Its a whole lot of adorable up in my house right now. Having three gorgeous peoples (including one super cool little dude) sleep over for a few nights before we fly out to Bali tomorrow has been so fabulous. You would think that two babes (One just over 7 months, and the other just over 8 months) and four parents (oh and throw in a grand parent for two nights too) in one little house may be a whole lot of chaos, but its not as crazy as you would be led to believe.


Firstly, watching the two babes ‘play’ together makes you smile constantly. Indi is wayyyyy impressed by little Ed’s mad skills (I think it might be the older boy thing he’s got going for him). Oh and when they start talking to each other it hard to not spontaneously ovulate. Cute city, right in my lounge room. My gosh its fab. Secondly, Ed must wear Indi out. She has slept so well since he got here. I’m thinking I might have to keep him around (Oh sleep, my dear dear friend. I wish we could spend more time together).



The last four days have been super fun, we have loved having such a cute and awesome little family to hang out with. We are so super excited to chill by the pool in Bali with these lovelies. Who wouldn’t.



I’m going to be awol for a while, due to the impending cocktails and massages over the next week. I will however return with too many photos of babies, bali and the odd beach photo too.

Much love peeps xxx