Take a minute and look at your child. Notice the small curls at the bottom of the hair line, and how they bob up and down when the wind catches them. Look at the small creases on their elbows, and how they allow play and growth. Watch how their eyes crinkle when they smile too hard, as they extend their neck that little bit further to see your face. Feel how much warmth they give to you in a single hug, and how your body wants for that warmth as soon as they pull themselves away.

Look closely at little fingers that grab food, hold your hand, discover dirt and find noses. Look at the detail in those fingers, how ten little sausages are shaped and move. Watch as they sit still, if only for a moment. A little chest rises and falls, and air escapes perfectly formed lips.

So many small intricate pieces of perfection. All unique, all growing and changing, all just a tiny piece of what makes them whole. But yet we soak it in. Bit by bit, as not to miss any thing.

We all see beauty in our children. Not just the physical beauty, but beauty in growth, in that which makes our children unique. The way they fall asleep, the way they share their food, the way they wave at the people that pass by.

We can get so caught up in day to day life, that some times we forget one very important thing. The beauty and perfection we see in our children came from us. Not just by the physical act of being pregnant, but our interactions, our modelling and the time we spend with our children. Our children are a product of what we choose to show them, how we live our lives and how we make our decisions. We are constantly leaving a trail of bread crumbs for our children to follow. They are little shadows, thriving from being stimulated each day.

I look at my little person, my tiny human and I am lost in awe. If she is a reflection of me, if she is truly made from the choices that aidan and I make, then we too must have that beauty. So in making these creatures we see our own grace. If only it was that easy…

Much love peeps xxx