This week is a quiet one. Might actually achieve something.

Did I stick to my monday mind set last week? Nope, I was crappy. I exercised 5 out of the 7 days (stupid rainy weather screwed my perfect week). Did I finish any craft projects? Nope they are still sitting on my craft table looking sad. Regardless of this my week was ok. Full on by the end of it, the weekend is just a blur it went by so fast.

This week? Well, same aims, plus some.

– exercise 7 from 7

– finish crafting indi’s name (will show off when finally completed)

– draft pattern for pram liner

– cross two things of my long term ‘to do’ list

– follow through with phone only friday (will explain in tomorrows blog)

Before I go I will quickly fill you in on one thing about our weekend. We went to the Perth Pregnancy, Baby and Children’s Expo on Sunday. Now when I went last year I was barely pregnant. Talk about information overload. I was completely out of my comfort zone and began freaking about things like sippy cups and education scholarships and pain relief for fevers. All things that are of NO use to a woman who has a minimum of 30 weeks left of her pregnancy.

So I was looking forward to going with a fresh perspective. Aiming to be on the look our for cool strollers, possibly a cool outfit for Indi and information on the next stage 6-12month terrors. That all went out the window pretty much as soon as we walked in the door.

Prams have never pissed me off as much as they did at the expo. And I was driving one. I wish you could get monster prams (like monster trucks) I would have enjoyed myself much more. Way too many people, in a tiny area, trying to look at/get to/purchase the same things. Information being handed out again threw me for six, so instead of my ‘I’m here for a reason’ attitude, I quickly swapped to ‘take it now, read it later’. And so began the collecting of as much crap as possible.

Last year I went with a friend. This year I took Aidan. He fed Indi while I did a lap of the first area, but joined me to go around the rest. Bad move. Expo adrenaline got hold of him and it was game on. We (and by we I mean that Aidan did, I mostly pointed things out) stopped at as many booths as possible, signed up for as many newsletters, website and competitions as we could find. He actually brought things (good stuff, stuff I would have missed because I had turned into an expo casualty), and he was loving it. He picked Indi up towards the end (another bad move), with her baby blues, gigantic smile, homemade headband and her need to stare at everyone, the final walk out took FOREVER. The kid is an attention magnet.

As we finally got to the car all I could think was, ‘please lord, let someone remind me next year that I do not have the stamina for this’.

Wishing you a week of wonder

Much love peeps xxx