and vodka in the drinks jugs along with champas and wine also. Donuts and lollies, sausage rolls, spinach and ricotta puffs, biscuits, wraps, fruit and much much more for filling bellies.

We only played a few games. There were drinking rules on the lanyard, a rude word guess and some questions we got the groom to answer. But we did hand out dare cards to everyone. 24 dares and the hen only had three no’s to use through out the night. Highly recommend that one.

After a couple of hours the party hit R rating time. We piled on a bus and hit up a club full of ‘himbos’ (half naked men). Eyes popped and drinks were drunk…. lets just leave it at that.

We had a fabulous time. We had lots of laughs and made the most of spoiling our bride to be. Heres hoping that it was the ‘second best day of her life’ (only leaving room for next friday).

Much love peeps xxx

There is busy in our house. Busy is helping all the things come together for a certain little tornados birthday. Crafting is happening, plans are falling into place and little by little, a party that somehow looks like the colour pink has thrown up, is starting to build.

Busy is fabulous for distractions. Replacing your focus from thinking, to doing. But there is a catch, when busy stops, your brain kicks in. Yesterday I stopped and I got kicked hard.

I’ve joked to other mothers about needing survival tips for when your babe turns one. They have all smiled, relayed party advice and said in a soft tone ‘try to enjoy the day’. I didn’t take much from it, but now I see why. I’m a hot mess of nostalgia.

I now see the tiny baby photos of Indi (that I looked at last week no less) and feel my heart jump, my face go raw and the hot tears well in my eyes. Each ‘project’ that I finish for the party is another lump in my throat.

I hate that this year has gone so fast. It’s hard to believe its even real. You dream about having your own kids, then when it happens you can’t comprehend how all this magical stuff is happening. And that you created it. This year has been so unbelievable. I don’t think I could have ever imagined how full my heart would be, how busy my life would become, how much learning would take place, how my world would change and how becoming a parent would change both of us, for the better.

Two years of wanting and aching for a child of our own. Then to be blessed with a healthy little bundle. That little monkey is now turning one. To us, this birthday, this milestone has been almost a three year lead up (excuse me while I catch my breath). No wonder it’s shaking me.

How do I not turn in to a blubbering mess when she blows out her candle? I’m so afraid of being that mum, hiding in the kitchen, every year, in denial that their child is growing up. Im very grateful that there will be champagne to keep me grounded this weekend.

This is where I’m at. The hallmark stage. Reminiscing and remembering a tiny little babe that would snuggle into my chest and could be held with just one arm. Oh tornado babe, my how you have changed.


Much love peeps xxx

All my crafting is finished. All the presents are ready to be wrapped. All the things on my Christmas project list have been completed. We are in our little holiday home in Denmark, and there is a gorgeous real life Christmas tree that smells crazy awesome. There are lights spread around and decorations galore. With the small exception of making a salad or two we are ready. Little indi bums first Christmas. Although she won’t remember a thing, it will be special. Filled with lots of family, good food and laughs.

May peace be your gift at Christmas but be your blessing all year long.
Much love peeps xxx





When I wrote the christmas project, I thought I was being hopeful. I had culled my list to ensure that time would be on my side. I was really worried that with the all the commitments we already have along with all the social commitments coming up that we wouldn’t have time to get through them all. Or even worse. That we wouldn’t be able to do them together.

Well pfffffffffttttttt to that. I’m owning that list. And along with all the other stuff like crazy crafting, baking, christmas catch ups, preparing for indi’s first chirstmas and mentally preparing for somebodies first birthday, its fair to say that I am due a break down any minute now.

Any way, back to the list.

  1. See the christmas lights in the city: done Little Bum barely noticed the lights due to the fact that the city is way popular for a whole lot of people she’s never seen before. Feeding her with all the busy happening around her was interesting to say the least.
  2. Indi to have her photo with santa: done Best. Photo. Ever. There was always two types of photos that could happen. The ‘not so phased’ photo where the child sits quite content. Or the ‘what the frick is going on’ photo, where the child freaks out. I wanted indi to do one extreme or the other. And boy, she did not disappoint. I love this photo beyond compare. Poor little thing, that photo is going to come out at every chance I get.
  3. Christmas carols with friends: done One of my favorite traditions ever. However, I must note that tornado child can now walk, and like to help herself to food, and will put anything in her mouth. Carols is a picnic style event, with candles and drinks and cheeses and lots of people. It was fun, and I’m pretty sure I heard a christmas carol or two, but lets just say we were kept busy and leave it at that.IMG_3886
  4. Make sugar and spice cookies: done Maybe making them last longer than a day can be our next goal?
  5. Do a family christmas photo: Not yet, hoping to get a couple come christmas day. Tornado child is the one small issue. Maybe if I feed her enough food, she will be slightly bloated and sit still for about ten minutes? Or maybe I’ll just put yo gabba gabba on, that normally turns her in to a zombie.
  6. Visit the christmas section in myer (and try not to buy everything): done Incredibly overwhelming and dangerous to a 9 and a half month old that just wanted to be let loose. Ain’t never gonna happen kiddo, you are a destructo-baby.
  7. Put up the christmas tree (and try to save it from the crazy cat and baby): done It took tiny human 20 seconds to smash a glass ornament (considering we have never brought glass ones on account of a kitty with a dangle fetish, it was quite remarkable). Our tree is a pot plant (her name is Natasha, don’t ask, it just is ok) a heavy, less chance of tipping over pot plant, with a few sentimental ornaments on it. It also comes with an added feature – a protective play pen exterior. Indi hated the play pen after about a month, so the fact that I can use it for anything makes me fairly happy.
  8. Watch ‘Love Actually’ (Aidan’s tradition, special): done It was on tv the other night. We will still watch it together christmas eve,while wrapping presents. Well I will wrap and Aidan will snore. You know your jealous.
  9. Make baby painted wrapping paper (goobed with love): done (sort of) Pinterest failed me on this one. The recipe for ‘edible’ paint didn’t turn out very well, and that combined with an over eager daddy and a cranky baby resulted in lots of cleaning and some creative art works. IMG_4064
  10. Read christmas books (bit of a change from pooh, hairy mclary and ten little finger and ten little toes): done I even brought new ones to build this tradition, classic golden books. The books are a bit too long and Indi prefers to goob all over them, but atleast we are trying.IMG_3927IMG_3744
  11. Make Indi’s christmas stocking (key word there- make): In the process of this one. Unfortunately my imagination has got away from me, and what could be a relatively easy project has become crazy huge. Finding time to sew with the busy little tornado is not as easy to find now that she moves. I am determined. I will finish it. And when I do, I’ll gladly show off all my (stupid) hard work.
  12. Baby’s first christmas ornament (dreaming of this moment for the past 3 years): done This one was hard. Aidan and I didn’t like any thing. We even went to the chirstmas store (its on the road behind bunnings on leach Hwy, talk about too much christmas. I’m pretty sure christmas just threw up in that store and no body bothered to clean it up). So we brought a sweet little pink deer. I love it so much. Its just perfect. Thank you david jones for having sweet dainty little decorations for my baby girl.

So that is where we are at. One and a half things left to do on my list and still 9 days left. Christmas- come at me! I am soooooo ready for all your quirks and crazies.

Much love peeps xxx

Once again pinterest is giving me ideas. Today, its personalised mugs.

This pin is where I got the idea (just to make it abundantly clear, no way in hell am I smart enough to come up with this awesome idea :))

DIY Sharpie mugs from The Sweetest Occasion

Original source here

I picked up some $1.00 mugs from kmart and a sharpie from coles for $3.49. Bargain Mate.

All you have to do is draw a design on your mug then bake in oven at 180 for 30 minutes to set. Boom! Cheap, fast, DIY, frugal christmas pressy.

I’m way impressed with this awesome idea. Warning if you are friend or family the above may be your cup (but more than likely, due to my love of cake, I’ll end up keeping this one).

Much love peeps xxx

Today there is flour all over my kitchen. My poo brown rented kitchen bench had crazy dandruff. There is little clouds of white across my ugly beige lino. My house smells all sorts of crazy beautiful, you know, the awesome baking smell that simultaneously turns you on but also makes you want to roll around in sugar and butter at the same time? What? That doesn’t happen to you? My bad.

Round one of my Christmas baking has begun. The ‘test’ round. Pretty much an excuse to make Xmas yummies to gorge on, whilst claiming that you needed to test the recipe before giving the treats as gifts. And baking them in November also means they won’t keep till Christmas so you just have to eat them. Bugger.

Today we baked some salt dough decorations (not edible), shortbread and sugar and spice biscuits (will share the recipes later this week).

My waistline is not going to be happy come Christmas time. My husband however, is wearing a gigantic smile thanks to a giant pile of yummies on the counter top. If your near by my house please drop in and help yourself to the baked goods because I could possibly eat everything myself if given half a chance.

Clearly I’m going to have to increase the gym time to balance it all out.

Much love peeps xxx


I sometimes go overboard on my gift giving. By sometimes I mean always. I love buying presents for all the people I love, and even some of the people I don’t love so much. I just love picking a fabulous present, going overboard on the wrapping and then forcing them to open in front of me so that I can see their reaction. Perhaps I’ve lost the real ‘Christmas spirit’ but its these things that make Christmas special to me.

This year we have a baby, and we are saving for a house. So crazy Cassie and her Christmas spending need to be boxed away for future Christmas’s to come, and the new smart thinking, money savvy Cassie is replacing her for a while (just FYI money savvy is a new feature, there is still a few kinks on that one).

After a year of attempting crafting projects with a success rate that is relatively higher than the failure rate, I have decided to try a ‘do it yourself’ approach to gift giving. While you might be impressed at my statement, I promise you its not all roses and lollipops. Its quite the opposite.

If you can imagine a craft room, with shelves of bits and bobs spread about, a sewing machine surrounded by bright fabrics, and a bench top with assorted glues and ribbons, then there is no way your anywhere near what I’m working with. So far I have attempted working on the dining table (next to indi’s food spread everywhere), on the kitchen bench (near shopping and mail and fruit bowls and dishes), in the sun room on an outdoor couch (coated in cat hair), on the bricks in the back courtyard (with every single ant in Perth at the time) and on the lounge room floor (in order to watch tv as I was working). The whole DIY thing for presents is fine if its just one or two things that you need to make, but I may or may not have about 8 craft projects on the go. I intend to craft some frugal Christmas spirit for each one of my presents this year.

A normal present, you chose it, you buy it, you wrap it, you give it. Dumb arse here hasn’t chosen craft projects that are simple – no that would be too easy. It took me about two weeks to chase around to all the right stores to find all the bits and bobs I needed to even start. Stupid? Yep, I’m certainly don’t have the smarts on this one.

I will show off all my hard work once the gifts have been received. I’m actually a little proud of what we’ve been doing. Most of them have been inspired by Pinterest. If I hadn’t found that incredibly addictive website I’m pretty sure I’d have brought all my presents online, they would be wrapped by now and all my spare time would be spent watching tv and drinking wine. Unfortunately that is not the case. Its ok wine, I miss you too.

If your doing a ‘DIY’ Christmas I am sending you lots of love and calming crafty vibes.

Much love peeps xxx



Each month I’m going to post some of the things I’m doing, viewing, seeing, being etc. Let me know if your doing any of it too.


After reading the most beautiful book ever last month (Bloom by Kelle Hampton, she writes an amazing blog too check her out here), I needed something that wasn’t a thinking book. So yes, I’ve started 50 Shades of Grey. Mummy porn, well… its… yeah. Dont think I’m gonna comment on this one.


New (to me) MTV show Awkward. It has Teenagers, a love triangle and classic high school drama, I’m so addicted. I managed to watch the whole first season in record time, and  I am up to the current episodes airing in the US. I am so incredibly addicted to it,o the point where I was utterly depressed when I realized there was no more to watch (but new episodes are released weekly so I can live with that).

Suckered back into to watching Neighbors. The Jade-Kyle-Kate storyline has got me a little hooked, but only because Kyle is hot. Tragic -heeeelllllllll yes!


Still with the crazy felt craft. Possibly something to do with the 35 odd pieces of felt I brought. I’m pretty sure I black out when I go into spotlight, resulting in a larger than normal purchase of random pretty things.


Preparing myself for travel with a 7 month old. Only 2 months away and soooooooo freaking exciting/nerve racking/terrifying/boundary challenging. I’m making lists, checking weather, preparing wardrobes, reading up on airline guidelines and over thinking just about every aspect. But that’s just what I do, I would do the same thing if I was going away by myself too :).


Music and I have had a somewhat rocky relationship over the past few months. My dad was my link to music and when he past away I couldn’t listen to anything. Recently I have been able to listen to the radio again. Its still hard, mostly because when ever there was a new song or artist I liked I would tell dad straight away. Anyhoo… a few song on repeat in my head are:

Feel the Love – Rudimental (Ft John Newman)

Earthquake – Labrinth (Ft Tinie Tempah)

Primadonna – Marina and the Diamonds


Healthy. Well trying to anyway. We start week 7 of our 12 week body transformation challenge tomorrow. Officially half way. I am mentally planning what glorious foods I will crazy binge on at the end of these three months. They mostly consist of cake and chocolate (the exact reason I started the 12wbt in the first place). Here hoping it doesn’t get to that.

Happy. Being, feeling, acting, absorbing and oozing it. Its my mental head set this month. I sometimes feel like I’m getting sucked back into that black hole of ‘I miss my dad’. If I take a deep breath and a step back, I can see so much fabulous stuff around me. A beautiful friend of mine is getting married up in Broome tomorrow (sending so much love that way), one of my best friends and a role model for mums everywhere is up the spud with number 2 (my gosh I am so crazy excited about that) and my brother and his gorgeous fiance are coming to visit next weekend. All the more reason to smile.

I will be requiring ideas on all the above topics to keep me entertained. Please feel free to recommend.

Much love peeps xx

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