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one step closer to a new me


Since the beginning of this year I’ve pushed myself to focus on a healthier me. A change in attitude being the most important factor. Back to planning for heathy, family friendly meals. Making time for me to exercise and paying attention to what my body is telling me.

Last year I did one round of Michelle Bridges 12wbt. Shortly after I completed that round I went into hospital. It completely threw all my hard work up in the air. I wasn’t able to exercise for more than 6 weeks and motivation for planning and cooking healthy meals fell by the way side.

This year its different. Junk food has not passed my lips, I even resisted the urge to binge on party food at indis first birthday party. Exercise is more of a priority, spending time outside as well. On the whole I am happier and healthier than I’ve been in a really long time.

However, I had felt like I’ve hit a personal/mental plateau. I had maintained my weightloss from last year (which is great) but I couldnt get myself  just that little bit further. My energy was low (assumed reason: tornado babe), and I was finding I needed a nap to get through the day.

So, I started herbalife – a weight management program.

Its now been two months. Two whole months on this new ‘me project’, so how am I feeling?

I am sleeping more deeply and feel more relaxed when I wake up. Not really a big thing you say? I beg to differ. As the mother of a one year old sleep is a privilage. I’m still catching up on sleep lost from when she was born. Normally if tornado babe wakes (waking me in the process)during the night, come morning wake up time I struggle to get up. I feel the effects of a disrupted sleep through out the day. Now? I sleep. I wake feeling much more refreshed with more energy to tackle the day (dont be fooled, I am not a morning person. Please dont come to my house expecting to be greated with bounce).

I’m listening to my body. I feel very ashamed that it has taken this long for me to be able to hear what my body has to say (some may say I didn’t hear it because I was too busy talking to notice). No more eating to cure boredom, I can comfortably eat just a few pieces of chocolate (if and when I feel like it, which surprisingly is hardly ever) and I know when I’ve eaten enough to sustain me.

I notice the podge slowly shrinking. Its an weird feeling. But the podgy bits seems to dissapearing. My waist seems to come back from its holiday turned working holiday, turned fixed address in europe (would have been nice if I was invited). My waist made a long term escape back when I was in Uni and ‘drinking’ events became a calendar filler. It’s made its way back for visits here and there (weddings, briget jones knicker events, food poisenings, gastro), but always made it clear that staying around wasn’t on the cards. This time I see it, and even better, my clothes have noticed it too.

My digestion is fab-u-lous. The first week feels like a cleanse. Inside feels like new again, and due to that its so much easier to focus on healthier options.

My results?

I’ve lost over 50 cms. According to the Herbalife 3 cms is equal to 1 kg of body fat. Taking that in to consideration Woah. Just woah. And in terms of weight loss, I am pretty bloody pleased. I can very proudly say that not only did I reach my goal weight, I am now more than 10kgs lighter than my pre baby weight (some of which I lost prior to HL). Let me just clarify… thats 10kgs lighter than I was BEFORE I got pregnant. I’ve even had to set a new goal weight, which is so close I can taste it. None of my clothes fit any more, I’ve had to get all sorts of new stuff. Including boots. I’ve always had giant dance induced calf muscles that would make a footballer jealous. Now, they are LEAN. I can actually buy normal boots for the first time ever. But the best bit (for me specifically) is that boobus ginormaus has deflated. The ladies have gotten smaller. Its. a. freaking. miracle.

I’m really glad that I started herbalife. It really is a chance to focus on me.  If you want more details on Herbalife I can hook you up with my HL coach, or alternatively checkout the Herbalife website.

Much love peeps xxx


Heres some stuff floating around the internet you just gotta check out.

New focus in this house lately is ‘dont rush to judge’. I  am quick to go to the glass half empty side of agruements lately; she saw me indicate and still chose to pull out, that man bumped the pram on purpose, that lady at the till just couldn’t be bothered looking for the dress I want. Always going to the negative, never just allowing for mistakes, or allowing chances. At a park recently a friends little girl got completely knocked over by a little boy about 3 on a scooter. Lots of tears, some howling and a slight graze to the face, this mum smiled and brushed off her little girl, accepted an apology from the boys mum and carried on. “Kids are kids, they dont know any better” she said to me. I was immediately in awe of her. No crazy protective mamma claws, just chilled. I want to be that mum. I want to judge and assume less. So when these videos found their way to us. I smiled.

Melissa writes about judgement also over at her blog Dear Baby.

I really want to make this table. Like crazy, wanna make this table. But till we have our own house, thats not really an option (or is it…). Erin has a brilliant ‘how to’ on making it yourself.

Sweetness is love in all forms, even for the love of a dog. This article over at baby rabies made me well up.

I want to make my own marinated feta and olives. But in fear of eating them all myself I have chosen to hold off. The fab ladies over at A Beautiful Mess show you how its done.

As always Kelle from Enjoying the Small things, hits the nail on my head. This time she talks about raising her girls in this world of ‘mean girls’ in this article.

My fit-spiration mamma Sarah over at Dear Baby G has a healthy recipe for ANZAC biscuits. I can not wait to try them.

Much love peeps xxx

One of my all time favorite little people turned three a few weeks ago. As per the rules of turning three this little miss was instrumental in the decision making process for her third birthday party. After many weeks of her mum pinning and prepping for a ‘rainbow’ party. Miss almost three proclaimed that she wanted a Bumble bee party. As so she would have one.

We took the tornado along to the party. Following strict intructions from the birthday girl we dressed the tornado as a bumble bee. Cute as anything, fast as lightening. She enjoyed herself alright. Here are a few pics. Please note the amazing effort put in by super mum.

DSC_0742 DSC_0745 DSC_0761 DSC_0766 DSC_0779


DSC_0790 DSC_0791



DSC_0813 DSC_0828 DSC_0890 DSC_0900


These kids parties are starting to be my new favorite thing (going to them, not throwing them that is). A perfect way to wear the tornado out and eat some yum food. Not to mention seeing little people in their element. Miss three sure did have a blast.

Much love peeps xxx

We have been super busy over here lately. This crazy mamma has been working her butt off relief teaching, crafting, preping for a hens night and trying to entertain a busy little tornado.

Working has been a fabulous breath of fresh air. A complete change of pace. Although some days high school kids dont apprieciate their relief teacher, I still appreiciate having a child in my presence who understands what I say, can hear what I’m saying (or choose to ignore me) and gives you the chance to reason/explain. All things tornado is still working towards achieveing. I love the age that the tornado is. She is fun, engaging, busy, learning and happy. But I’m a talker, and having someone who ‘has’ to listen to me (teaching, forcing children to listen to adults since the early ages) is pretty bloody fabulous.

On top of that, I have been co planning a hens do. I swear I was made to throw parties for the people I love. I get all worked up about making things perfect that what essentially wasn’t going to be ‘over the top’, ends up a little bigger than first assumed.

I must say we threw a fab shin dig. It was an absolute blast, the whole day. I’m hoping the bride to be (only 6 sleeps…) liked it, and that it was somewhere in the realm of what she wanted. We love ya guts Holden xxx

Our theme “Cheers Bitches”

Here is some pics of the ‘creation’ of this hens.


Indi helping Daddy build the bar.


The almost completed pallet bar


Man craft champ


Built this little bar seat with a hammer and nails all by myself (going for the ‘rustic’ look)


Painting bar stools and bench seats on date night


Up do for an old outdoor setting


Fab signs for the event


Formula tin hanging planters


Pallet hanging planter box


Man I love this sign


Heart sticks for the garden and lanyards for the guests


In loo of cupcakes- we made a donut tower




The hen being allowed to see the set up


Sign in table


Collecting her lanyard


And it begins..

We had a whole day dedicated to our bff. Pick up at 7. Pole dancing class at 8, breakfast at 9, Spa by 10.15, Lunch at 2 then back to ours by three. The ‘shower’ was a tameish event. A small step up from a bridal shower. As you entered the party you had to use the computer to find your ‘porn star name’, which you then wrote on your lanyard for all to see. You collected your favour. A party cup with a ‘tea bag’ (condom attached to a play ring). We had cranberry and vodka in the drinks jugs along with champas and wine also. Donuts and lollies, sausage rolls, spinach and ricotta puffs, biscuits, wraps, fruit and much much more for filling bellies.

We only played a few games. There were drinking rules on the lanyard, a rude word guess and some questions we got the groom to answer. But we did hand out dare cards to everyone. 24 dares and the hen only had three no’s to use through out the night. Highly recommend that one.

After a couple of hours the party hit R rating time. We piled on a bus and hit up a club full of ‘himbos’ (half naked men). Eyes popped and drinks were drunk…. lets just leave it at that.

We had a fabulous time. We had lots of laughs and made the most of spoiling our bride to be. Heres hoping that it was the ‘second best day of her life’ (only leaving room for next friday).

Much love peeps xxx

Welcome to the world miss poppy.

DSC_0523 DSC_0540 DSC_0555 DSC_0598 DSC_0636 DSC_0640 DSC_0648Look after your daddy, you own his heart now. It is filled to the brim with you. From the moment you were born you had him wrapped around your little finger – that will come in handy later on little miss.

Be good to your mamma little madam. She can and will scream louder and longer than you. She has a bigger heart than anyone one else I know, and will go to the ends of the universe for the people she loves. You and she are blessed to have each other.

There is love unyeilding in your life. It is all around you poppy.

Much love peeps xxx


Deciding what to do for tornado babe for easter was a struggle. Shes a very busy baby toddler and shes not very interested in chocolates. But we still wanted to acknowledge the holiday.

Trying to be mindful of money, and also becareful not to ‘spoil’ Indi, we spoke to friends and family. With a few bits of advice we found a way of introducing the crazy babe to Easter. An easter that we could build into our traditions.

The toddler easter started with hot cross buns. Winner. The kid scarfed down two whole buns herself. Then it was time for an egg hunt. I was lucky enough to find these cool largish clear plastic eggs at spotlight. I got six of them, big enough to put a few pairs of socks, a handful of blueberries or a handful of yoghurt drops in. The incentive for Indi was that she recognised what was in the egg and that made her want to play. It was amazing watching her find the eggs and then place them in her little bag. Kids learn skills so quickly, its mind blowing.


Scoffing hot crossed buns


Dude, this totally goes with my outfit


Mine, bugger off daddy!


Totes got this now.


I said they are mine dad, gosh… leave me alone.


Sweet, another one. Best day ever.

After the hunt we gave her the easter presents her grandparents had sent her and what we had organised for her too. We went with simple. Three books, all classics, to be read before bed and a hand made doll. The doll is divine. Crafted by Monkeys in the Kitchen she is the prettied thing you ever did see. Indi went in for pash as soon as she saw her. Monkeys in the Kitchen sells via made it also. You can check there catelouge here. I’ve got my eye on a few extra things for Indi, the ‘Neverland’ Dress is adorable and the custom bonnets are too cute.


Indi trying to give ‘Mae’ some water. Doll made by Monkeys in the Kitchen.


Indi’s easter stash.

Next year we hope to introduce her to the more serious side of easter. But for now, letting her know that we celebrate easter with family is enough.

Much love peeps xxx

Having a kid is all about watching them grow, reaching milestones and marveling at just how amazing each one is. The first year with tornado babe was no different. We sat and watched her every move waiting for those firsts. Smiling, rolling over, laughing, talking, crawling etc. Each one of them perfect, each one out doing the last, all equally the most amazing thing we had ever seen (heaven help our future children, ‘you call that rolling over? your sister totally owned you on that, ps seen that before…’).

Now as we embark on year two with said tornado babe its a whole new ball game. It’s the most hilarious, craziest, funnest ball game ever. With tornado babe up to bat.

No one tells you how awesome the second year is. They get lost in the new baby smell, the tiny and the doll-like features. They tell you about lack of sleep, solicit advice you don’t want or need, hog the baby and if your lucky make you a cup of tea (I kid, I promise I kid). But they leave out the bit about how much stinking fun your kid is when they turn one. And the new firsts, the bests firsts start rolling in.

Indi danced for the first time on my birthday. Daughter of a dance teacher, holds off showing any interest in music until after she turns one. This kid, my kid, made her dancing debut to Lana Del Ray in the lounge room, dancing like her father when he’s drunk. It was hilarious and a little worrying. Her father admits to his lack or coordination. Heres hoping the next one takes after me.

The first tantrum. It was so hard not to wet my self from laughter. The poor child absolutely lost it because the door stop wouldnt come out. Feet stamping, head banging on the wall, hands thrown in the air, the slow slide down to the floor, tears and crying. She doesnt bust out in tantrums very often, but while shes still little they are freaking hilarious.

First poop smell that reaches every corner of the house. How can one little bum offend and upset so violently?!

Cheers. We chink water bottles or sippy cups and Indi now says cheers, sorry its more like ‘chizzz’ with a dog like pant/laugh straight after. Seriously kid. It slays me.

Pretending to talk on the phone. A 14 month old holding the phone over her mouth and nose and saying ‘Elro?’ is enough to make you want to breed again (Note to husband -NOT YET).

Playing with dolls. Talking to them, cudling them, giving them kisses, putting them in the pram and then ramming the pram into other toys so that the pram rolls over and doll babies are thrown out everywhere. So precious.

Kisses and hugs just before you put her down to sleep. The real kind, with meaning and extra slob.

Taking tornado to the zoo and her noticing that there are animals there. Watching her little face light up when we saw the Emus was priceless. She quacked at the giant flock of parrots and called the tiger a ‘gat gat’. How do you beat that feeling?

My most recent first was yesterday when I put my hand out and said ‘Take mummies hand’ and she did. She held my hand and we walked together (all be it for less than a minute). I was dead, killed by cute.

These are the best firsts. The stuff that reconfirms that I’m doing this job properly. That my little tornado babe will be alright.

Much love peeps


Warning: post littered with hallmark mush

The strongest people are born from resilience. You, with out doubt are the strongest person I know. I see you deflect the challenges that life throws at you and I am beyond envious. You take risks and they pay off, you push yourself and its acknowledged, you clear obsticles like they were mere stepping stones. Your just a little bit fabulous.

Watching you start this new journey has me in awe of you. It is with absolute clarity and conviction that I know this new path will be the making of you. You were made for this new roll. You will be everything you were ment to be because you get to have this journey, I promise you this.

My advice for you, my friend

Hold and be held. There is nothing sweeter.

Putting yourself first atleast once a day is not selfish.

Sunshine will help when a heart feels heavy.

Help is only a phone call away, and I will be there when ever you want or need me.

Have confidence is your decisions.

You are capable, you are strong, you will be tested and you will conquer. But you are only given what you can handle, please remember that.



Anything you need, anytime, always

Love your guts lady xxx

Its been awfully quiet around this blog lately.

Life has been FLAT OUT. Life with tornado babe is always flat out, but everything recently seems to zooming past. A constant state of doing, seeing, being, moving.

But this weekend it stopped. It stopped dead still, for the first time in what feels like forever. I’m all in love with easter, because of the slow, lazy, perfect time we have spent as a family.



Scuse me, I have a question


Little girl acting all big


Back to looking little again, pheww


Family xx





Best. Giggle. Ever.




Hose phone


Stupid craft fairy




Man crafting with daddy


Daddy craft


What happens when you water the plants in this house


Egg hunting



Big kitties


Sweet ride

Easter long weekend was the first weekend since the beginning of the year that we didn’t have any plans. NOT A SINGLE ONE. No weddings or parties or trips or appointments. We were selfish and for the first time in nearly ten years we didn’t go to our home town of Albany (and in classic Albany tradition, it seems we missed the most perfect weather). We stayed home. Five whole days of just our little family of three. It was like breathing the freshest air, it was heaven.

We made sure all the chores were done before the weekend hit so that we could make the most of our time together, and we did just that. We went to the park and read the paper, we built an outdoor bar and made pizza dough, we started easter traditions and watched a little girl screw her nose up at chocolate, we lazed around and watched movie after movie, we chased a tornado around the zoo and held hands. Slow, refreshing and perfect. Best.Weekend. Ever.

The craft fairy also visited. Damn craft fairy, she needs to leave me alone. I get all distracted and start dreaming in craftvision, then bam – spare room looks like a couple of nana’s have battled it out for the good knitting needles, taking out everything in their path. This weekend I got all inspired to craft for a new babe who is just freshly born. The aim was just to make little P a gorgeous mobile. Then the stupid craft fairy got all up in my business. Needless to say, I’m avoiding my spare room right now.

Treating yourself to a weekend that gives you time to sit, drink a cup of tea, read something (reading is fabulous medicine for the soul) and allow creativity is possibly the best thing you could ever do. I highly reccomend it.

Here’s wishing you the chance to put your feet up and take in the moment.

Much love peeps xxx


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