Sunday is creeping up on me way too fast. Father’s day. A day that for my whole life, up until this sunday, has been spent celebrating my dad. My fabulous, hilarious, smart, surfer dad. My god do I miss him.

I can’t say that I have had any other strong male role models in my life. My dad was it. He was the be all and end all of shaping my opinion when it came to men. He never let me down, he was always supportive, and loved me for my flaws, failures and my dreams. He would ring to check in, just because. Most of the time he was on the back verandah of our house down in Albany, beer in hand listening to the ocean. He would dribble on about this and that, give me advice for what ever random thing I was trying to accomplish and let me make fun of how old he was. He was awesome.

It is so incredibly surreal that he isn’t here anymore. I still want to send him a message when I need gardening advice, or when I want to build something. I want to show off the new car we got, to get his opinion on how it runs, or how safe it is. I want to talk to him about fishing at christmas time, or teaching indi to surf. All the stuff I would have normally done, its still a natural reaction. Then reality slaps me, my heart aches and I take a deep breath and try to shake off that sinking feeling.

It made my heart happy that Dad got along so well with Aidan. I’m positive that if he hadn’t liked him, Aidan and I wouldn’t have lasted very long. They were/are very similar, I can see a lot of my Dads qualities in Aidan. Two very strong males, both studied trades, with a love of fishing and a cheeky sense of humor. I loved going fishing with the two of them. Its probably one of my all time favorite memories.

Sunday I will celebrate the new dad in my life. The man that held me up when I had to say good bye to my own dad. The most amazing and loving dad our little indi bum could ever have. I may shed a tear and get a bit sooky, but I refuse to let that rain on his very first father’s day. I know that Aidan will be to indi what my dad was to me, the first man she will ever truly love.

to those missing their dads on fathers day, love hard and strong and know that if you do they will feel it.

much love peeps xxx