Aidan and I got super excited when we were invited to a little mans second birthday. Aidan got way too excited about buying Ben 10 things for someone other than himself (yes a 28 year old man has seen pretty much every episode of a cartoon series designed for school kids, what’s the problem? The problem is that I too have seen all the episodes, cool rating took a massive hit there), and I just got excited for party food (please note 8 days of 12wbt and counting).

It was the most glorious day on saturday. Perfect weather for a car party. Yep a car party! Super mum had gone all out, there were car shaped pizza’s, car shaped cheese, cars made of rockmelon and cherries, tiny teddies driving LCM’s cars, box cars for the kids to wear, car craft not to mention a killer car cake. It really was a fabulous party. And super mum? Well she has set the bar pretty high.

With the excitement already bubbling in anticipation for tiny humans birthday, this AWESOME party has got me chomping at the bit to collect party things. My mind is completely full with party ideas and decorations, and party foods. Thank goodness for pinterest.

Here’s a few photos from the day. Indi bum looked all glammed up for her first ever party. I’m not a big fan of the pink, but the kid can pull it off.

Daddy was pretty excited here, Indi was trying to steal all the birthday boys attention for herself by squealing the house down.

Kids party’s rock. Can not wait for the next one.

Much love peeps xxx