Warning: post littered with hallmark mush

The strongest people are born from resilience. You, with out doubt are the strongest person I know. I see you deflect the challenges that life throws at you and I am beyond envious. You take risks and they pay off, you push yourself and its acknowledged, you clear obsticles like they were mere stepping stones. Your just a little bit fabulous.

Watching you start this new journey has me in awe of you. It is with absolute clarity and conviction that I know this new path will be the making of you. You were made for this new roll. You will be everything you were ment to be because you get to have this journey, I promise you this.

My advice for you, my friend

Hold and be held. There is nothing sweeter.

Putting yourself first atleast once a day is not selfish.

Sunshine will help when a heart feels heavy.

Help is only a phone call away, and I will be there when ever you want or need me.

Have confidence is your decisions.

You are capable, you are strong, you will be tested and you will conquer. But you are only given what you can handle, please remember that.



Anything you need, anytime, always

Love your guts lady xxx