This is by far the easiest Christmas treat ever (second to buying them pre made if course).

I pinned this ‘recipe’ a few months back, thinking that it would be a good one to make for friends and neighbours. You know, the kind of gifts for people who don’t expect anything from you. A little homemade treat to say that your thinking of them.

Problem was I couldn’t find any Hershey’s kisses (American chocolates), or when I did they cost a fortune. So the challenge was set, I needed as Aussie alternative. Aidan was more than happy to be my test pilot while I perfected my technique.

This is the result. And they are soooooo yum. Lazy baking at its best.

What you see there is pretzels, with Cadbury melts (the fancy ones) melted in the oven at 200 degrees for about 5 mins. Then as soon as they come out of the oven pop some m&ms on top.
The dark chocolate melts are my favourite. We also tried this with freckles and they were pretty yum too.

Eating them while they are still warm is devilishly naughty, but what the scales can’t see is totally worth it.

This is an easy and super cheap treat to share with friends and family. If I don’t eat them all I’m definitely adding these to my chrissy gifts.

Much love peeps xxx