So its been some time since I last blogged (over two years—yikes).

Not intentionally though. Life sort of grew wings and flew off with me I’m afraid.

A few things have changed since the last time we met. So I’ll give you a run down of what life is like over here:

Tornado babe grew up. She’s now three and a half. LOVES fairies, HATES dinner time, and lives for the beach/ocean.


We moved. We now live further away from the city, in a house that we can call home. We are in the midst of little changes with in the house, with big plans for an epic reno in the near future.

Lott-monster was born. Baby girl number two has been a part of our lives for nearly 18 months. She’s an evil genius, loves to irritate her sister and has an appetite for mostly meat and carbs.


We got ourselves a dog. Daisy is the best dog ever, when she’s not digging up the garden, destroying toys, chewing up rugs and leaving a trail of destruction all over the back yard.

Me? I’m mostly a SAHM at the moment. I do relief teaching when I can, but I’m about to become a FIFO wifey, so relief will be few and far between. I’m also on the road to becoming a Celebrant, which I’m really excited about.

Life in my house is CRAZY, the girls are hilariously loopy, there is a constant stream of toys under my feet and the demands for food are never ending. It might not be every bodies cup of tea, but I love it.

I’m going to start posting a bit more frequently (fingers crossed) so stay tuned. I’m also writing over at just for something different.

Thanks for following along for this ride

Much love peeps xx