Time is fleeting! Its just literally roaring past me at the speed of knots. I long to hold on to the day and savor it. To sit down and watch this little face as it is now. Taking everything in, discovering, exploring and learning. Tomorrow she will have grown again and it will feel furiously fast. I will ache for what she is today. This whole mum thing is making me notice every. single. little. change. I’ve noticed how much of her baby fat has disappeared since she’s started crawling. I miss seeing those little fat rolls. Uggghhhhh at this rate I’ll end up having another one just to relive each little moment.

9 months, almost as old out as she was in. Wow. Technically 18 months of being. Oh.My.God.

Crawling is fabulous, but realistically a complete pain in the arse. Indi loves it. Access to everything. She’s got some speed too. Her ‘get away’ crawl (which just happens to have a mischievous giggle that goes with it) has both Aidan and I picking up our pace. Lets just say the kid is lucky she’s god damn cute. She is officially danger! Do you need to baby proof your house? Let me bring Indi over. She will find EVERY dangerous area in your house, whilst ignoring the fun, baby friendly areas. She makes a bee line for the oven every time she gets anywhere near the kitchen (we’re teaching her that its a NO GO area even when its not on), cat food is a favorite play toy, sorry where you wanting to close the fridge? Well you cant, Indi is getting the beans out to play with. She loves to do her cross country training on the bricks out the back (majority of the time in the nude too), and is normally crawling after the cat even after she’s been swiped 5 or 6 times. The kid has no fear. Its exhausting.

We are way too close to walking than I can handle. She will walk herself along the couches, and loves to walk with you holding her hands. We gave in and brought her a walker last weekend. Straight away she walked it with out any assistance. She keeps increasing her free standing record too. I’m so not ready for walking. Not yet anyway.

She’s sort of said Dada. I think what she says counts, but Aidan’s not sold. She chats her head off tho. Babbling all sorts of sounds. Pretty sure she said watermelon the other day. Bam four syllable word! Totally not over exaggerating (just lying). If its not chatting its giggling or snuffling. The kid is not quiet that’s for sure.

Indi must have a black hole for a stomach at the moment. She just eats and eats and eats. I can’t comprehend how much goes in. No more baby food (mostly because that wouldn’t fill her up) she eats what we do. She has perfected the ‘are you gonna eat that’ look. Nothing on your plate, or in your hand is sacred anymore.

STILL NO TEETH! Uggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Teething is a complete poop! I can see that they are there, they just haven’t come out yet. I just want to see what all the grizzling, restlessness and sleepless night are happening for.

Might not be any teeth but there is hair. And its getting all swishy in the back (insert curly sue, shirley temple curl daydreaming here). I can run my fingers through it. I can brush it. I can part it. Can not wait to clip it. Don’t ask me where my crazy hair fixation has come from, I just really can wait for her to have hair (and then for her to learn to sit still while I braid it a million times).

Big thing this last month has been how little bum has begun to learn the art of ‘daddy manipulation’. I knew girls learnt this skill early (I was a master of the craft) but Indi is showing promising signs very early. Poor Aidan is battling with the ‘is something wrong’ and ‘what have I done wrong’. Indi gets her dad to things her way. Precious little diva.

Hugs are a big thing recently. Proper, squeezy hugs. The kind where breathing is a bit difficult due to the two little arms locked around your neck. It might be the attachment anxiety that comes with a 9 month old, but I’ll take those hugs any day.

We’ve started swimming lessons this last month too. Crikey this kid loves water. When we get to the pool she gets all excited just sitting in her pram. I can’t hold her until we are just about to go in because she will pull herself about to get out of my arms, don’t even think about putting her on the ground to get things ready. She would gladly take herself swimming if given half a chance. She emptied the watering can on herself last week and happily splashed away for a good half and hour until she was dragged away. When given the hose she instinctively put it over her head and then began to drink from it. All my worries about how well she would fare in the hot perth summer are officially over. No need to worry with this water baby.

She’s lost so much of her baby fat now that she’s on the move. Gone are those gorgeous chubby thighs, and her face has thinned out. She’s looking less and less like a baby and more like a little person. Looking back at photos I struggle to comprehend just how much has changed in 9 short months.

Much love peeps xxx