Here’s the stuff I’ve been viewing on the net. Take a chance and check them out.

A new perspective on breastfeeding and weening over at cup of jo.

Dear Baby G is a blog I’ve only recently been reading. But its fantastic. Also, shes from perth. Check out what shes doing on the 12wbt and be sure to check out the FFS posts also.

If you have a child and you haven’t read the Mommy Shorts blog, you have to. Utterly hilarious. My favorite post is this one from new years eve.

Erin over at Erin loves Earl has designed her own range of fabric and is creating the most adorable leggings. She from the US, but her work is fabulous.

Kelle from Enjoying the small things, gives a few tips on how to choose the perfect photos for a wall collage.

I want all these over at Hello Apparel. Keep that in mind come march when your thinking of what to get me for a present.

The new VINE APP. I’m testing it out. No privacy barriers like instagram, but super cute 6 second stop start videos that you can share with any one who wants to have a gander.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to kick start the tears by sorting pictures of my almost one year old

DSC_01447 and a half months, bugger all hair and much more chub. *sob sob*

Much love peeps xxx