Our trip away was super fun. We hung out with the most lovely little family ever. A beautiful couple and there little rock star son Edison, who is just a month older than Indi. They very graciously allowed us to piggyback on their holiday/honeymoon. Yeah, pretty bloody fabulous people huh? They took the grandparents too, so we took my mum also. Holiday, with mates, plus baby sitters…. booyah!

It was gorgeous to see Indi play with little Ed each day. She learnt way too much from hanging with that little dude. After a week with him she has come home crawling, climbing and eating SOOOOOOOO much. All great milestones yes, but its blowing my mind how much they learn from each other. Personally I learnt a lot too, holidaying with Super mum (yeah I know a whole lot of super mums, may end up getting an inferiority complex one day). Super mum came on holiday with a nasty bout of mastitis (ouch you say). From her I found confidence in my “mumming”, learnt handy tricks about feeding tiny humans, and found myself in awe of her devoted parenting skills. She shared her swim teaching tricks for Indi in the pool, she walked (trekked) Ed every morning before breakfast, basically she put everything else before herself on her own honeymoon. Selfless? Amazing. I felt very lucky to be on holiday with her (and her gorgeous family).

I’m now going to hit you with more gorgeous photos of our time away. Take note at how adorable Indi and Ed look together.

As you can see the week was lovely. Babies and sun and the pool and the view. Could not ask for more.

Much love peeps xxx