I am sometimes shocked by how incredibly selfish and unaware people are of their surroundings. Caught up in their own world and their own selfish wants, putting themselves first in every situation.

Going to the shopping center is beginning to make me anxious. I’m worried that I’m going to run into these horrible people. I’m not worried that they will be selfish and obnoxious, gosh no, I’m aware that that will happen regardless. I’m worried I’m going to shoot my mouth off, using expletives and end up getting more worked up than really required.

Everyone has had the moment where you realize someone is coming straight towards you, in your direct line of travel. You might chose to swing right to give them some space, they swing left to give you space. You both awkward smile, say ‘sorry’ do the ‘which way to I go’ shuffle and then carry on with your shopping. Happens to the best of us. Its a shoppers right of passage.

Its the arrogant ones that make my skin crawl. The ones that take up the whole walking space, see you directly coming towards them. You do the swing to the right to allow them some room (knowing too well that even with the swing, they will have to move too otherwise no one gets through), they don’t make any allowances, so when they go past they bump in to your shoulder, give you an evil look and grumble under their breath. YOU DO NOT OWN THIS FREAKING SPACE YOU POOS!

I understand its school holidays and the natural order of shopping centers, parks, beaches etc are completely thrown in to chaos. But its not the parents or the kids at fault. Its the regulars.

– Nanna ‘these children are so rude’ and Grandad ‘I hate shopping’

– Shirt and tie guy ‘get outta my way, I want my effing subway and you are wasting valuable smoking time’

– Pencil skirt lady ‘if you touch my country road skirt, I will turn you to stone’

– Obligatory 20 something preggo ‘CLEARLY I NEED TO PEE, GET THE FRICK OUT OF MY WAY’

– Obligatory lady with a pram ‘I have a pram, YOU will move for ME’

– Sullen 20 something geek ‘no one notices me, so if you need me I’ll be looking at the ground’

– 30 something tradie ‘effing hell, I need a pie, a coke, some chips and a coffee and I don’t have time for this shit’

Normally I can handle all of these people. But coming up to holiday time I’m becoming increasingly aware that we are living in a world where lack of manners is the norm. For example, Today I was in Woolworths. I was at the check out, Indi in my arms (she has a new trick now, if you dont strap her in she will twist herself around and climb up the pram. Oh yes so. much. fun. Therefore the hip seat becomes the chosen method of travel), all my groceries where on the conveyor belt and the pram was in front of me (I’m always conscious not to take up too much space with the pram, I dont want to be the obligatory lady with a pram). Any way, my left side of my body was leaning against the check out and I had Indi on my right hip. I couldn’t be taking up any less space, when a little old lady, smaller than me with white hair barged past. She bumped me on my right shoulder and nearly pushed Indi out of my hold. The white haired witch (yes I would prefer to call her more inappropriate names) didn’t turn to say sorry, just continued on her way.

Does this not piss you off. If I wasn’t checking to see if Indi was ok, I know that little old lady would have copped a serve of parental venom (on a side note I have seen Aidan tell someone off for bumping the pram before, hell hath no fury like Indi’s daddy hehe hehe). The thing is, had she turned and apologized I would have thought nothing of it. But because she didn’t, I’m pissed as hell.

Manners mean the world to me. They were a given in my class room. I even tell Aidan off when he doesn’t say please. But to see all this arrogance really gets to me. Being rude and obnoxious is contagious. If it gets the desired result, others begin to copy and I do not want my kids growing up that way.

We decided, well before we were even planning to have children, that our kids would have manners. Yes we have been to little kids parties and have seen the select few rude children that decide that although it was not their birthday, they still deserved to open and play with the presents. And we had put our noses in the air at the parents that allowed this to happen. We have also seen little kids push other kids off play equipment in order to have their go sooner. Once again throwing judgement at the parents, watching as this took place. Not only would our future kids not be seen as rude or selfish, we would not be judged by our children’s lack of manners.

Why does it get to me? How does this downward spiral of society get under my skin and itch so bad? I know that if I get worked up in the moments that I see it take place, that I will snap. But that makes me just as bad. How can you tell a grown adult off for their lack of manners? And how do you make them realize their behavior is inappropriate? I know I will end up angry and snarly, rude and obnoxious. Becoming what I really hate. How do I stand up for something that I believe in with out becoming a hypocrite. ‘Do on to others, as you would have them do to you’ doesn’t seem to apply here, as I’m pretty sure that’s what I’m already doing, and whats already being ignored.

As I prepare for my first holiday shopping season as a mother I can see 3 options . A) choose all my gifts in advance and design a route through out the shopping centers with the least amount of travel between destinations, allowing myself only to shop when someone is babysitting the tiny human. B) do all my gift shopping online, leading to an increased percentage of personal gifts for myself and an increased credit card bill. Or C) suck it up and deal with it, people are all poos at Christmas anyway.

Anyway here’s wishing you much less over dramatized future shopping adventures.

Much love peeps xxx