It seems like everyone around me is growing up. People are making big life movements like moving in together, or getting pregnant, having babies, getting engaged and getting married, traveling around the world and taking big steps in their careers. They are ticking all the boxes on the “Am I a grown up?’ quiz in the latest Cosmo.

The big two are babies and weddings. My calender next year is full of both. And I can not wait for every. single. one.

Bumps and Babies

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of taking a few pics of one of my best friends, her family and her bump. Little Ethan was born last weekend. So much love xx

3 becoming 4 xxx

I don’t know what happened about 4/5 months ago, but a whole lot of people got jiggy with it (I don’t think we can put the blame entirely on 50 shades of grey, if that were the case I would more than likely up the spud with everyone else). Come feb/march/april next year there will be a whole lot of gorgeous babes for our viewing pleasure. Before that tho, is those fabulous bumps, ughhhhh the bumps, the bumps that make you spontaneously ovulate and all of a sudden love your man in a ‘one more wouldn’t be that bad’ kind of way. Personally I’m not in any rush for the next baby. Aidan and I have agreed that lots is a good number and eventually is a great time to have them. Its those darn bumps that get me all jealous, and force me to day dream about being round, wearing maxi’s and choosing names. To all the soon to be mamma’s, rock that bump! Never hide it away. Maternity clothes have come a long way from giant moo moos, and you can find a whole lot that look nice, but you will look amazing in just about anything. Bumps are totally the must have for this season.

Engagements and Weddings

We know so many loved up people planning on making it official over the next 12 months. And so many of those people are people I love so very dearly. Weddings are super fun, all the flowing booze, happy people, dancing and so much talking (I do love me some drunken chats). Planning weddings however, is not something I classify as fun. The word enjoy was not used when describing the planning of my own wedding. There were a few family dramas on both sides, some miss communication, aggressive ‘helpers’ and a few people that decided that the day (and a whole lot of the lead up) was more about them and their involvement/feelings/enjoyment rather than mine and Aidans. Yeah I could be bitter, but in the end I married the man I love more than anything in this world. I spent time with a whole bunch of people I loved, and have so many gorgeous memories of that special day in my life.

Looking back I was a little ‘un educated’ in the world of wedding planning.  I was trying to be modern, when the whole wedding thing reeks of tradition and expectations. I got married almost 3 years ago, before Pinterest entered my life (Had I found Pinterest back then, man I would have had the best wedding ever. Full of mason jars and burlap, in a hay shed, wearing cow boy boots, maybe…). Now, weddings are so stylist and alternative, with so many more options. I do not envy those planning their weddings, I will however put my hand up and say ‘where do you want me to hang these fairy lights’ and ‘how many candles do you want on each table’. I will be the person that ensures that you will have the wedding of your dreams, should you require some one to kick start a day of crafting or decorating. To all my loved up friends and family, surround yourself with the things and people that you love and make you happy. That’s how you keep your calm in the chaos that is wedding planning.

Between the bling and the bellies, I can’t help but be jealous. Not because of what they are doing (or going to do/have), but because of the excitement and the anticipation. Its the crazy cloud floating feeling that comes with showing off your new engagement ring and announcing a pregnancy. When the smile on your face makes your cheeks ache, when you get sick of answering the same questions but secretly love to be asked them. You become a mini rock star and everyone wants to know how you are and what decisions you have made. Its such an overwhelming time. Ugggghhhhhhh I totally miss that feeling. Our next big life jump is buying a house. No doubt its going to fill me with the same feelings of excitement and anticipation (not to mention stress, dread, anxiety and debt… not that I’m worried at all). But for now I’ll stick wearing that pale shade of green and look forward to raising my glass and new baby snuggles.

Much love peeps xxx