My phone is cemented to my hand in case of emergency, to record special moments that Aidan might miss, to send tiny human updates to family, and of course to troll the internet via addictive apps. My reliance on my phone and its apps its atrocious, facebooking on the way to a picnic? Dude, come on now. Not cool. And what’s worse is that I get angry with other people for doing the same thing. Double standards much? I don’t want to miss out on the real world, because I’m trying to keep up with whats happening on the world wide web. That’s just stupid.

My aim on friday to only use my phone to make or receive calls.

How was it you ask?


Idol hands were problematic. The whole day I felt like there was something I had forgotten to do, or something that needed to be done. But I pushed through.

I made one smart move from the get go, I charged my phone in my room at the beginning of the day. Out of sight, out of mind? More like out of sight, and fingers crossed that lazy mamma (my super power) + phone only friday = find something else to do. Totally worked.

I managed to accomplish heaps on friday. I’m not sure if its because I am secretly really really lazy or that I was trying to keep myself preoccupied, either way it felt good to tick a few things off my to do list. I cut out a pattern, finished a craft project, brainstormed a room transformation and prepared dinner waaaaaaaaaaaaaay before I had to. I also managed to fit in a gossip with a BFF to top it off. It was a really great day.

My conclusion? Phones, the freedom we feel in the palm of our hands, the apps that ‘save us time’, the constant contact with people, it all makes us believe we’re doing more than we actually are.

Me? I’m lazy, and that has to change. Phone only friday is now officially part of my week.

Much love peeps xxx