I’m not really reading books at the moment, I’m doing lots of research on DIY projects. Refinishing furniture, sewing projects, wall art, I’m pretty much looking for things that I can make in order to save money. I want to make a Bapron for Indi from here, and some cool bandana bibs from here. This framed piece here, and make this super cool bench from ikea furniture here. I’m currently in the midst of sprucing up my dining table (will share when complete) and as soon as that is done I can set the sewing machine up and get on my way.


Puberty Blues. Real Australian drama. Completely hooked. 8.30pm Channel 10 on Wednesday nights. Watch it.

We have recently watched the whole season of New Girl back to back. Hilarious. Love it. Just good old stupid fun.


House work. Cleaning like a boss. I seemed to have avoided the ‘real’ cleaning for the last couple of weeks. you know what I mean, do what you can see and avoid the more involved cleaning. The neat freak in me has been itching to do real cleaning for a while (neat freak is an understatement, my nesting phase was more like an industrial cleaner phase). So everything is getting a clean out, getting organised or getting turbo cleaned. The whole process actually makes the house appear more unorganised and dirty because I have crap everywhere. Note to self- don’t invite people over.


The food feast. This sunday is our last day on the 12wbt, so we want to celebrate (small portions people, I don’t think my body would be use to a binge meal). The funny thing is, we’ve changed our whole approach to food, so our ideal meal is a thai prawn salad my dad used to make. Might top it off with some Donna Hay Brownies (if you live for chocolate and enjoy a good brownie, do yourself a favor a try these, hot, fresh out of the oven with ice cream….to.die.for.).


More. I’m listening more. In the last month I have attempted to work through some of the grief of losing my dad by really listening to music. I’ve been crying more than normal, but its getting easier. Cant say I’m listening to ground breaking music unfortunately.

Spectrum – Florence and the Machine – Florence and I haven’t  been friends for a while, its nice to hear her voice again.

We’ll be coming back – Calvin Harris – I am officially ready to dance again.

Battle Scars – Guy Sebastion ft Lupe Fiasco – Surprised, but impressed.


A mamma. Making sure I don’t take the title for granted. Phones are getting turned off and put away, television stays off for longer and adventures are becoming more and more popular. Some days I’m just as exhausted as she is.


Much love peeps xx