We have been super busy over here lately. This crazy mamma has been working her butt off relief teaching, crafting, preping for a hens night and trying to entertain a busy little tornado.

Working has been a fabulous breath of fresh air. A complete change of pace. Although some days high school kids dont apprieciate their relief teacher, I still appreiciate having a child in my presence who understands what I say, can hear what I’m saying (or choose to ignore me) and gives you the chance to reason/explain. All things tornado is still working towards achieveing. I love the age that the tornado is. She is fun, engaging, busy, learning and happy. But I’m a talker, and having someone who ‘has’ to listen to me (teaching, forcing children to listen to adults since the early ages) is pretty bloody fabulous.

On top of that, I have been co planning a hens do. I swear I was made to throw parties for the people I love. I get all worked up about making things perfect that what essentially wasn’t going to be ‘over the top’, ends up a little bigger than first assumed.

I must say we threw a fab shin dig. It was an absolute blast, the whole day. I’m hoping the bride to be (only 6 sleeps…) liked it, and that it was somewhere in the realm of what she wanted. We love ya guts Holden xxx

Our theme “Cheers Bitches”

Here is some pics of the ‘creation’ of this hens.


Indi helping Daddy build the bar.


The almost completed pallet bar


Man craft champ


Built this little bar seat with a hammer and nails all by myself (going for the ‘rustic’ look)


Painting bar stools and bench seats on date night


Up do for an old outdoor setting


Fab signs for the event


Formula tin hanging planters


Pallet hanging planter box


Man I love this sign


Heart sticks for the garden and lanyards for the guests


In loo of cupcakes- we made a donut tower




The hen being allowed to see the set up


Sign in table


Collecting her lanyard


And it begins..

We had a whole day dedicated to our bff. Pick up at 7. Pole dancing class at 8, breakfast at 9, Spa by 10.15, Lunch at 2 then back to ours by three. The ‘shower’ was a tameish event. A small step up from a bridal shower. As you entered the party you had to use the computer to find your ‘porn star name’, which you then wrote on your lanyard for all to see. You collected your favour. A party cup with a ‘tea bag’ (condom attached to a play ring). We had cranberry and vodka in the drinks jugs along with champas and wine also. Donuts and lollies, sausage rolls, spinach and ricotta puffs, biscuits, wraps, fruit and much much more for filling bellies.

We only played a few games. There were drinking rules on the lanyard, a rude word guess and some questions we got the groom to answer. But we did hand out dare cards to everyone. 24 dares and the hen only had three no’s to use through out the night. Highly recommend that one.

After a couple of hours the party hit R rating time. We piled on a bus and hit up a club full of ‘himbos’ (half naked men). Eyes popped and drinks were drunk…. lets just leave it at that.

We had a fabulous time. We had lots of laughs and made the most of spoiling our bride to be. Heres hoping that it was the ‘second best day of her life’ (only leaving room for next friday).

Much love peeps xxx