Apologies for my absence. Our house is in the middle of war fare. The fight against teeth is a unholy war and there are many many casualties. There is a layer of destruction littering the floor, and we are crying for all those long hours of sleep lost to this nasty nasty infidel.

Recollections of week are a blur. I’m literally running on empty (jackson browne, you knew what you were singing about). My body feels like a lead weight, my eyes are dry because they have been open so long and there is a unicorn watching the Simpsons on the other couch (maybe I’m just tired?). My heart breaks for tiny human. Full of teething snot, limited sleep and no doubt a constant achey mouth full of demon teeth. Its super fun in our house right now šŸ˜¦

Nothing has been done, nothing has been achieved and sleep is the only thing that the three of us really want right now. So there hasn’t been anything super fab to blog about really.

Until today. 27 degrees. BOOM! Like that final kick start to a motor bike, once its started you better hold on because it was built to move. Two weeks of laundry, washed, hung out, brought in and folded. BOOM! Two pillow cases and 4 onesies finally completed. BOOM! Car Vaccumed. BOOM! Sheets on the beds washed and re made. BOOM! Dishes done so that you can actually see the sink. BOOM! Today got owned. And man did it feel good.

1 week till were off. Running away. Heading for cocktails. Relaxing by the pool. Packing for Indi is utterly ridiculous. Seriously, children just need bloody everything. We brought ourselves a big new fancy colourful suitcase a couple of months back. Its super cute and nice and spacious. It is now full with perhaps 80% of Indi’s holiday requirements. Note to self. Stop buying nice things.

So with the impending holiday and a semi clean house I almost feel like I could continue this awful battle against the chomper mafia. I’d love it f tomorrow she had all her teeth and she was happy and back to her usual chirpy little chick pea self. But if I have to I will go back to the trenches. But be warned teeth. I’ve got my game face on. Its personal this time and you will not defeat me. Hopefully because I will be asleep.

Much love peeps