My 12 week body transformation is over.

Let me start by saying outright I didn’t love it. I struggled, got lazy, cheated once  or twice and wanted to give up. But the program was great because if you got thrown off the horse (so to say) it was easy to get back on again. And I am so glad I didn’t give up.



Total cm lost – 22cm

Total weight loss – 8 kgs


Total cm lost – 33cm

Total weight loss- 14 kgs

I’m a stones throw away from my goal weight. As easy as it is to get pissed that I didn’t reach it, I have to remember that so much else has happened. My sleep has improved, digestion has improved, sex drive has improved, making healthy decisions about food is easy now, I’ve gone down almost two dress sizes, I own jeans that don’t require a shoe horn to get into, smaller bra’s are required (can I get an AMEN), I pretty much need a new wardrobe and I am smaller than I have been in over 5/6 years. My fitness, flexibility, stamina and core strength are so much better, and it makes so much difference, I feel great. But the most important thing that has changed is how I see myself. I’m proud of what I have achieved and even more proud of what body has achieved.

And the man? Well the bastard looks fabulous. He needs a new wardrobe too, he had to make new holes on his belt every couple of weeks so his pants didn’t fall down. Hard not to be impressed by 14 kgs. Its so unfair that his weight just fell off, but I’m so super proud of him.

I’m going to keep up all the good habits, maintain the weight loss and attempt to lose a few more kgs. The program has most certainly been a change for the better. Emotionally refreshing, phsically challenging but so incredibly worth while. If you get the chance, sign up. Honestly if I can do it, anyone can. If you’ve signed up for round 3, goodluck, I can not wait to see your fabulous results at the end of your 12 weeks.

Much love peeps xxx