So much has happened in the last month. So many firsts. So much change. My poor mamma heart is worn out.

Holiday. Indi’s first ever flight, and over sea’s trip. My girl was so fabulous I can not explain just how much. So good on the planes. Such a trooper in the humidity, and such a little socialite. I can not wait to take her away again.

Crawling. The kid got speed. After a week and a half with her betrothed Edison, Indi just HAD to crawl. In bali she was moving a bit, but it was more like an uncoordinated frog rather than a crawl. On the plane home, she decided to show us that she had learnt to climb, by pulling herself up the plane seats. Showing off when we got home, the little wriggler showed us that our house was clearly not baby proof, crawling anywhere she pleased. I spent forever dreaming of seeing this milestone, now I wish I could get her to sit still.

Standing. Little bum can pull herself up on just about anything to stand now. Its where she wants to be. But she wants to get there herself. Bless her little heart she can also lower herself to the ground. That’s a bit exciting.

Grizzles. We are perfecting these. Growing and teething and moving and developing makes a tiny human more grizzly than I have ever seen her. But I think that is just the opinion of a mother who is used to a baby that refuses to stop smiling. Big bed time grizzles before naps and sleeps. I keep thinking I’ve done something wrong, but then I remember its close to nap time and sigh.

Dummy-less (almost). As per our agreement, Aidan and I started weaning Indi off her dummy when we got back from bali (she only used it to assist her to sleep, may account for extra bedtime grizzles). Wasn’t as hard as we thought to begin with, but there have been a few nights where we’ve broken. I know, I know, I need to be strong. But its these damn teeth that continually threaten to show, with out actually revealing themselves. So now the motto’s are: NO GOING BACK, WE ARE STRONG (uggghhh surely just once cant hurt?), WE CAN DO IT.

Words. We are so close to hearing that coveted first word. Majority of the time she will talk to the cat rather than us, a whole lot of  ‘Uuuuhh. Uuh. Blllllllrrrrrrrrrr. Bah. Bah. Uh.’ Pretty sure thats cat for ‘stop sleeping over there and come let me slob on your tail’. Needless to say Bellacat doesn’t respond.

Fur-sister. Indi and BellaCat are starting to play nice, and it warms my heart so. With her new found crawling freedom, Indi will chase the cat all over the house. Bella has begun to realize that Indi is no longer a loud blobby human, rather a more interactive version of loud blobby human. Bella is surprisingly gentle with Indi (she has NEVER been nice, a diva cat with a ‘don’t even think about petting me, I will destroy you’ kind of attitude), happy to put up with a whole lot of pulling and poking and slobbing, before she shoots an evil look and buggers off.

Head shaking. We have mastered the art of shaking our head NO. Normally during feed time. Cute, but increasingly annoying.

Sleeping. Day naps have got to a lovely length of time. Oh so lovely. From when she was a freshly baked bub and sleeping for only 40 mins at a time, we are now at 2.5 hrs morning nap and 1.5 hrs afternoon nap. Its really nice, especially now that I spend a whole lot of time chasing a very active little bum all around the place. I look forward to my rest times.

Water dragon. My little aquarius, born in the year of the dragon. Its very clear that this one loves the water. LOVES the water, any form of it. Think she must have got that from my dad. We are very excited to start swimming lessons next monday. We would have started at 6 months but the aquatic centre (which is a 3 min walk from our house) doesn’t run lessons for wee babes during winter. None the less, we are all looking forward to monday.

Hair. There is a whole lot movement in the hair department this month. She has her dads hair, its dead straight and stick up on weird angles just like his. All be it a very unrealistic, I’m still holding on to my dream of that one elusive curl. Its not looking like happening.

Arrrrgghhhh my little Indi bum is just getting so big. She’s so heavy now that Aidan and I will look for anyone with unsuspecting arms. Not long ago we would fight to be the one holding her, now its a fight to see who gets a back rub first due to the strain of lifting and carrying her. She’s still a tiny human, but there is a little person there now. She has sass and style, speed and determination. She has the most adorable giggle and a smile for everyone she see’s. My wee babe is growing up.

Keep on growing sweet girl. Mamma loves you

Much love peeps xxx