Don’t you just love holidays?  You only know its lunch time because your belly is telling you your hungry and to leave the pool. Pointless crap becomes desirable, even though at home you would have never even considered purchasing a giant rainbow colored pirate ship kite (hindsight is kicking my ass, of course I need one, put that in the ‘reasons to go back to Bali’ list). You begin with dreams of soaking up culture, but in the end turn into the ultimate tourist and chose burgers and pizzas, because you ‘hardly ever’ have them back home (who the hell are you kidding fatty?). You have no idea what the date is, you refer your time on holiday as “x amount of time till you we go home’. And when you get home you pretty much start every sentence with ‘In {insert destination here} they/we/she/he/…’ and to top it off the days smoosh together when you try to recount various holiday stories. Man I love holidays.

But, alas, we are home again. Tiny human is super tired and no doubt missing her pool. There are suitcase exposions all over the house and the washing pile is ginormous. Back to reality.

I have about a million fabulous things to blog (brag) about, but I’m just gonna hit you all with a few pictures, to make you start considering/dreaming/planning/get excited for your own trip to Bali.




















































Of course I’ll post more later this week. However there are much more pressing things on the agenda, getting some food for the house, catching up on the laundry and having a cuppa.

Much love peeps xxx