Our little chick pea has officially been hanging around for 6 months! Can you believe it?

At six months tiny human is:

Sitting. Literally a week after I posted her 5 month update she was sitting. Girl knows how to act like a grown up. Hasn’t mastered the art of the graceful dismount though. Its either the crazy dolphin flick out to the front or the head smack backwards. Thankfully before she was born I invested in the best rug ever, nice and thick perfect for noggin smashing.

Eating. If its in a jar, we will eat it. If its yellow or orange we will eat it. It it feels good on the gums we will eat it. Having just started experimenting with fingerfoods/self feeding I’m sure things are going to get really interesting pretty fast.

Toy of the month? Not phased really as long as it can ease aching gums. Poor sophie the giraffe gets munged on quite a bit.

Still no movement in the hair front, possibly a bit more, but only in the places where there hasn’t really been any. Forever on the hunt for that first curl, just to prove that’s shes mine. But alas, none to be found.

Grizzles. She’s never really been one for grizzling, but lately she’s been a grizzle bum. Possibly teething, always seems better after she has something to gnaw on.

Sooky. Starting to be a big sook for mamma. Daddy tries to calm her, but only when I get there she will settle. A blessing and a curse.

Sleeping fabulously. Bless this child, I don’t work well with no sleep and have a severe dislike of early mornings. She is a zonker and its is pretty dang great.

Talking. Non stop. Best time is between dinner and her bath, the kid just wont shut up. Looks like shes taking after me, look out world.

Squealing. We thought it was cute when she started a couple of months back, but every couple of days she remembers she can do it and aims to reach new frequencies. After a good squeal, you can’t miss the delight shown in her face.

Bath time. The most gorgeous time of the day. Tiny human loves her some water. My little aquarius, goes off in the bath (by bath I mean massive bucket in the middle of the lounge room because our house doesn’t have a bath – I know how can anyone live with out a bath? its bloody hard!). Now that she can sit up by her self, she plays with the bath toys, splashes about and finds it hilarious when she slips under the water. I kid you not, while Aidan and I are dying from a heart attack because she wiggled herself down, she is in a giggle fit. May add floaties to bath time just in case.

Six months has gone too fast. Its hard to even remember those first few weeks with her, struggling because the new mum thing was so full on. I look at her and can even begin to imagine her as tiny as a new born, with a cry like a little lamb. Tiny human is a little rat bag, who giggles at the cat, who raises her left eyebrow at you when she tries new food and who doesn’t like to sit still when she is being changed.

Keep on growing sweet girl. Mamma loves you
Much love peeps xxx