Aidan sat his capstone last week. For those who don’t know, the capstone is the final electrical exam in a electrical apprenticeship. It’s a bit if a big deal in our house.

Aidan took a while to find something he enjoyed and something he was good at. Before that he worked his arse off so that we could do all the things we dreamed of doing. He worked hard while I was at uni, so it was only fair that he get to study while I started teaching.

After four long, hard, frustrating (for him) years, it’s finally coming to a finish. He’s worked so bloody hard during those four years too. He got married, brought cars, had a baby, we certainly didn’t take the easy path. So it was only fitting that we celebrate.

I wanted to make sure that Aidan felt acknowledged. So he knew how much he’s loved, and that we appreciate all that he has given up in the last few years.

We’d talk before about getting a PS3, but with a new born I wasn’t ready to have my husband ignore me. With indi being almost 9 months, I figured he needed an outlet. So I decided to get him ‘the ultimate boy toy, for the boy who has to grow up’.

But it didn’t end there. I spoke to everyone in our families and got them to buy a game to add to his gift. I managed to get a pretty awesome deal including the console, two controllers, a blueray DVD and two games. Needless to say it was a good stash.

Next step was giving it to him. He came home on his last day of the week long exam pretty exhausted and flat. He was getting sick but still had to go out for a hockey wind up. I’m almost certain if I’d left him for twenty mins he would have fallen asleep on the couch and all plans would have gone up in smoke. The timing was perfect.

He cried. He was so overwhelmed. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen him like that only once before in my life and that was when indi was born. Yeah, he was chuffed.

Oh but super wife didn’t stop there.

I organised for his mates to come over the next day ‘un announced’ with beer, ready to play. I stocked the pantry with snacks, the freezer with pies and I had made banana bread and sausage rolls. If it was going to happen, it was going to happen right.

Feeling pretty sorry for himself, with a fairly intense hangover Aidan was once again impressed. I’m so glad that for an hour or two he got to celebrate and be the one celebrated. If anyone deserves that, it’s Aidan.

I am so lucky to have someone so patient in my life. He has gone above and beyond when ever I’ve needed him, it’s only right that I do something special for him. He has done so much for his family and mine, I’m glad they got to do something for him.

I’m not running for wife of the year (most if the time I’m bloody hard work), I just wanted to show my man how much he is loved. But that’s it, not doing it again. From now on he’s lucky if I get him a beer from the fridge.