I get so angry with my own reliance on the technology that allows us such limitless freedom. The internet has become part of everyday life, and many people can not live with out it. I’m finding myself checking facebook more often than not, at random times through out the day. Pinterest has also become a must do, along with instagram and email stalking. If you look at my profile on any of those social media sites I don’t post very often, but the amount of time I’m looking at photos, responding to other peoples status’s or trolling for ideas is unhealthy.

I’m pretty sure I will end up with some crazy laser/internet/techowave/radiation cancer in my finger tips due to how much I use my phone. Some days I swear that they actually go numb. I’m seriously worried. So in an attempt to save myself from having to have my fingertips chopped of later in life, I am aiming to do phone only friday.

The idea behind phone only friday is simple. Regardless of what other fabulous things you can do on your phone, on fridays you can only use it to receive and make phone calls. Hopefully this will mean no checking emails while out for coffee, no checking in on facebook while doing the groceries and no constant messaging while the baby is awake. Its a cleaner, truer reality. And that’s where I need to be.

Its hard. I’ve actually been trying for the last three fridays and have had NO success. Aidan normally point out that I have failed by about lunch time. Regardless I am determined to succeed. Yes it would be easier to hide the phone away until saturday, but where is the challenge in that?

Are you always on your phone? Playing games or on some form of social media? Then why don’t you try phone only friday?

the rules are simple:

– the phone is only to be used to make and receive phone calls.

– you can use a computer for any other internet form of communication or social media.

– messaging is a no go.


My aim is to get to at least 4pm this friday. Let me know how you go.


Much love peeps xxx