I’m sorry (not sorry) about the early christmas post. Be aware I will more than likely post a million christmas things over the next few months. I’m a hot mess over the holiday season.

I get pretty crazy about Christmas. I love all of it. Buying presents, Christmas lights, wrapping gifts, festive food, traditions, Christmas carols, decorating the tree, sending cards, giving gifts, eating lots, Christmas parties, running out of sticky tape, spending time with family, races on Boxing Day, baking cookies, eating cherries- I could go on, but I think you get the point. I love it. I love Christmas.

Last year was pretty hard. Our first Christmas with out dad. It was like all the air had been sucked out of my Christmas balloon. So much of Christmas involved the things I use to do with my dad when I got to Albany.

Dad and I would make a point if going out, after dark and ‘obtaining’ a real Christmas tree. It wasn’t because we needed one. There’s always a plastic on inside the house. It was more about going to get it together.

We would also make a trip to the cherry farm to tree fresh cherries. If it was a rough cherry season we would go up to three times, to ensure we didn’t miss out.

We would go get prawns for christmas lunch, go fishing, buy gummy bears, watch lord of the rings (christmas tradition), listen to music on the back verandah, do big breakfast cook ups, I’d help dad pick presents for every one, take photos down at the beach, go surfing (mostly dad, I’d just listen to my ipod and read). So many memories.

Before you start thinking ‘sheesh she’s dribbling on about her dead dad again’ just hear me out. I want the same things for Indi. I want her to associate christmas with family. I want her to have things that she remembers doing with me, even when she’s an adult. It is kind of like me forcing a tradition on my poor unsuspecting daughter, but I’m good with that.

So how am I gonna do that? The christmas project. Aidan and I have complied a list of the things we love to do in December (christmas related). We dont normally make an effort to do them all every year, but being Indi’s first christmas (and also that she is too young to complain yet) we’re going to give it a go. I’m pretty dang excited!

The Christmas Project

My not so fabulous attempt a pinterest style christmas photo of Indi. The kid would not sit still. 250 shots, about 6 good ones. Might try again when she’s sleepy. Fingers crossed.

  1. See the christmas lights in the city
  2. Indi to have her photo with santa
  3. Christmas carols with friends
  4. Make sugar and spice cookies
  5. Do a family christmas photo
  6. Visit the christmas section in myer (and try not to buy everything)
  7. Put up the christmas tree (and try to save it from the crazy cat and baby)
  8. Watch ‘Love Actually’ (Aidan’s tradition, special)
  9. Make baby painted wrapping paper (goobed with love)
  10. Read christmas books (bit of a change from pooh, hairy mclary and ten little finger and ten little toes)
  11. Make Indi’s christmas stocking (key word there- make)
  12. Baby’s first christmas orniment (dreaming of this moment for the past 3 years)

I’m pumped, and this is just the official ’12 days of christmas’ list. There are a few other things we want to do to. What are your christmas tradition? Bocce with the grandies? Eating a hot roast? Midnight mass? Keep them strong, tradition leaves your loved ones with a sense of warmth when you cant be there to cuddle them. I’ll be watching lord of the rings just to feel my warmth this christmas.

Much love peeps xxx