What? Seven months? You lie?

At seven months tiny human is:

TEETHING… ugghhhhhhhh. I apologise for my constant whinging about these ruddy teeth. I just wish they would make an appearance already. I miss my sleep. Despite the grizzles. Indi is a trooper, smiles are still the most common thing on her face, but now its normally shared with snot. Teething, snotty, tired and grizzly. Who’d want kids anyway?

She was such a good sleeper. Out for the count from 7.30pm – 7.00 am. But these rotten teeth are making her less comfortable lately. She wakes up quite a bit through out the night, and wriggles herself all over the place. If the cot was a pinball game, she would have the highest score.

Having mastered sitting, we are working towards crawling. We’re pretty good at going back wards in a sliding kind of action, but its not crawling. The planking baby is newbie. Not sure if she’s trying to improve her core or build up her upper body strength, either way she’ll end up buff.

We’ve moved from soft toys to hard toys now. Musical ones are a favorite. They don’t hold her attention for awfully long, but as long as there is something near by to chew on, then its all ok.

On top of the noggin is a few more wisps of hair. Hopefully by the time she reaches 8 months I might be able to put a clip in it.

Massive mummies girl. Which is weird. I never ever expected to have even a moment where my kids would only want me. Dont ask me why, its never really occurred to me. I always assumed, because Aidan wanted a girl so badly, that he would be the one she always wanted. Man does my heart sore when she puts her arms out to me and grizzles till I pick her up or cuddle her. Its a new and comforting feeling. Its so true that children change you.

We’re not talking yet. We can say ‘ummmm’ and ‘ba’ but I’m hoping that mum isn’t too far around the corner. Still haven’t seen her shed a tear either. Not that we haven’t had opportunities. Sometimes if she’s cranked up, we will let her go just that little bit longer in hopes of seeing that illusive salt water drop roll down her face. But alas, no dice. She can, however, crank up and grizzle much more efficiently than ever before, giving the illusion of crying.

People person. Not afraid of people at all. Little miss seems to think that anyone near by is there for her. Shopping centre, birthday parties, petrol stations. She has no qualms getting cuddles from new faces. And with her getting bigger and heavier, I am always eager to pass her off to someone for a ‘cuddle’ just to rest my arms.

Pillows are a new favorite. Looney child goes crazy for pillows. Giggles and squeals and wriggles. Its hilarious, and thankfully distracting. It comes in handy when a certain little heff pot gets her grizzles on.

Seven months? Really. She’s so big now, over 8kgs and 70+ cm long. She’s gonna be a tall one (if she ends up with my boobs, shes gonna want long legs to pull them off). Its hard to believe she was ever that tiny little 3.25kg/ 50 cm bundle of love. But oh my do we love her. With those gorgeous long eye lashes, big blue eyes, and a giggle that could wake you from a coma, whats not to love?

Despite the lack of sleep and the increased grizzles, this house is such a happy place. Its full of fun and light and laughter.

Keep on growing sweet girl. Mamma loves you

Much love peeps xxx