So I’ve learnt a few things on this trip that will be passed on in the hopes that other mammas don’t feel the weight of traveling with tiny humans over whelm them.

Don’t get me wrong, paranoia in preparation is a god given right. If your not stressing about something before it happens then you might be missing part of your brain. Me? I take it too far, always have always will. My brain likes to weigh up all the options and have a set of pre recorded directions, like a when you sneak a peak at the other chapters in a choose your own adventure book. I take ownership of my over stressing. Scratch that I take pride in it. I’m pretty sure I have over thought every event in my adult life. No one can accuse me of not taking my time to mull it over.

Anyway, so far I have learnt:

1. Tiny humans are way popular over here. The balinese people are so lovely towards the bubs. No one seems to annoy you half as much when your with a baby. Oh it’s so lovely.
2. Kit Kats out of the fridge make my world so perfect.
3. Traveling with others with bubs gives you confidence. Don’t underestimate it.
4. A long distance baby monitor means you can have a romantic dinner.
5. Tiny humans appetites lessen when it’s warm.
6. My child would drink the entire pool if she was allowed.
7. September is the nicest time of the year to visit Bali. Not as humid, nice breeze, suns out, beer is cold.
8. One piece bathers post baby are not as ‘mumsie’ as one may be led to believe.
9. A wet hat cools a baby very efficiently.
10. I shouldn’t be allowed near a buffet breakfast when it’s all you can eat bacon.

We’re off for a dip in the pool. No doubt indi will loose her shit, squeal with delight, batter her eyelashes at everyone then proceed to drink as much chlorine as possible. That what you get with a water dragon (Aquarius born in the year of the dragon).

Much love peeps xxx