Have I told you that I hate you? You ruin everything. And lately you have really gone too far.

Things here might not have been perfect, but we were happy. We knew what to expect and we knew how to deal with things.

Then you came along.

You are just hurtful. I swear your only out to upset everyone. What did we do to you?

You have no idea how painful your arrival has been, we haven’t slept AND there has been tears. We worry, we worry so much. We just don’t know how to make the pain go away.

So you have a choice. Come out and face us or just go away. Go away and come back in like 6 months or so. I know Indi would prefer it that way.

Your move teeth…


The particularly grumpy, tired mum who wants the teething to end so her little girl isn’t in pain anymore.