I recently sent a ‘birth’ day email to a friend, as her son was turning one. I have so much love for this lady, even though she lives so many many km away, in another state even. In expressing joy for her journey I found myself writing about how thankful I was to have her in my life. Thankful for emails, letters, phone calls and texts. In the past 12 months I have seen her for about two weeks total. But she has been my ‘mamma’ sounding board. No judgement, only acceptance.

The email got me thinking, about where my support has come from this year (well almost a year, in 2 weeks and 3 days). Yes its hard at times but we made it through. The reason why we did? Dr Google, other mums and my close friends.

Dr Google has allowed my extremely far fetched worries and concerns to be eased quickly, quietly and with no fuss or public concern. First time mums are notoriously known for over reacting (check the hand book, its like rule 4 or something), and although some people see the ability to check medical concerns on the internet as ‘feeding the concern’ for me it did the opposite. I haven’t yet taken tiny human to the doctors for anything besides her shots, thanks to Dr Google talking me down.

Mothers. If you are one you, then you have an untapped source of information for a freshly titled mamma. I am lost for words when I think about the fabulous women I have gained tips, knowledge and confidence from over the past 12 months. Both grandmas’ are 450kms away. They support and do everything that they can, I am so grateful to have them our lives. My mothers group has been a god send. People in the same boat as me, learning with me, making mistakes and fixing them with me. But the best source of information has come from social media. Communities of mothers all around the world on instagram sharing their stories has made me more settled in my role as a mother. Friends (as well as out of touch friends) on facebook have instilled their wisdom and helped build my mamma confidence as well. So many times I have wanted to reach through the screen and hug the people I come across.

My friends. Patient, caring, empathetic and loving. Mwah I love you.

To the people who have helped/paston tips/listen to me vent/given the information/recommended products/set up play dates/or read my blog over the past year, you are what I am most thankful for (besides tornado babe of course).

Much love peeps xxx