Ugghhhhhh this whole mamma heart thing is so much harder than I was prepared for.

The recent shooting over in the US has me radiating worry and love simultaneously. The new parts of my brain and heart that are built to care for tiny human are working on overdrive. It hurts to think how much the families of the children lost must ache right now. My mamma heart is sending so much love their way, so very much love.

They don’t tell you how your heart extends itself after you have a child of your own. It feels like your heart stretches every time you leave them, an invisible connection from the creche to the pool, from home to the shops, from your heart to theirs. Your heart beats for them. It feels heavy when they aren’t around. It beats stronger when they learn and faster when they hurt. When they hurt, oh my poor little dear please don’t hurt. Your whole body feels that hurt, you become a life size heartbeat, running on empty, at the speed of knots, you rush to soothe, to assure, to their side. That heartbeat takes over, until, you know they are alright.

For those families, their heartbeat will not slow down for some time. I ache for those tired, hardworking, broken hearts.

Give love this week, to all those who need it. Much love peeps xxx