So this is only about 2 months late. My bad.

Prelude: Holiday was booked roughly 5 months before travel. What ensued was 5 months of freaking out, a whole lot of research, a million questions and over preparing.

So how did I pull it off? I have no idea. But here’s some of the things I put in place to make my holiday easier.

On the plane:

  • I booked travel times that linked up to nap times. Making sure we got a little break from crazy plane buzzing baby.
  • I brought a few new toys hoping they would be interesting enough to distract tiny human for a portion of time. Crazy babe found more fun in the emergency instructions and the people sitting behind us.
  • We used a dummy to help with the cabin pressure on her ears (sucking helps stop the blocked ear feeling). We were also prepared with her sippy cup and her bottle if the dummy didn’t work. The dummy was pretty awesome. She managed to sleep through take off on the first trip and stayed calm through landings (Side note: Indi was officially weaned as soon as she got home, we are dummy FREE since October, Whoo hoo).

Food and Sterilization:

Just before we went to bali, we finished up with breast feeding. The choice was not made for the holiday, it just happen to be that our holiday was the week before a 4 day stay in hospital. Unfortunately it meant that bottles were required for every feed. On top of that, Indi had gotten to the age where she has 3 meals a day, plus a few snacks. Needless to say I turned into a crazy lady, freaking out about my poor child starving or getting sick. I used:

  • Sterilization bags: pop your plastic wear, bottles and utensils in the reusable bags, chuck the bag in the microwave and presto – clean stuff (we didn’t have a microwave to use, but what ev’s). Take a cheap bottle brush with you: at least you know your doing it properly.
  • Water purification tablets: Worried about water quality for baths? Or cleaning? Problem solved.
  • For food I made sure I had enough baby sachets and jars for 2 days longer than we were staying. In case her appetite changed or increased (I also made sure it was stuff I knew she would eat, no point trying new food when your not sure if you can find a replacement).
  • I also introduced Indi to watermelon rockmelon, paw paw and strawberries before we left. All fruits readily available at most continental breakfasts over in Bali. Sneaky mum made sure she grabbed a little extra fruit in the morning to help cool off crazy babe when she got warm later in the day.

Travel and Transport:

We booked our transfers through Bali Baby Hire. So easy. Waiting for us when we got there. Air con, car seat and cold water. It made for one very very happy baby. The little van was nice and high up and Indi was in a later model car seat, so she could see everything. She was giggling and talking the whole way to the hotel. We hired a pram from the same company. I can’t say that I used it enough really. Indi prefered to be carried (she hated missing out on anything) and many of the sidewalks weren’t really pram friendly. That said, I didn’t venture too far from the pool or the cocktails so my opinion isn’t one of too much worth on that subject.

The rest:

Purchasing a bucket is never a bad thing. For $2, my bali bucket has saw a whole lot of action in five short days. Washing clothes, grotty bibs, bottles, carried shopping and entertained two littles. On top of that it can be given to somebody in need when we leave. Thank you blue bucket, you have served us well.

Bali has WAY TOO MANY baby stores/places to buy baby clothes. If your thinking about coming to Bali, bring two outfits for your tiny human, then spend an hour or two shopping. By the end of those two hours you should have enough for the entire summer season. All fabulous light cotton pretties. And super affordable. Just be sure there is plenty of room in the suitcase for purchases (or find someone else to bring your gigantic pile of baby stuff home. Like I did. Thanks Mum.).

We were lucky enough to share our holiday with like minded people, who made the trip so much easier. More than one baby was entertainment in itself, for us, the babes, the other guests and the hotel staff.

Balinese are gorgeous and just adore babies. They were super gentle and always so helpful. We stayed in a small hotel in Legian. Our room was baby monitor distance from the restaurant (score). The monitor was handy for day time naps, we got one with the longest range. It gave us that little bit more freedom while knowing that Indi bum was ok. We were able to have lunch, or laze by the pool (I was NOT ok doing anything more than that, and did regular check ins. Regardless of the freedom I was still a mum).

If your thinking about taking your babe to Bali but are freaking out, just do it. I doubt you will freak out as much as me, I doubt you will pack, and re-pack, and over pack and re-pack as much as me. I did it, and managed to have fun. You will too.

I’m so ready to do it all over again.

Much love peeps xxx