Not having your husband at home comes with its advantages, but it also comes with its challenges…

Pro: the washing pile is smaller

Con: it won’t move from the lounge room unless you physically fold it and put it away

Pro: when you finally put away the washing, you’ve ‘technically’ cleaned the lounge room

Con: you can now see all the biscuit crumbs

Pro: there are actually left overs for once

Con: they last for dayyyyyysss and you just want to eat something different, but you know then there will be more leftovers

Pro: you get the whole bed to yourself

Con: getting to sleep isn’t as easy with no one to snuggle

Pro: you can be lazy with meal ideas

Con: you still have to go grocery shopping, with two girls, when you’ve got nothing left in the cupboard

Pro: you can take spur of the moment trips down south

Con: your kids will make you wish you hadn’t

Pro: you now have time to focus on study or work in the evenings

Con: this doesn’t stop you from trolling FB and Instagram. Its nearly midnight already…GO TO SLEEP

Pro: you can make your bedroom as girly as you like

Con: your kids will destroy that fantasy as soon as you start tidying

Pro: to maintain sanity you can send your kids out the back with a cracker while you quickly begin to clean

Con: your smallest is terrified to the point of hysteria of the chook (that is almost as tall as her) bee lining for that cracker

Pro: you find that hilarious

Con: the chook got in while you were distracted and laughing, there is now poop to clean up too

Pro: you are the most popular with your kids you have ever been

Con: you just wish they would stop talking to you and find some other sucker to lavish their attention on

Pro: you can finally put that slight OCD into good use

Con: if you could find the time or energy to clean at all

Pro: the weather is amazing, you can get all the washing done fast, including sheets

Con: but you realise after you wash and hang it out, that you will have to bring it in, fold it and put it all away

Pro: you weren’t in a rush to do the laundry anyway

You just have to laugh…

Much love peeps xxx